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August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • turbo5019turbo5019 Forumite
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    Well I was going for a NSD but I fanced some wraps so popped to MrM's and found the Mission Deli wraps are half price at 84p although I do know they are 80p at MrA but not sure if they are on offer. I wasn't going to get anything eles but I got
    2 x chicken 50p each
    2 x sauasges 50p each
    2 x 4 pk of burgers 50p each
    2 x little gems lettuces 39 p each should have been 50p
    and some chocolate for DD2
    total spend £6.72

    I would like to make sausage rolls with the pork sasuages as I have some puff pastery that needs using up what else do I put in with the meat to make them taste better.

    Better go and put washing out and hope it doesn't rain.
    Want to in control of my money.
  • enllienlli Forumite
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    Spent a further £4.35 yesterday on onions, spring onions, tomatoes, diet pepsi and bread. I can't believe a loaf of bread now costs £1.20!

    I'm cooking quorn sausage casserole for tonight with potatoes and runner beans from the garden.
    Enlli :rolleyes2
  • Think i may go and do an inventory of my freezer, see what delights are lurking in there! Just had a whoopsied pizza for lunch, think that was the last of my junk food:D
    The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
    Bertrand Russell
  • May I join this challenge late please? I'm new to the board though have been lurking for a good few months :)

    There's 2 of us, plus 2 cats and a dog and i've been trying to stick to a budget of £35 per week. Have spent up this week already so have £70 for food for the rest of my month (september will start on 24th August for me).

    Hopefully reading how well everyone else is doing will spur me on! Already found the recipes at the start of this thread incredibly useful - made some Millie's Cookies last night but they were so good they all got eaten within an hour!
  • wmfwmf Forumite
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    Hello el and welcome to the challenge!
    I find everyone else's efforts on here soooo inspiring.
    Been to Mr T this morning urged on by the thought of 20p lemon curd and treacle (separately - not a new combo!) so I'm pleased with that. I much prefer homemade lemon curd but DH likes Gales and at 20p I am happy to like it too!
    Bought quite a few tins to have in the cupboard as we had hardly any. As someone pointed out, they have Batchelors tinned condensed soup - the cream of chicken - for about 25p, much less than the other flavours. Got cheap tinned pilchard for the dogs and other bits and pieces including the cheapie toilet roll. I haven't been tempted by the offer in Somerfields because DH has stopped moaning about the cheap stuff now so I daren't buy him a 'treat'tongue.gif
  • Dont know if it was just my store, but Mr T was selling hartleys jelly powders/sachets for 3p each:D
    My freezer inventory is huge! I have 26 chicken breasts!!! 1.5kgs mince, may not need to buy meat this month. If i dont come in under budget this month there is something wrong with me:o
    The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
    Bertrand Russell
  • wmfwmf Forumite
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    I'mjust generally an all shiny newbie but I thought I'd jump right in the deep end. (If I'm doing things wrong let me know!)

    Right I set my Shopping Budget at £200 Per month.

    Can anyone tell me if this includes things bought out like sandwiches etc...

    Just noticed you here Arabella as I was reading back through the thread.
    I think everyone sets their own spends and inclusions - some don't include cleaning products for example. I include everything except alcohol hehehe and dog food.
    Hope this helps and good luck!
  • Whoops I haven't updated myself on here, I have spent £23.59 and have £36.41 left. Am pretty pleased with myself as I have done the shopping for this week, so only 2 weeks of food left to buy, which means I'm currently under budget. It has been a really enlightening month, and I might soon be trying to do a £10 a week month, which is an awful lot different from the £25 a week I thought I needed!!:T
  • SueBSueB Forumite
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    SueB wrote: »
    I'm so cross!
    I've just had my Asda ordered delivered and instead of it being £66.60 it's £75 odd. Delivery man in a rush as usual, blocked the road and cars now piling up behind. I've signed the little machine only to glance as he was taking it away it said £80.00 (I'm fairly certain of this). Just got off the phone to Asda and they agree it should be £66 but they can't tell me how much I actually paid because the delivery driver hasn't updated his machine. They said they'll call me tomorrow.

    If they don't I'll certainly be calling them.

    Moral of the story... Check everything!!

    Well guess what? They didn't call me back!
    After a call to them it seems they overcharged me by just over £10... but did they?

    Pork shoulder joint £4.99 - charged £10.99
    Large Chicken £2.40 - charged £7.23

    It seems the price on the site is wrong. They have the price per kilo price as the price for the item.
    Oh well. I'm a happy bunny. I've got a pork joint that I'll cut in 3 and a very big chicken in the slow cooker as I type to last a couple of meals :rotfl:

    Might be worth a look if you don't mind phoning and complaining to get a refund.
  • Hi

    Have been lurking around for a while. although I have not declared on this link before I used a lot of the knowledge on it to my advantage when I first bought my house. My average spend on all food, cleaning products, dog food and food for friends was £50 a week (2 adults) we've managed to increase that so much to over £100 a week, and as I have just bought a newer car (old one spontaneously combusted on me - literally) money is tight. I would like to try £300 for the month total - 2 x adult food, dog food, cleaning products and so on. I'm also going to shift the garden shed and sort out a fruit and veg patch - who knows if the dog will cope with them I might get a few chickens! Credit crunch is nipping my heels and I have to stop adding to the obscence profits of Messers T, S and M (Being the closest to me that I use).
    Thanks everyone - PS month is 01 aug to 31 Aug
    Money - the root of all evil some say. :confused:
    August 2008 grocery challenge £300 2x adults, 1xdog, all cleaning, all alcohol and the august bbq
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