Single and in debt.

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Hello all, I have never posted before but I am a long time lurker on this site. I hope it's okay to join in here, you all seem like such a friendly bunch. I don't have an enormous amount of debt now as I have worked very hard over the last few years to clear it so I can begin saving for a deposit. I am now 36 and hoping to be debt free in the next couple of years, so looking to get a house before I'm 40. My problem is that I am single, and I have always found that to be one of the most difficult things to cope with over the past few years whilst being in debt, not having anyone to share my worries with. Another problem being of course that I am having to do it all myself, pay bills, rent etc with just one salary coming in, it has been a very lonely journey at times. I am feeling okay at the moment and I can see light at the end of the tunnel, but I seem to have been struggling with this by myself forever! I was wondering if there is anyone in the same situation who has any tips and/or moral support? Thanks in advance.

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    :grouphug: Hi sarahb123 don't worry I know the pic seems scary it's just a group hug to welcome you. I can't really offer any advice I just wanted to say welcome and don't worry you have joined the right site it is full of really useful advice :D
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    Thankyou. I have just reread my post, didn't mean it to sound quite as depressing as it does! I just read a lot on here about people who are also in debt but they have partners (not always helpful ones, i know!) I am just wondering how other single people manage with debt on their own, would be nice to get some new ideas.
    Pay/save £20k in 2010 £5888.75/£20,000
    June Mini target 0/5lbs Total 23/40
    Ebay profit 2010: March £207:) April £95:) May £130:) June £0 Total £432:j
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    As you sarah its tough doing t all on your own (hate it sometimes TBH) but the great news is you are getting there!
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  • Good luck with everything. It's really hard when you are single especially with the credit crunch at the moment!
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  • Hi Sarah

    I am also single and the same age, (spinster with cat no less-what a stereotype!) and you're right, it is really isolating sometimes. However, have only been on here a couple of days though have been lurking for ages and feel far more supported now, so I would say just keep coming here when you feel you need support.

    My debt is over £20,000 so I am pretty resigned to not having a house or car as I rent and use public transport at I am possibly not the best one to come to for tips but am DEFINITELY here for moral support!
  • Hi Sarah and welcome:T
    Just think, at least it is better to be able to tackle it on your own than have a partner who is a spender or who doesn't think there is a problem... and there have been people on here like that.
    Besides, you now have us to help take the burden a wee bit.:D
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    Hi Sarah,

    I'm also single, 32 years old and I've got myself a house (albeit tiny!) and am slowly clearing my debts, and to be honest I'm happier now than I have ever been before! Everything I do seems worth it because I know the end result isn't going to be scuppered by some unthinking partner (been there before lol).

    It is great to come on here and talk about things money wise tho, or indeed anything else! I'm sure you'll find it really helpful :)
  • hi Sarah

    I'm single in debt, rent a house and have two children. I'm 33 and i hope to be in a better situation at the age of 40. So don't worry. We will all get there eventully!!!. xxxxxx

    Tammy x
  • Maybe we should start some sort of single and in debt support group!!!
  • I am single too! and do find it hard, sometimes feel like my life is sort of stuck. and I know what you mean about not having anyone to talk to about (aside from here) it all. even more sadly for me I live with my Mum (who is fab), which can be a bit limiting!

    still this place is brilliant for help!

    Nevertheless she persisted.
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