July 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    I think that most of us have our own interpretation of the Grocery Challenge. Mine includes food, drink nappies and toiletries etc. while others may just do food. Whatever you feel is best.

    Your other question. Haven't really worked that out. One thing I tend to do Is only take out what I need so if I only nat bread or milk etc will only take £2 with me.
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    I know I'm joining late, have been keeping a record on my spreadsheet, had tesco delivered at the beginning of the month costing 98 pounds and been to asda today for a top up cost 16 pounds, DS was impressed with the 1 pound strawberries.

    On a sad note we lost the baby which is why I was not around at the end of June or beginning of this month but need to get back to normal again and also we are living on a tight budget so I really need to be here.
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    angelnikki wrote: »
    Aww thanks :A I've put them on my MrT order for next week so fingers x'd that I can get some. It will help me lose weight (or stop me putting on more :o ) not to have them anyway so prob a good thing they were out of stock. :rolleyes:

    KAAT_LADY I got a Beko Frost Free Fridge Freezer five years ago and its FAB :) Its never needed to be defrosted and doesnt even have a tiny build up of frost. I made sure when I got it that I got one with a decent size freezer (this one has 100 Litres freezer volume) and a smaller fridge as thats what we use/need. I think it was about £200/£300 but that was 5yrs ago. The whirlpool ones have such huuuge fridges (200/300Litres) and tiny freezers which aren't much use for O/S IMO

    Edit: oooh over 6000 thanks!!! you guys are so friendly :grinheart :grinheart


    Thanks angelnikki I was looking at Beko as I have a Beko fridge and its been alright
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    Hi always_skint personally I include everything I would normally buy in the supermarket in my shop, I think some do and some dont - entirely up to you. Again, depending on your self control you could have all the money to hand but then you may be more likely to spend it and run out of budget at the end. Personally, I have a seperate account for expenses and swipe that to pay for it, also that way I dont end up with silly money in my purse at the end. HTH
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    MERFE sorry to hear your news (((hugs)))

    As planned went to Mr A for small shop -spent £40! Quite a few reduced bread items- and stocked up on good sausages and bacon so there is some for other weeks but I am definitely better off sticking to Mr T online!! On the plus side oh is beginning to think extra freezer is a good idea- didn't buy any whoopsied fish as no room to put it!!

    If it helps anyone the 1% milk (supposed to be v. similar to semi-skimmed not yet tried it) was on offer for £1, like MERFE's oh liked the strawberries for £1 and the plums.

    Always_skint my shopping budget includes all nappies, wipes (but use washables so not too many) toiletries, alcohol, cleaning stuff etc. I have also been including meals out, takeaways etc. Never have cash so it all goes on switch but am getting more restrained :rolleyes:

    Will catch up on other posts now
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    MERFE, so sorry to hear your news. Huge hugs for you and your OH.

    Well, you've convinced me that kitchen implements are a good birthday prezzie - and I'll definitely get good use out of them after finding this thread :D Hopefully Lakeland will send a catalogue before my birthday so I can mark some hints for OH. Lakeland is my fave shop - I love their gadgets. Pity their website doesn't have a wish list :p
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    Merfe,, so sorry ((((((((hugs)))))))) for you and yours
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    Merfe...so sorry to hear you sad news,:grouphug:
    family is me,oh,16yDS,10DD,9DS&17month old DS,2dogs,3cats,4bunnies,5 ex battery hens&5fish.GC challenge-/£300:pspends already this month-animal food-£28,mr T shop-£119.plus local shop spends total spent £257,:j
  • MERFE-So sorry...

    Hi everyone!!
    Will be catching up with the posts in a moment.
    Just been down to Mr T for our Wednesday night whoopsie hunt.
    For £1.50 I got:
    2 whole cucumbers (7p each)
    1 value cheese and tomato pizza (12p)
    1 loaf of organic bread (21p)
    2 packs of finest white chocolate cookies (28p each)
    *1 tub of Phillidephia extra light cheese (should have been £1.17 but got it free with a coupon from vouchers thread-printable coupons)
    *1 strawberry Boost smoothie (should have been £2,49 but got it free, again with a coupon from vouchers thread-printable coupons).
    1 pack of finest sweet onions (8p)
    plus a coley loin for a fish pie we are going to take with us for our first night on holiday (93p)
    Used a 30p MOC as well.
    *If you fancy either of these you just need to sign up on website for coupons for free philli and boost smoothie.
    As for mum she did brilliantly too and is becoming quite addicted to whoopsie hunting.
    Again we saw the regulars down there and sadly are starting to call the sales assistants by their first names... we obviously need help.

    Dink 1- I just can't settle on a place to go until OB gets a new job...once he does I can't wait to share.. so toucan is still on fridge.... with the howler monkey and resplendant quetzal... might find a ring tailed lemur for the end of this month if we do well...
    Thanks for asking my dear.

    :cool: Frugal Living 2010 member MFW by 2014 Was 88,000 now £46,877.90 Grocery Budget for Dec-April=£173.72/£244 (Groc Budget 2010 from Ebay/Voucher savings/Quidco -If we can do it will save our £980 GC budget) Now living the dream -in our tiny country cottage-all thanks to MS forums. x 39 2 go
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    Hi everyone. not been on for a few days. too busy feeding the 5 thousand (well 9).

    so sorry to hear your news Merfe. hugs to you.

    today and yesterday were NSD. i did buy a friends dd birthday present , whoopsied from £5 to £2.50 and socks and pjamas for the little ones £7.50. whoopsied rfom £9.00, they are out of another budget though.

    i went to asda and teco on mon. long story, will keep it quick. spent £19 in tesco, and left with tesco giving me £2.57 and all my shopping for nothing after overcarging me, vouchers (£14) and coupons(£3.57). i was thrilled !!!!
    most of this shopping was whoopsied as well by at lest 50%. so really got about £50 worth. all stuff i had on my list or will use this month.
    also went to asda. spent £55 but again used £3 coupons and again most of this was whoopsied. so would have cost me £70 or so. now cuboards and ridges are bulging. has anyone esle managed to use tesco clubcard vouchers on whoopsies? first time for me.

    feeding the 5 thousand going well. thansk to MSE.
    mon - chicken casserole (4) using leftovers in the SC, enough for 5 still left over. students had toast as they were too tired to eat a meal, tue - cottage pie, thanks to denise. still got enough in the freezer for 5 people. today chicken slices (whoopsied) and frozen roasted potatoes ( forgot who to thank, you know who you are), and veg. tommorrw - chicken casserole from freezer for students and pasta bake for family of 5. so its going well at the mo.

    do still suffer with the obsession to shop most days and sometimes all days. need to watch that i dont end up buying the kids loads of clothes just so i can shop!

    tried to make the iced rolls yesterday, left them in too long. now there in the freezer as mini bread rolls for DD. made a lovely Banana and chocolate cake today, just stuck it all in the mixer together was lovely.(again i have forgotten who to thank sorry).

    so a very very big thankyou to you all. i am actually begining to believe i can do this now.

    take care everyone. this feels like a family here...

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