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July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • One of my problems is the large oven on the cooker is broken ,and I can only use the small one so only cook smaller amounts and mrs and mrs wont buy a new one. There is a small slow cooker as well but this also restricks me on the amounts I can cook for freezing:mad:

    Has anyone got recipies I can cook on top of the cooker, with only limited pots and pans (for those who don't know, I am a live in carer so can only use whats in their home!):eek:
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  • I found myself discussing my MSE ways in work again today-this time in the managers office. There was a note to us all saying that we are grossly overspent on staffroom items. Now I had thought of speaking up before but I didnt want to inflict my stinginess on everyone unles they wanted it.
    Well the first thing, and the most expensive, is the fact that we take turns to do the shopping and buy liquid soap. No, we really do not want blocks of hand soap and the associated mess so I found myself explaining how I buy a large bottle of bubblebath in Mr T for 20p and refill my bottles at home! Well it went down well with the manager who wants to do it. Not sure about the staff-they think Im a bit extremist I think-one kept whittering on about the fact that you can get cheap bottles in Somerfield etc etc. Yes-but not for 5p each!
    Better to cut down on this sort of thing than the decent tea and coffee which we all like. I may well suggest that the shopping is turned over to me!
    We shall see! Ive also left a note to say that Iceland do 2 bottles of milk for £2-saving approx 80p straight away-but we dont want it going off through having too much so that may not work. I always shop as tho Im shopping for me rather than spending company money-not sure everyone else does tho.
    I did recommend asda hand soap(3 bars for 15p) to one of my colleagues a while ago and she did try it and told me how good it was today. I buy it for us-but I know they dont want the "blocks" of soap at work.
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  • Ches wrote: »
    I have a bright lime green one. My friend takes the mickey but I don't care. I tell her that if she can have a suitcase on wheels to take her bikinis on holiday I can have a trolley for my heavy groceries. Sometimes people are not logical. :eek:
    Well some call them wally trollies but who cares! There are some great ones about and its good that somehing sensible is actually becoming a fashion iem. Lts of fake burberry ones about too(yuck). Bright pink or lime green sounds good though!

    Herewegoagain-how about chilli con carnes,curries, spag bol, and sausage casserole-things like that? They only take 2 pans. Sometimes I do them in slowcooker and sometimes on top of stove. Invest in one big pan for a doublecook so you can freeze most of it.I do a whole packet of rice/pasta when I cook-I portion it up and freeze it afterwards. Saves a lot of time.
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
  • mumzyof2 wrote: »
    where would i get a thermos flask from and how much are they? im going to look on amazon in a mo. also could you use tinned fruit instead of fresh? how would i go about mixing bananas in to the yogurt? and anything hard?
    How big of a theroms flask? would 0.5L be enough? or 1 litre?

    can you add this to first post too in the recipe bit please niki

    You add the fruit at the point where you are ready to serve it up. So bananas, tineed fruuit or whatever. We also use yoghurt on ceral sometimes-its nice on muesli.
    I think the size of flask is up to you. Id get a 1litre one personally, or a 75cl-depends if you want to use the whole litre of milk up?
    You should be able to buy them in Asda or an ironmongers shop-lots of places-but get a stainless steel one, not one of the plastic ones with a glass inner as these break easily. S/S ones ar unbreakable. Should be lots about now as they will be about with the camping and picnicware-so look in the big shops. If you are making a large flask of yoghur-1 litre size-put in a bit extra live yoghurt. **Ive not personally made it in a flask -only in a yoghurt maker but the principles are the same.**

    mumzyof2-you should be ok on the Tesco order. The e coupon works before the discounts.It is deducted from the full price. That is what everyone on here says also.

    fertykids-how about sausage cassrole? I can put up my recipe if you want it.
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
  • Lula-HulaLula-Hula Forumite
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    Hello all,

    my first grocery shop of the month today , DD & I went to MR.T & it came in at £57.99 :o
    £9.22 on household cleaning stuff, loo rolls, wipes etc, £10.13 on toiletries (6.25 on razor blades :eek: :mad: :eek: ) & £37.15 on food stuff which includes bargainous weetabix, 2 x pack of 24 for £2.00, worked out cheaper than own brand, & squash ona bogof. Simple bath & handwash stuff currently on a 2 for £2.00 deal so stocked up there as £1.73 saving.

    Def have enough toiletries for the month but didnt get any wash powder as none on offer :mad: .

    Will need to buy bread & fruit but will do that at local co op as have 2 £1 off fruit & veg vouchers & also my share of co op profit vouchers - £8.00 :D .

    As bill over £50 got the 5p off petrol voucher too :D .

    So, to stay within my target I now have £ 122.01 left for the month & it's actually more fun having to stick to budget than just buying & spending whatever takes my fancy.

    Why didnt I discover this years ago :rolleyes:

    Have a great week end everyone

    lula x
  • BarneysmomBarneysmom Forumite
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    Hello everyone.
    Just popped in to update my sig. Haven't really spent much at all this week, just a few loaves and milk.
    I have to do some shopping tomorrow, sandwich stuff for work next week mostly but I'm going to have a look in the Home Bargains shop to see if it really is as good as everone says ;)
    I'm going to make a chocolate fudge cake too :j
  • mumofjusttwomumofjusttwo Forumite
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    Morning All.

    Well spent £5.50 yesterday on my Friday treat with DD. ( We have a nice lunch at the cafe)

    will update sig.
    opps also spend £78.35 on Mr T order.
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  • OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    Morning all,
    Yippee thats another NSD under my belt so two for July now, not great but hey it's a start :)
    Was hoping to do another NSD but we will see. We need milk for tomorrow, possibly kitchen roll although would like to see how we do without that. Might just send hubby to Coop for some milk as I am not feeling too hot today either, not at the moment anyway! Am also seriously wondering about the Boots spend £20 on baby and get triple points. The thing is we definately [EMAIL="DON@T"]DON'T[/EMAIL] NEED wipes or disposables (we only use at night and on hol, and I am actually trying reusable for night time too now- also got a pack of sposies in Lidl for the hols). We only have a small Boots here too, and so the only other thing would be toiletries or some foods and he has plenty of toiletries, doesn't really like jars, so basically it would be £20 of juice and baby snacks!! I don't think it is worth it really and will resist- might be good if I was near one of the stores that did clothes and toys cos could get a few Christmas pressies!
    Ok, quarter pounders for tea (from the freezer, they were whoopsied in the COOP) and BM rolls- must remember to leave a decent time to rise again.
    OK, best of the best, all.:wave:
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • Hello,
    We've hardly spent a thing this week! Wahoo! But we do need a grocery run tomorrow to prep for the upcoming week - I'm estimating about 30. I find if I get fresh food on Sundays, I'm less tempted to eat out at night or buy lunch at work.
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  • mandy_moo_1mandy_moo_1 Forumite
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    Hi all. Managed to get a reduced pot of tomato pasta sauce for 51p will go nicely with the meatballs on the menu this month. Have planned out all meals upto the 22nd. The ice buns are delicious. I iced them late last night. I ended up with 21 from the receipe but next time will make them smaller. Has anyone froze them already iced??

    i froze mine with the icing on....just make sure the icing is quite thick, and not too runny, then when i take one out of the freezer i put it in the m/w on "defrost" for 30-35 seconds........lovely :D icing might go a bit runny, but they still taste lish!!

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