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July 2008 Grocery Challenge

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Hi Mandy-Moo-1
    What a lazy hound I am. I've just got up. switched on the computer and flicked the kettle switch.
    Meanwhile (as on most days) you've done loads already!! I admire you so much... I always write a list of jobs at the weekends but find it hard to stick to as my work is so structured I think my body resists too much organisation on my days off.
    Sleep is a wonderful medicine...I also feel a whole lot better today. Despite a wierd dream of going to teach in Guinea, Africa.
    OB has been the star of our team. He's already picked a tub of raspberries, our first cucumber, a tub of red currants and a tub of blueberries.
    Any suggestions for the raspberries, red currants and blueberries anyone??

    :cool: Frugal Living 2010 member MFW by 2014 Was 88,000 now £46,877.90 Grocery Budget for Dec-April=£173.72/£244 (Groc Budget 2010 from Ebay/Voucher savings/Quidco -If we can do it will save our £980 GC budget) Now living the dream -in our tiny country cottage-all thanks to MS forums. x 39 2 go
    Stockpile Savings: £89.72 Voucher savings £8
  • mama67mama67 Forumite
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    smetf wrote: »
    Morning all

    KAAT_LADY hope you had a good nights sleep I've started myself off too, imagining what user names look like- whatever keeps us amused :o

    zoe260373 hope you are feeling a bit better this morning

    denisefowler thanks you've reminded me I ought to keep an eye on freecycle for freezers have been watching a few on ebay but they are going for nearly £50 a time

    Welcome savingpennies we did exactly the same as you- we were finding things a bit tight start of this year so cancelled Sky (only extravagance) and cut bills I had thought we couldn't do much about our £500 ish grocery bill- since lurking and then joining this board have noticed a big difference and things feel a bit better again despite fuel and food prices. Everyone is very friendly and helpful too :D

    Can anyone post me to a fool proof crumble topping for tonight (free rhubarb from neighbour's mum very MSE :D) have made them a bit soggy in past!

    Sorry ended up being long!!

    Smetf (with fingers crossed this little bit of sunshine lasts for the tea party)
    Might be a bit late but I do the normal 4,2,2 crumble mix and then add in a handfull of oats as well, gives it a nice nuttyness and doesn't go so soggy.

    On another point with the oats, I'm used to be lucky to use 1kg in 2-3 months, have used a kg in just under a month with adding into bolog etc. good job they are still a cheap item 59p/kg bag in Mr T last week.
    2 adults, 2 boys (:footie: sports mad big eaters) (25 & 21)
    My mother always served up leftovers we never knew what the original meal was. - Tracey Ulman
  • mama67mama67 Forumite
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    shala_moo wrote: »
    Hi everyone,:wave:

    Kaat_Lady - the caulis look lovely...

    Just updating my sig.. have only £9.80 left but that is only till Friday when i get paid and we don't need anything else - hopefully if i can keep my money in my pocket I should come under budget again this month... Amazing really because i've stocked up on enough cat food to last 6 months!!

    Have been baking today - Naan breads, Mrs M's tortillas, buttermilk pancakes(from the butter i made the other week) and a loaf of wholemeal.. feeling very pleased with myself as they are all lovely - thanks to everyone who posted the recipes :D and OH is loving all the food he's geting!

    You guys are such an inspiration... when i stand in the supermarkets these days i look at everything and think "well i know theres a recipe to make that on GC boards so i'm won't be pay £2 for it!!"

    Moo x
    I've been using the buttermilk from butter making as well (used the Mr T £1/pint cream) to replace the water in my bread loaves, they come out lovely and soft.

    Cookery club this week we made bread and butter, so I also got all the buttermilk (1 ltr) from that as well.
    Kids thought it great and all parents have been complementing me on the bread.
    2 adults, 2 boys (:footie: sports mad big eaters) (25 & 21)
    My mother always served up leftovers we never knew what the original meal was. - Tracey Ulman
  • KITTY_2-2KITTY_2-2 Forumite
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    Sorry folks been awol lately. I just can't get myself on the pc at night following a full day at work. Still not doing too badly with the spending. Had 3 no spend days this week. The other days were just small things - lunch and milk for work, and sandwich stuff for a school trip. So only just over £6 spent.

    Off to Asda this morning for some bits for work lunches, cat food, milk and bread. I'm sure there are other things needed but can't think of them at moment. I'll post my new totals later, but looking good for this month.

    Take care, Kitty x
    Merry Christmas
  • dink1dink1 Forumite
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    hi Guys
    quick post to wish everyone a great day, will catch up with posts later hopefully a nsd
    JanGC £250/£82 far:weight loss 1lb cc250/£86/cm40/£9.50 :A
  • zekepeszekepes Forumite
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    • Bought 5 lbs of mince (good stuff from the butcher) and batch cooked it with the usual - carrots, onion, beef stock, thyme, chopped tomatoes and puree. The froze into 16 portions as a base for future con carne, lasagne, bolognese, cottage pie....Hopefully stopping the 'haven't got anything in let's get a takeaway conversation'
    • Avoided even looking at the other things in the farm shop that we didn't need.
    • Bought my fruit and veggies from the greengrocer (cheaper than supermarket)
    • Avoided the saturday boredom shopping trips (e.g. let's go to Waitrose home for something to do')
    This challenge has been a almost life changing for me! At 35 I feel grown up and in control HAHA! We are spending less on groceries and eating better. WOW! I just need to work on not looking back over the rest of adult life and feeling shame and regret and all the money wasted and great meals not had :o
  • lingojingolingojingo Forumite
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    Just popped out for milk and spent £6.15 :eek: But got lots of BBQ stuff whoopsied as use by today:D. If the sun stays out we might have BBQ with some of it later, otherwise I'll freeze it all. Got 4 chicken breasts and 4 legs (marinated), 8 burgers, 8 cumberland sausages and also 3 small baguettes for 10p (they'll be fine with some water sprinkled on and a quick blast in hot oven).
    hoping to keep in my budget, but DD has finished college now, so it'll be tough as she can munch away all day:eek:

  • OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    Morning all,
    Well not much happening here today, DH away for a church trip but I really did not fancy it much. DS throwing all his toys around his cot/room, I am still v. tired, also not sleeping too well and having headaches so hoping for a quiet, likely NS day. Finally finsihed the back of DS cardi last night so will start on the sleeves today.
    Hugs to all who need them and ta ra for now.
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
  • mama67mama67 Forumite
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    Annelouise wrote: »
    Simple alioli=


    Mix together,chill serve with any veggies,crostinis,HM bread sticks,french toast,toasted bread roll with crushed tomatoes -yumyum

    I make 2-3 batches a week and give veggie sticks to kids while waiting on dinner to be ready.

    Thanks Annalouise, this is one dip that as a family we all like, this will be good to be able to just whip up if we fancy dips rather than having to buy.
    2 adults, 2 boys (:footie: sports mad big eaters) (25 & 21)
    My mother always served up leftovers we never knew what the original meal was. - Tracey Ulman
  • BigMummaFBigMummaF Forumite
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    £2 yesterday for milk & YES...50p to get the book.

    I DID reserve online thru the county council website.....that's probably WHY I've had to pay:mad: Not wishing to go too far off topic, but our district is run by [strike]idiots[/strike] [strike]snobs[/strike]:rolleyes: two-legged twassux ;) who have rosettes the colour of the sea.......I REFUSE to say the name of the colour, cuz it's what the favoured footie team wears:D

    There have been rumours for the past 10 years or more of an Asda moving into their catchment, but to no avail. A couple of Lidl, sprinkling of Peacocks & a Wilkos is about as far as they are prepared to go to give people a 'choice'. Their interpretation of various National Policies is a joke that was never funny; 98% only qualify cuz they have second homes here & all are 'professional' people with too much money & not enough sense.

    So it may be a pleasant place to spend the odd hour, strolling thru the bit of greenery we have left or a whiffy wander by the water....but I urge you to SERIOUSLY consider moving down here to live for any length of time.

    Other than that........figuring on staying home & doing some baking:p Oh & Yes Please OrkneyStar, I'd like the recipe please--I love 'lumpy bread':D
    Full time Carer for Mum; harassed mother of three;
    loving & loved by two 4-legged babies.

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