August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • frugalswanfrugalswan Forumite
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    Does anyone mind if I take part in this for August? I've kept all my receipts from the previous month, and I'd like to set a target of £160, please. :)
    Continually trying the Grocery Challenge. Gotta keep trying!
  • I read this tread every time im on the site with major intrest Im so shocked at just how much you all shop for. I would love to join in but I think that it would be good if I just record what we roughly spend each month and then shave a bit off. I think I could do ti for about £320 for four of us and 2 cats.
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    MrsM - do you have a recipe for your chicken pasta salad please? I love pasta salad, but can never get the dressing right!
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  • mama67mama67 Forumite
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    Have just jumped accross to say I will be in again for £250 in August as it is a 5 week month for us and with the little darlings off school more goodies will be bought/made.

    Thanks Angelnikki/Mrs Mc for doing this again.

    I think the recipes list should be carried over each month with maybe the link being to the original source.(hope that makes sense)

    Back now to continue reading July's GC
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  • carolt2carolt2 Forumite
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    Frugalswan and Studentgirl

    Welcome to the challenge:hello:

    Anyone can join in.

    The best way i find to to this is for the first month keep all your reciepts.
    Add them up at the end of the month to see what your actually spending then as you say Studentgirl, just cut down your budget gradually.

    Some people doing the challenge budget differently.

    Some people prefer to do their budget by calendar month, some weekly and others weekly. This depends on paydays etc.

    its up to you what you include in budgets, you could include everything grocery wise ie food, drink ,alcohol,pet food, cleaning materials etc. Or break things down into seperate budgets.
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  • RummerRummer Forumite
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    I would really like to join please could you put me down for £250. Thank you!
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    Good afternoon

    I nearly missed you I was looking for the July GC and was surprized to see august,,

    some newbies,,,,,, welcome,,, good luck

    been to MrA's to get milk and toms but came out with a few more things than I went for ,, as I took DH with me,, I keep saying I will leave him at home ,, have the BM on for the second time today as we dont eat the same bread,,

    will update siggie while on here

    and see you soon

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  • almar_2almar_2 Forumite
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    Hi, :hello: I would like to join this our current monthly spend is £600 per month so hope to cut this to £450 in August.

    I have just started bulk buying and bought a bread maker and half price freezer tubs for home made meals and will print out and put all the recipes you have kindly listed in a binder this week.

    many thanks almar
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    Hi Blairweech

    I don't have a recipe as depends what i have that needs using:whistle:

    Todays [STRIKE]concoction[/STRIKE] creation was made using some quark with herbs in that i needed to use up :A :rotfl:

    I used to do a base of mayo/saladcream mix..then i moved onto greek yogurt with a bit of mayo to make it less cals/fat... but if i have tzatziki open then i start with that as a base :rotfl:
    • If im doing chicken i usually add a good dollop or wholegrain mustard
    • prawns i do the yog/mayo with a squide of ketchup, splash of worcestershire sauce and squeeze of lemon, and seasoning -so you get a marie rose/prawn cocktail base
    I do find it best to mix the sauces add in all the meat / veggies and get them coated and then add the pasta and stir -everything seems to be more even that way

    Oh and of course when you get near the bottom of the mayo jar and can't scrape anymore out -don't wash them out-keep it in the fridge -if you add a drop of milk and shake up it will thicken again and you can get enough to make a pasta salad ;)
    hope that ramble makes some sense :rotfl:
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  • Kaz2904Kaz2904 Forumite
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    hi my budget for this month is
    This includes 1 week being on holiday (15-22nd). Reckon I may do it as it's school holidays now so will be eating from the garden a fair amount.
    Might not manage as it's first month with the kitten so we'll see.
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