July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    ok, thank you for not spoiling doctor who, i just spent ages blowing my nose after that. :o
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  • sashanut wrote: »
    Don't know if this counts but I usually micro/bake spuds if i am using them for fishcakes or mash - not so much water IYSWIM when you mash them, useful for non-sloppy fishcakes:D . Then because i don't want to waste the skins - I spray them with oil, sprinkle on some seasoning & then roast in the oven & serve with dips as a snack or with a meal where you would normally have chips. They fight for these rather than the chips!!! You pay a lot for these 'potato skins' when you go to a US-themed restaurant....

    Am on track for another NSD today (3rd in a row) although we are going out for lunch; we get a free meal but have to pay for drinks, comes out of the 'entertainment' budget :rotfl:

    have a good day everyone, hoped to take some pics to sell things but it is of course wet!!

    BTW, on another topic, I have a dress (bought on ebay) where the zip is stuck 1/2 way down, course i didn't complain & now it't too late, probably why she sold it! Its a nylon zip & I've tried WD40 in desperation but no luck:([/quote
    :T Thanks S. Will try that and see what happens.

    When we had stuck zips my dad used furniture polish or candles, either used to work, but of course my dad was a genious like everyone's is eh:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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    spent £4.41 today and spag bol for tea.
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  • Having a very productive day up to now.

    Bleached fridge
    Made Toffee Mallow Bars
    Made Bounty bar/slice/bites
    Made lunch for dd8 ,ds4
    Froze banana and lemon cake
    Checked all bags of onions,lentil,bolognese in freezer

    Sat with a camomile tea before I hit that pool.

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    :hello: Happy Sunday :hello:

    Been lazy about keeping up with the thread this month but I am on plan so far. My main spend has been fruit, veg, milk and bread. Went to Boots and stocked up on some new makeup while 3for2 on no7 still on, but this comes from a different budget. I save a little each month so I can replace make up, toothbrushes etc, when the offers are good. I spent £67 but gained £21 in special offer points so that can go towards christmas pressies :T

    I have already started buying a few bits. A toy shop near work was having a 50% sale so bought bits for my nephew and niece, including something for his 3rd birthday next January :rotfl: Also the local card shop was relocating due to redevelopment so bought loads of cards for different occasions that should last all year.

    Well not such a quick update after all :rolleyes: Catch you all later, Kitty x
    Merry Christmas
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    Went to Tesco today and bought some frozen fish and then stuff for packed lunches for the week. We had coffee and muffins afterwards and sat reading the papers. I enjoy that on a Sunday now. Bit of a treat as it's Costa Coffee and it's not cheap but I love the relaxed Sun morning routine.
    Grand Prix on now so I'm keeping half an ear out for that and then will watch tennis at 2.
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    hi everyone, i need to spend some more time in here to keep me focused, just went out to buy bread and milk and spent another £7.16 :o
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    Goodness this weather's foul!!! Doesn't make me feel like doing anything. What do other people do to boost their motivation when feeling low?

    Don't need any groceries today but should really go out and look for a birthday pressie for a friend. Can't even get up much enthusiasm for that.

    Found some pork chops lurking in the freezer so I'm defrosting them for supper. Should be nice if I pick some sage to mix into the gravy. Have got veggies and fruit to finish the meal.

    Have a good day everyone.
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    hi everyone the weathers cloudy here,well i pop to the co op to pick up a paper and ended up spending £22 they had loads of stuff in the fridge meat,fish and sausages reduced and on the shelfs bread 10p loaf so stocked up on that.must go and update sig.and make a start on some baking got loads of bananas to use up so will look at the recipes.have a good day everyone.
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    annelouise wrote: »
    Having a very productive day up to now.

    Bleached fridge
    Made Toffee Mallow Bars
    Made Bounty bar/slice/bites
    Made lunch for dd8 ,ds4
    Froze banana and lemon cake
    Checked all bags of onions,lentil,bolognese in freezer

    Sat with a camomile tea before I hit that pool.


    Oh you lucky person! It's been pouring rain here, I have no coconut or bananas (but could bake a few sponges) and the only pool in view is a puddle in the middle of the local bowling green! I wonder what the neighbours would say if I rolled up my trouser legs and went for a paddle? :o:D

    Frugal fish pie last night, so that's the last of my potatoes used up and I'll be relying on homegrown spuds from hereonin. Looks like the purchase of carrots WILL remain on the shopping list as the local cats are making a fine job of destroying my entire crop, despite the netting! :mad: .22 anyone? (Kidding, honest!! :rotfl: )
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