August 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi all, good work people for getting all this done. I have just taken delivery of a 2 1/2lb trout, as it,s just me I,ll have to think of something different to do with it, or I,ll get bored and it will go to waste. I will be eating it with my home grown spuds, and having it cold with a salad, home grown again but what to do with the rest? Some will go in the freezer of course. I,m going out tonight dinner and a movie , or I would be making some right now, I,m starving but saving myself for a HUGE curry, as it,s a buffet. I,m going to see the new Batman movie at the IMAX, should be good.
    :T:jDabbler in all things moneysaving.Master of none:o

    Well except mastered my mortgage 5 yrs early :T:j
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  • OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    Thanks, have just posted on July thread but can I please put down £40 weekly for August.
    Have explained on July thread why its weekly now lol
    Thanks :)
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • searching_mesearching_me Forumite
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    Hello and good afternoon todays been so lovely but i wouldnt know as ive spent it cleaning :mad: ahhhh well stops me spending the money i havent got :D just phoned my work and they told me i should get the rest of the money they owe me tomorrow :dance: although ive decided to keep my budget at £100 and see how i go :D .... its only for 3 weeks due to a late wage and i have a fair bit of food in the freezer so hopefully wont be to bad:rolleyes: as i say i hope:rotfl: ... lovelys keep me strong :D well here goes xxx
    :)Still searching .....:)
  • JayJay14JayJay14 Forumite
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    Hi Everyone - Ooooh but I love a shiny new thread:j

    I will be still on the July GC until Wednesday but

    Angelnickki - Please put me down for £220 for August.

    I hope to have a few days off w**k soon so I am going to have a freezer stocking session so I may ned a few pounds extra but this will help me get more organised.

    Back to the July thread I go:rotfl:
  • annie123annie123 Forumite
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    Afternoon everyone:hello:

    Well as the sun is out and so is everyone else here which means I've got the place to myself today :j :j:j I'm feeling optimistic so going for £300 for august please.

    never done that before but DD is away with bf for a week so thats 1 !/2 less tummys to feed :rolleyes: It is a 5 week month for me, but the freezer is full, so if I'm going to do it it will be this month.
    That would be £200 less than last year:eek: Cant believe I used to spend that much!!!!!!!!!

    thanks for the recipe index again angelnikki and everyone who contributes, one day I will be a good enough cook to be able to post some ideas as well:rolleyes:

    Good luck everyone:D
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    Thanks for sorting out targets again Angelnikki and for doing the recipe index- found it SO useful last month :D

    Am hoping to keep better on budget this month, planning one weekly Tesco online shop, topped up with visit to Co-op/ Aldi- mainly for fruit and milk.

    Have allowed extras for meals out and treats as it is summer hols and we are bound to have a few.

    Good luck everyone and welcome to anyone new :hello:

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  • shezzashezza Forumite
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    Hi everyone

    July was a bit of a strange month, but came in well below my £200 limit - mainly due to the fact that I used the grocery money for other things :eek:, but we did not starve :). So as a consequence could you put me down for £150 for August's GC (my month is 28 July to 27 Aug).

    Many thanks

  • turbo5019turbo5019 Forumite
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    Good luck to everyone :j

    Thanks Nikki for helping Mrs M out :T

    Well spent this afternoon cooking so far -

    2 x weetabix brownies My fav

    50 Hobnobs

    minced beef curry enough for 10 meals

    banana and lemon drizzle cake - this didn't turn out as good as I thought. I had to put it over 2 loaf tins as I didn't have a round ti they both looked lovely when they came out of the oven and they are cooked but both have sunk like pancakes any ideas what I did wrong?
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    Well im a numpty

    I clicked on the grocery thread and wondered why there was only 1 page -then realised i was in August not July :o

    Anyway Im in for €100 this month..nothing like a challenge eh :rotfl:

    Got off to a good start as i made so much chicken pasta salad for lunch hubby has a big tub for his lunch tomorrow and there is still enough for my lunch tomorrow and probably the day after :D ...

    Concocted the parships soup with lots of broth mix in..its sooooooo thick -but that means i can portion it up and it will take up less room in the freezer -then i can let it down when i re-heat it ;) ...just waiting for it to cool so i can portion it up... only cost €1 for the kilo of parsnips a bit of broth mix, chicken stock from the roast and should make at least 8 portions :T

    just tipped out the change tin...its not long since we took it to be banked but allready there is over €30 in there in 1c 2c 5c 10c 20c + 50c -nothing any bigger gets in there -well not from me anyway :p ..
    I told hubby that if we bank it and keep on throwing the change in we can or HE can use it for extra beer over xmas when my brother is here -so that it won't have to come out of his own money -strangely enough he liked that idea :rotfl:

    right i had better get of back to the x stitch ... hubby is doing poached eggs on toast for tea later :D ....super seedy bread for me and white for him... then i need to get the rest sliced and frozen
    have a good afternoon all
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  • the_catthe_cat Forumite
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    Hi everyone - August already:eek:

    Will set budget at £300 this month please angelnikki

    Higher than usual but it's a 5 week month for me, plus the kids are at home and will probably eat/drink a bit more. I have also decided to have a 'float' in my budget of £50 to use to stock up on bargains/whoopsies if I see them. A few of the shops seem to be doing 50p specials etc and quite often there is half price meat at our local MrA. If I don't find many I will come in under, but would hate to end up spending more next month just so I could hit target now IUSWIM
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