Great Isn’t it Obvious MoneySaving Hunt: Tell us the secrets you didn't know you had

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Great Isn’t it Obvious MoneySaving Hunt: Tell us the secrets you didn't know you had

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Former_MSE_WendyFormer_MSE_Wendy Campaigns Manager
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Some daily MoneySaving routines are so ingrained they’re second nature; but you mightn’t realise you’re being clever. So I thought I’d tap all MoneySavers’ wealth of knowledge to dig out those little gems. Do you keep an Overseas Wallet like me? Save old batteries because they still work in less demanding gadgets? Measure your water before boiling the kettle. Please tell us your little gems.

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  • DormouseDormouse Forumite
    5.6K posts
    Well I have never heard of an overseas wallet, but thinking about it, it certainly makes sense. :T (I usually go through a manic 10 minutes of emptying my purse of loyalty cards and receipts the night before the holiday instead :rotfl: ).

    Although I guess I do use loyalty cards at the airport (buy sandwiches at Boots with my points! :money: ) so I would need to transfer some things from one purse to the other.

    My obvious tip, as mentioned, is only boiling the water I need in the kettle. I hate it when people come to visit and boil a whole kettle for one cup of water! :mad:

    Also, I never buy bin bags - just use supermarket carrier bags instead. I normally use Bags for Life for my shopping, so only get carriers when I know I need more bin bags. :D
  • Never grocery shop without a list.
    1. Plan meals ahead
    2. Only buy what you need for those meals.
    Result: Loads more dosh in your pocket!
  • Bungarm2001Bungarm2001 Forumite
    686 posts
    I measure out water to boil too, I thought everyone did! ;)

    I have a condensing dryer, one that saves the condensed liquid (water) in a pull out bottle. I use the water from it to water all the houseplants.

    We reuse envelopes by putting sticky labels over the old address or window.

    I sometimes use t-bags twice. It depends on the brand..cheaper ones tend to be too weak.
  • jinkssickjinkssick Forumite
    1.3K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts
    -Disconnect your mobile chargers after use as they still use electricity
    -Have your computer on the most energy option. I have mine to turn off every minute but overides when being used.
    -When cooking, turn the hob off 5 minutes before as itll still heat it and allow you to use the conserved energy.
    -Curl the toothpaste to get all of it out. Rinse your toothpaste under hot water to get that last drops
    -Place used batteries in the freezer for an hour or if you want a lot longer. They will give you a bit of life, say 10 mins use.

    Cant think off anymore.
    Save saynoto0870.com in your favorites, and stop giving companies more £££ dialling 0870 numbers when you can dial freephones or cheaper alternatives
    call your credit card company, tell them that you want to leave, 99% of the time theyll lower your APR%
    Remember when that Bank Manager or Salesperson smiles at you, all he sees is £ notes. Dont forget the motto, "the wider their grin, the more debt your in"
  • topcatttopcatt Forumite
    9 posts
    I always save all my old batteries to use in clocks as they will usually last for another YEAR in this way. Cut tubes of anything in half, you will usually get at least another weeks worth of content(use the cut off top as a lid keeps it airtight), also add a few drops of water to seemingly empty bottles will again provide at least one other use.
  • sparrersparrer Forumite
    7.5K posts
    Part of the Furniture I've been Money Tipped!
    Being a night owl I make full use of the economy 7 meter. Right now I have a load of washing on the go and am cooking curries, casseroles, rice pud and a fruit pie in both the oven and the microwave. I've not long finished a bit of ironing, and taken my bath :D . You'd need check the eco7 hours as I believe they can vary from company to company - I'm with Southern Elec and in Summer it's 12.30am - 7.30am. I realise these hours aren't for everyone but I've done it for years and on my last elec statement they've reduced my DD yet again, this time to £29 a month :T . I wish I could vacuum at night but my dear neighbours are the opposite, early to bed and early to rise - it might make them healthy and wise but I bet I'm wealthier! :rotfl:
  • ailuro2ailuro2 Forumite
    7.5K posts
    I wouldn't run the hot water over the toothpaste to get the last out of it - it would cost more in hot water.:p

    I save £s almost every week by getting Mr T to deliver my shop - no little extras purchased, and I get to see all the bogofs first, also get a voucher code from here and end up covering the delivery cost PLUS and extra few quid, AND I don't need petrol to get to Mr Ts. Every little helps

    Shop in Lidl when I'm passing for their fruit and veg.

    always use our cashback credit card but pay it off automatically every month - saves on stamps, the money is earning interest in the bank until the bill is paid, AND you get cashback! Sweet!

    Use Quidco for £70 or £80 when renewing insurances, and another few quid when buying holidays, but only if it works out cheaper aswell.
    Member of the first Mortgage Free in 3 challenge, no.19
    Balance 19th April '07 = minus £27,640
    Balance 1st November '09 = mortgage paid off with £1903 left over. Title deeds are now ours.
  • HannaBHannaB Forumite
    345 posts
    Get to work early and make any 0845 or 0870 calls I need to make...;)

    (Needless to say, I won't tell you where I work, so you can't report me)
    Please continue to hold the line. Your call is very important to us and will be answered by next available robot...
  • Soup - save left over mash, meat, veges, almost anything from a meal (pasta doesn't work). Put them into a container and freeze - add to it over a few days or weeks, depending on how thrifty you are when making food in the first place. When you've enough, pull it out of the freezer, boil it up, then mash, sieve or blend it to make a yummy soup.

    Don't forget to keep the water after boiling or steaming vegetables (add it to the already frozen left overs) - cheaper than using a stock cube, but don't forget salt for taste!

    Paper - use the back of mis-printed paper for pasting over old envelope addresses. Shredding paper (electric or hand held) for packaging fragile stuff instead of buying polystyrene.

    Liquid Soaps / Washing liquid - perhaps obvious... Shampoo, liquid gels, liquid washing detergents. I always add water, gently roll around (don't shake it or you just end up with endless bubbles), and use up all soap remains. For the washing machine, just add it as the water goes into the drawer.

    :j an old one - if you're cold: jump up and down to keep warm, add an extra layer (jumper!) before turning on or up heating. Sitting at the computer for a time slows down the circulation.
  • If someone comes and boils loads of water in my kettle, I put it in a thermos and use it for my coffe for the rest of the day!
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