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August 2008 Grocery Challenge

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    Moniker wrote: »
    Pin Money is the money I save when I have BOGOFS or reductions in the supermarket. I only buy these bargains if I am willing and able to put the equivalent cash saved into my Pin Money purse. At the end of each month I transfer the savings into my cash ISA. The amount I have saved is quite high at the moment as I have used the £15 off Waitrose deliver (twice) and had a voucher off a case of wine! HTH


    PS there used to be a separate PMS challenge thread but it seems to have died out.
    Ah, I see, I wish I could afford to do that :o as its a good idea :T.
    Anyway thats the mascarpone ice cream whipped again so am retiring for the night.
    Today WAS a NSD and tomorrow will hoepfully be too :D .
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • ChellChell Forumite
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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Chell this used to happen to me to until I realised that it was not me, it was that the pot was too small and plant suffered. You can re-pot into a bigger pot with more compost and voila healthy plant again. Snip every so often and freeze if not needed :D
    Good luck with the c-section :) I had one with DS last year but as he is my first it was not too bad recovering (although combined with bf'ing I was knackered- sounds like you are organised with food though ;) )

    Thank you, I had one with DD in 2005. I recovered quicker than I did after DS so called 'normal' birth in 2003.
    Nevermind the dog, beware of the kids!
  • I've just checed my bank statement for last month and over the whole month I've spent at least £347 in supermarkets:eek: :eek: :eek: ! To make it worse there are quite a few restaurant meals on there and I spent a few days at my mum's so didn't cook/buy food for then etc! What a complete and utter waste of money. I'm really angry with myself. It's an obscene amount of money for just myself, a six year old and a skinny cat!

    Def not spending that kind of money this month. I'm setting myself a limit of £120 (school holidays and a very hungry child so it's more than it'll be when she goes back to school!) and I have to stick to it! I've started grocery challanges before but never stuck to it but I've never added up how much money I've wasted before!!

    This is the new money saving me!!!!!

    Anna x
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  • Another small spend day today. I went to Morrisons to get some of their 50p offers, and came back with some other cleaning products as well - so, grand total of £6.02 today. :) Now to update my sig.
    Continually trying the Grocery Challenge. Gotta keep trying!
  • Flylady_FlowerFlylady_Flower Forumite
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    Hi everyone
    Just a quick update before I go to bed - would have been another NSD today but hubby 'forgot' :mad: to put dinner on for when I got in as he was having his computer fixed and as I had a committee meeting at 8pm, I had to grab some chips to eat, then out the door again for my club meeting - total spend £4.85 for both of us...:mad: .

    I've been back about 1 hour - grabbed a cuppa, sat down, watched NCIS and quick check on here to try to catch up and unwind before bed - then up and at it again tomorrow - luckily I am LOVING this job so it really is worth it.

    Spag Bol tomorrow - OR I'LL SHOOT HIM! hehe :rotfl: , - Bless him, he wants to feel useful and I know he's down at the mo because of work, so I can't nagg too much (yet, anyway...:D ), but I was really looking forward to coming home to dinner cooked for me tonight too, still, there's always tomorrow... Will be a NSD tomorrow as nothing to get - lunch brought for me at work so should all be good.

    Have a great day everyone - will try to catch up tomorrow as more time then, Den x

    EDIT: Still not updated all spends at the mo, receipts sitting in my tin ready to be put on - will do asap...
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  • Hi

    I'mjust generally an all shiny newbie but I thought I'd jump right in the deep end. (If I'm doing things wrong let me know!)

    Right I set my Shopping Budget at £200 Per month.

    Can anyone tell me if this includes things bought out like sandwiches etc...
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  • catnap53catnap53 Forumite
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    did the same recipe that we're all using for the iced fingers but instead of making them into 'finger' shapes, i rolled the dough flat, to about 12" x 12" , brushed on some melted butter/marg, sprinkled about 2tsp sugar all over, then sprinkled quite a bit of cinnamon all over (i like cinnamon!), then spread a load of raisins and dried cranberries all over it, rolled it up into a sausage shape, then cut into ring-slices about 1" thick.

    put them on a greased baking tray, flat side down, and have left 'em to rise, then i'll bake them at 180 for about 10-15mins, then put icing on the tops....yummy!!

    Made these tonight. Cut the dough in half and made iced buns as normal. Rolled out the rest and spread with butter, sugar and cinnamon. Put raisins on one half (DD likes cinnamon swirls but not Danish with raisins), then rolled cut and baked as above.

    Icing on them and ready to eat! Result three different types of bun from the one batch of dough.

  • hamish222hamish222 Forumite
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    I am going to be a bit strange this month and do my budget from 12th Aug until 14th Sept. I get paid on 12th and I am going to Mexico in sept on hols. So decieded that when I get paid will take out 200 pounds and put it in an envelope and this will last me for grocery spends until I go on holiday. Well thats the plan anyway.
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  • cammumof3cammumof3 Forumite
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    Hi all

    I have just noticed I posted on July by mistake.
    But I have not been on much as been so busy but can I go for
    50 pound a week again please
    July 185.19/200/Aug=170.25//200//sept=81.24/200. 2adults,3 kids + 2 dogs.
    my home page=3.45.Sealed challenge pot=NO-276.
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    Morning all :D

    Wooohooo.. Im back onto my NSDs :j Day 1...and im determined that i should be able to get to monday without anymore spends ;) .... im determined to spend as little as possible so that i have more left for whoopsie hunting so that next month i can save even more :p

    Hubby has been despatched to play golf ;) and has a competition tomorrow so thats some more hours of uninterupted x stitching planned :T

    I just need to get a loaf of bread on for hubby and thats about it:D

    Dinner tonight is going to be jacket potato and cottage cheese salad ..same as yesterdays lunch -but we both love it..and i want to use the jackets whilst they are at their best -the other meals i had planned will save for another day

    Right thats me for today i think :D
    have a great day everyone
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