July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hi all,
    Just popped on to catch up and update siggy.
    Dink - hope MIL has gone now and you can enjoy the rest of the weekend...
    Have a really tight week this week - did a meal plan with hubby last night as he knows situation we are in and will be using nearly everything up from the freezer, so no store cupboard stuff left for next week :eek: .
    Good thing is that it should be a good payday next week, but this week was pants and loads of bills to pay!

    Spent £30.53 in Mr T's (was going to go to lidl's but couldn't go early and they were shut by 8.30pm!) but now have everything (famous last words) that I should need for the week, although I do have to go out and get some cold capsules as I have a stinker! :mad: (although not sure if it's from hayfever or not?)

    ***Put your feet up ith some boiled lemonade, sounds funny but my mum swears by it and even if it doesn't work, its lovely and you get to put your feet up.
    On the tight week front, now you can be really inventive to get through and you know you can do it. What we all need is free foods from nature but I expect you know more than me hon
    Love hugs and cuddles to you (don't know how to get them funny little ones you all use:rotfl: And don't know why my bit has come out in the middle of your bit.) God I'n rubbish:rotfl: ****
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    Morning. Got the sainsburys shop yesterday. Some bonus eggs - a pack had one broken egg so they gave a refund but let us keep the pack. A bit over budget because tea last night went wrong - couldn't do pizza because the cheese was off, and then ended up buying meat because I didn't have anything defrosted. Today we'll be eating out at lunch time - it's the DS's birthday tomorrow and we're celebrating a day early (not much fun getting your pressies and then heading off to school 5 minutes later).
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    morning all

    well just had a MASSIVE food breakthrough. i have a thing about food textures, i don't like soft, warm, lumpy food (porridge, rice pudding etc) and made myself make some porridge and heat a couple of apples up with some honey, cinnamon and nutmeg, poured that on top of the porridge, and actually enjoyed it! even better, it's ultra OS for saving money and for weight loss. even better i made it with my watered down full fat milk (2 pints for the price of one ;) )

    tonight i'm making a turkey dinner, was going to do a roast but i think i might try out MrsM's tortillas and have hm fajitas instead.

    i have a pork joint to cook as well but i'm waiting for it to defrost fully first. hm honey roast ham coming up for Oh's lunches this week.

    hope you all have a fab day and get some sunshine

    ioiwe x
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    I'm trying hard for no waste days as well, am only throwing out peeling,skins etc but I bet someone out there will tell me there's a use for those as well:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Don't know if this counts but I usually micro/bake spuds if i am using them for fishcakes or mash - not so much water IYSWIM when you mash them, useful for non-sloppy fishcakes:D . Then because i don't want to waste the skins - I spray them with oil, sprinkle on some seasoning & then roast in the oven & serve with dips as a snack or with a meal where you would normally have chips. They fight for these rather than the chips!!! You pay a lot for these 'potato skins' when you go to a US-themed restaurant....

    Am on track for another NSD today (3rd in a row) although we are going out for lunch; we get a free meal but have to pay for drinks, comes out of the 'entertainment' budget :rotfl:

    have a good day everyone, hoped to take some pics to sell things but it is of course wet!!

    BTW, on another topic, I have a dress (bought on ebay) where the zip is stuck 1/2 way down, course i didn't complain & now it't too late, probably why she sold it! Its a nylon zip & I've tried WD40 in desperation but no luck:(
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    Thank you.
    I did go and spend the £30, but it didn't enter mu head to buy frozen veg :rolleyes:
    I can't believe I never thought of it (it's like when you give away a piece when playing chess lol)
    I think I'll par boil the cabbage and freeze some of that. Got loads of carrots and onions and some frozen peas.
    Just going to do some sums and amend my total to see what's leaft, I might go spend a couple of quid on frozen veg, it lasts for ages doesn't it - thanks a lot :T
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    I bet its beautiful where you live though and your home baking sounds great.
    I live in a great location for supermarkets, walking distance to the city but it isn't beautiful or remote.
    When we go on holiday we always wish we lived somewhere more beautiful.
    Hi there, Oh it is lovely here, no doubt about that. I did not grow up here though, lived much more centrally so it was a shock to the system in some ways! I used to go a bit mad in the shops south when we went away but then had to find somewhere to put it all when we got home tired after a long journey :o so behave now lol!
    I think wherever you are there are pros and cons, its just when I hear about all the wonderful bargains lol it makes me wish I could have just a few here! The COOP can be ok, Lidl is great, Tesco opens soon, and also some local shops are great for certain things.
    Anyway hoping for another NSD as stocked up on a few things in local COOP, actually got £42 of stuff for £26 so not too bad for once, plenty BOGOFS and I had a £1 off £4 FV, £3 off £20 and also some other brand coupons too. Hope you all have a great day.
    :wave: :wave:
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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    SAV3R wrote: »
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm they look really professional too :T
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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    Hi, I did the bulk of my monthly shop yesterday and have just popped back this morning to pick up the things I forgot (I even took a list). One thing I saw in Sainsbury's yesterday was bags of basic aubergines at £1.99, the bag I picked up had 4 pretty big ones in so much better value that 99p for 1.

    I am planning a mammoth cooking session today, going to make a corned beef and potato pie, moussaka (with my aubergines),falafel and hoummus, pitta bread and try the kiwi muffins as I have some kiwis that are looking slightly sorry for themselves in the fruit bowl. Then I am going to make some chicken kiev and chicken ambassadors to put in the freezer for dinners later in the month, but after I have finished my coffee for the caffeine rush.

    My OH asked me yesterday if I had joined this challenge, so he must have noticed a difference in what I am doing, and when I said yes, his answer was 'good, we might manage to stay on track then this month', so fingers crossed. :)

  • shezza

    well done having OH on board,mine is out of the country most of the month but when he's here it goes all demanding and pete tong.......

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    hi everybody... ive been trying to keep track but this thread grows so quick :D aint we chaty people :rotfl:
    as for all of you with the MIL problems makes me glad i have no contact with mine... she lives in london...mind you even OH dont speak to her that much BIL and SIL still live with her and she works about 12hrs a day so if she has any message she just gets them to pass on the message :rotfl:... to be honest i dont think she got over the fact OH wanted out of london and it wasnt my fault (she thinks i trapped him in to being with me :rotfl: ) ... and as for my mother my OH cant stand her but niether can i but thats far to long of a story.... so i hope you all manage with them and dont plan for bottomless pits for them to accidently fall in to :rotfl: ....
    NSD as i not going out today weathers crap and cant be bothered .... ive got no enegry today might see how i feel later but then again my new cosmo dropped on my doorstep friday and i havent had chance to read it :rotfl: hope you all got abit more enegry then me and doing better xxx
    :)Still searching .....:)
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