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    What's the deal with this in terms of putting soap / bubble bath / etc on the garden.
    Can't say I'd bother emptying the bath with a bucket just to do this (much more money- and energy- saving to be had for that amount of time and effort, methinks) but I often wonder the same about the washing up water. It's already in a bowl and right by the back door so would be very easy to do. But I don't really fancy tipping washing up liquid all over the plants.
    (We're not on a meter, just interested in this case about saving water when it's in short supply - some hope at the moment!)

    We did this the year before last when there was a hosepipe ban, as long as the washing up water is not too greasy it is fine to put on the soil around the plants, also, if you put some of the soapy water in a spray bottle and spray the roses leaves etc it stops the bugs, (can't remember exactly the name of them) works a treat.

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    when giving birthday cards by hand instead of writing the name in the middle of the envelope write it in the top right hand corner where the stamp would go. don't seal the flap but tuck it in instead then you can re-use the envelope as the stamp will cover the name when posting.

    Sorry if I am being dumb, but how do you reuse the envelope when you've given the card to someone else? Do you ask for the envelope back?

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    I am still reeling from the only poo at work thread ... ! Not Possible!! :o

    I save last nights left overs for lunch at work and for some reason it tastes better...:confused: make a sandwich for lunch at work, dont go out and buy. Chip in with work mates and buy a loaf and some bits.
    saves the £3.00 for a lame sandwich in our local shandwich shop !!!

    I dont buy an umbrella.. I re use carrier bags with a kind of Hilda Ogden look I tie them in a Knot at the front ... Not a tip for the fashion conscious I might add but you stay dry and no wind problems.

    Share a shower :p Can't sit in someone elses bath water :o eww..
    Check out the free samples on this web site.. good for creams
    Borrow somones elses contract phone .. ;)
    Car share
    Buy cards off season and save them up.
    Book holidays out of kid season..
    dont join a gym, walk some where. Or make up an excersise equipment exchange with your work mates ... you can get rid of the ex bike you have as a clothes hanger in you room and replace it with some other bit of kit..

    Ask for discounts... I saved a fortune booking my holiday apartment by contacting the owner directly and some negotiation ...

    Dont lose all the vouchers you have... Spend them. I just got rid of £40.00 worth of Wollies vouchers I found from the last century !!

    use contraception, saves money BIG time !!!
  • Sharp_Eyes wrote: »
    *LOL* I used to do this too! Especially with those over-ride numbers that you can use to call overseas for like 5p a minute. I used to keep in touch with the family and friends overseas for the price of about a local call...sometimes less! Money saving...yes! Although slightly unscrupulous! :D I wasn't desperate enough to pilfer office supplies though so I rationalise that as my salvation. *LOL*

    Haha - I also used to do this, but can now avoid it with the use of If you are on a tariff that gives you free national calls you won't have to pay a penny as the site lists alternate numbers to most major companies premium rate lines etc.
  • karendb wrote: »
    We use Tesco's cheapest printing paper for almost all our needs - perfectly fine for school letters etc.

    I'm afraid our school receives letters from me on the back of junk mail/old school newsletters etc... they've not complained yet!
    And yes, my kids too think 'virgin' printer paper is a luxury for special items only!!

    I've even been known to keep my receipts to use the back for shopping lists etc.

    Bread bags are great for taking your sandwiches in on a picnic (the kind where you don't want to be lugging washable boxes back with you).

    Great to see the other suggestions on the list - so glad I'm not the only one!
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    If you have hot charcoal left at the end of your barbecue, you can put it in an air-proof tin or drum and it will stop burning (no oxygen) and can be re-used.

    Alternatively, carefully put the hot coa bit by bit in a metal bucket of water until cold, then leave out to dry in the sun before using next time.
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  • I can't make any sense of this.
    Surely using the hot tap (whether the water is hot or not) is a bad thing when you don't need it.

    I'm guessing it's if you want to get to the hot water eg to have a wash, it's a way of using up the preceding cold water without wasting it. I do this before washing up, using the not-yet-hot-enough water to water indoor plants etc rather than let it go down the plughole!
  • brownbake
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    My partner too uses old pants and socks as dusters and cleaning. When we used to live in a shared house I did the washing up and asked for a drying up cloth and was passed a pair of old boxers - cleaning dusting yes drying up NO!!
  • foreversomeday
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    I think the leftovers soup sounds lovely! Also use leftovers for bubble and squeak - slightly less healthy than soup!

    Always buy plug extensions with the individual switches on as it's a lot easier than unplugging everything all the time.

    We have an old phone - not a cordless one - as it doesn't plug into a plug socket, so doesn't use electricity - and as a plus, it never gets lost!

    Turn radiators in the kitchen right down as that room gets heated by cooking - or if you have separate timers in different rooms, time it to only be on in the morning.

    Don't use fabric conditioner - it only coats the clothes and makes them smell nice, it doesn't make them last longer or anything. Because I don't use fabric conditioner though I do find I have to use 2 tablets in my wash if I want the clothes to smell of anything other than "damp"! - but fabric conditioner costs more anyway.

    Always fill the dishwasher and/or washing machine until they are full - they use the same amount of water and detergent if you don't, so make the most of it! Have lots of cutlery and crockery so you can go longer between using the dishwasher as you put it on when it is full rather than when you are running out of plates. I know a dishwasher isn't very moneysaving but if you fill it right up, imagine the cost of washing all of that by hand to the same standard - you would go through more than one sinkful of water, and there is the luxury of not having to wash up lol :)

    If you are doing a smaller load than usual in your washing machine use the "half load" button.

    Read the manuals of your kitchen appliances and see if they have special modes to save energy or whether you can adjust them to do so.

    Fit smoke alarms on every floor of your home and test them regularly - as well as saving lives, because they alert you or your neighbours to a fire earlier than you might otherwise have noticed, they cut damage to your property as well, and having them installed will reduce your home insurance premiums. Don't take the batteries out because they go off when you are cooking - move them, or shut doors between the alarm and the kitchen.

    Look on the Old Style board and replace everything in your cleaning cupboard with two or three cheap, versatile products. Stardrops is a favourite! The only "premium" cleaner I use is febreze as it's the only air freshener I've found that works.

    Join the library, and look on your council website to see what local things there are to do with kids or visitors.

    Find local walks and start going once a week or fortnight - weather permitting. Take a picnic if the walk passes a pub so you won't be tempted to have lunch, or save that for special occasions. Keeps you fit, makes you happier, fun, and it's FREE!
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    Tazness wrote: »

    use contraception, saves money BIG time !!!

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    This has got to be the best one so far - definitely saves you shed loads of dosh!!!
    Weight loss - here we go again - watch this space!

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