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    • MSE Archna
    • By MSE Archna 13th Mar 08, 5:02 PM
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    MSE Archna
    NPower gas 'sculpting'
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    • 13th Mar 08, 5:02 PM
    NPower gas 'sculpting' 13th Mar 08 at 5:02 PM

    What's this about?

    In April 2008, npower changed the way it bills gas customers and miscalculated. After a long drawn out process Ofgem has now ruled it must pay back the overcharge. If you were one of its customers (apart from those on prepay) at the time, you should be getting a refund.

    This thread was originally started way before the Ofgem investigation and you can follow its progress.

    The Ofgem statement was made on 13 Feb....
    Ofgem has today (Friday) completed its investigation into Npower’s changes to its gas tariffs in 2007. Following the investigation, the company has agreed to put things right and will be making payments totalling 1.2 million to some 200,000 customers affected.
    The regulator was concerned about Npower’s approach to notifying its customers of the changes which resulted in financial loss to some households whose consumption was low. A large number of consumers did benefit from the changes.
    Npower has now pledged to write to existing and past customers adversely affected by the changes in the tariff, so no action by customers should be necessary. If customers still have queries in due course, they should call Npower on 0845 6026363.
    Following its energy probe last year Ofgem is considering a package of measures which are focused on improving the quality of information available to consumers.
    What will happen?

    npower will contact all customers affected by this problem within about four weeks and issue a refund to their bill. The refunds will, on average, be around 6 or 10 at the most. If you're no longer an npower customer you should receive a cheque in the post.

    Still not happy?

    Many in the discussion below are contesting that the payout is not enough; after all the original estimate of payouts was 20-30 and some people before Ofgem got involved had far bigger settlements in the small claims court.

    If you agree, then there are still things you can do (as well as lobby together with others in this thread).
    • Complain again to npower. Write to npower and complain again. The Times has a template letter you can use.
    • Lobby your MP. Get in touch with your local MP and put in a complaint. Find your local MP
    Back to the original post

    __________________________________________________ _____________

    What's this about?

    Last April, npower changed the way it bills customers and in doing so is being accused of overcharging. If you were one of its customers (apart from those on prepay) at the time, you may be in line for a rebate of around 20-30.

    Energywatch has put in a formal complaint to the regulator Ofgem, and the result of that is expected shortly (this post will be updated when it comes in)

    Why the ifs and buts

    You will note a few 'ifs and buts' in this post, thats because the complexity of the charges is part of the problem... its simply a nightmare. Its because nPower changed its tariffs sturcture that this is so difficult to interpret as it depends on when and where the charging started.

    We've consulted some of the comparison companies and below is the score to the best of their and our knowledge, but until Ofgem pronounces surety is tough to come by.

    What went wrong?

    The price of gas has two different billing rates. The first chunk of KwHs (the unit of gas usage) is more expensive, then after you hit a threshold, each unit is then cheaper.

    Yet it seems its possible nPower should've charged the higher rate on the first 4,572 kWhs, it charged it for the first 5,120 kWhs or more, leaving people overcharged by around 4p/unit for 548KwHs or more.

    The issue was originally highlighted by Energywatch and referred to Ofgem for investigation. Ofgem is likely to respond to this in the next week or so.

    Any updates will be here and a reminder will go in the free, weekly MoneySaving email.

    Who does this apply to?

    This appears to be a problem that affects npower customers from 2007 apart from pre-payment customers who only have one rate.

    A rough rule of thumb to check if you could've been affected is:

    If you pay more than 20 for gas per month, check your bills!

    This is because a little more than that should be enough to have pushed you into the cheaper price band... so its worth checking.

    How to work it out

    Step 1. Get a copy of last year's bills (from April 2007 to April 2008) and see how many kWh's you were charged in total over the year at the higher rate.

    (If you were only a customer for part of the year, you'll need to work it our proportionately.)

    2. If it's over 4,572, you could've been overcharged. A typical higher rate is charged at 6-7p/kWhs and a lower rate at around 2p. So for example if you've been billed 5,000 kWHs at the higher rate, it's arguably 428 kWhs too many and you'll be owed around 20.

    How to get your cash back

    This isn't tried and tested, more try and see what happens. First call it up and see if it'll give you a refund.

    If this doesn't work write a letter to npower explaining the miscalculation and see if it responds. If this doesn't work refer your complaint to Ofgem.

    Though it is possible an easier system could be put in place by Ofgem itself after the complaint.

    Please report successes/failures below


    What have Ofgem & Energywatch said?

    Ofgem: "Regarding this issue we have written to npower seeking further information on their charging arrangements. They have until close of business this Wed (14 May) to reply. Following this we will evaluate the response to see what further action may be required."

    Energywatch: "Energywatch views the issue with seriousness and felt the regulator should be aware of it."

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    • Cardew
    • By Cardew 3rd Apr 08, 6:44 PM
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    I've just been in touch with energywatch and they tell me that they have dealt with this once before and that they received a reply from Npower stating that there is nothing that can be done.
    Originally posted by colonelhall
    I wonder if Energywatch realise you are talking about the same issue concerning 'sculpting'.

    The original issue was the complaint to 'weight' the winter primary units.

    That issue was addressed by Energywatch and NPower stated(with some justification) that sculpting affected very few people.

    This is because the majority of us would use all the primary units in each and every one of the 12 months of the year.

    So even though those who used very little gas in the Summer now paid more, nobody would pay for more than 4572 primary units.

    However I wonder if Energywatch appreciate that there now is a more serious problem in that the 'resetting' of the sculpting(for whatever reason) will mean customers paying for more than 4572 primary units in a 12 month period.

    My gut feeling is that Energywatch are not aware of the 'resetting' issue.
  • nearly
    I received a long, dense letter from npower in response to my queries.

    I managed to speed up the response by ringing the head of customer services directly. This got things moving and I got a written answer less than 24 hours later. If anyone else wants to do this some fairly simple googling can get you the necessary information.

    Although the letter is long and fairly opaque there appear to be two salient points.

    In the letter they claim it is standard practise for the industry to use a 'tariff year', and that when npower changes tariff rates a new 'tariff year' commences.

    It is also explained that the reason for turning on and off the gas sculpting procedure was to assist with the migration to a new billing system (it's easier to migrate using the non-sculpted system), and that they recognised that because of this they recognised that a higher number of higher rated units would be consumed than would be normal and therefore they set the secondary rates lower to compensate for this.

    They state that from Nov 2007 they have reverted indefinitely to a sculpted system and that in the full tariff year the 4572 units would not be exceeded but for a 12 month period across Nov 2007 this might not be the case.

    I've not fully read the accompanying information sent with the letter or am sure that I fully understand the contents of the letter sent to me after just a couple of read throughs, so haven't yet decided on my next step.
  • c0113tt3
    Yes, colonelhall that is exactly how npower work it out, and in their view its 4572, but the reality is you do actually pay more than the 4572. Do you think the current sculpt will be left untouched? with a history of changing it? which will then throw out the 4572 for 2008 to be above as well.
    • Cardew
    • By Cardew 3rd Apr 08, 6:59 PM
    • 27,997 Posts
    • 13,847 Thanks
    Thanks for giving the NPower response.

    Whilst their explanation makes sense - and presumably the system will be OK for the future - the fact remains that almost all of their customers will have paid considerably more(many s) on their bills for the convenience of NPower migrating to their new computer system.

    All of those customers surely must be entitled to a refund!

    It is a unannounced price increase - period.

    Energywatch must surely take this matter up - If not go to the Regulator or take them to the Small Claims Court.
  • Terrylw1
    Cheers Nearly,

    I know when they migrated into the new systems they had problems where customers DD's were cancelled or changed.

    In this industry when they migrate data, they have to inform the regulator. They also have to inform them of any likely areas of concern. Their migration has been taking place for several years to seperate their bus/dom accounts into 2 systems as well as get all their customers out of the various systems used in the companies Innogy Group PLC purchased.

    In relation to the tariff year, thats garbage. The industry has always worked on tariff years commonly known as settlement quarters. These are just the months your quarterly bills are due.

    Over the past 8 years, Npower has changed it's prices constantly and they have never restarted the tariff year on the elec side. So, I would regard that response as a lie aimed at stopping you taking it further.

    There are no open investigations against Npower on the Ofgem website.

    Energywatch may have had complaints before but I don't believe they would settle for "we can't change a marker in a billing system" and make customers suffer. The way they restart randomly would mean they could make you pay far higher prices.

    Since these contracts have implied terms, I would agree wth Cardew. I very much don't moving the goal posts every few months would be deemed legal.
    It's better to live 1 year as a tiger than a lifetime as a worm...but then, whoever heard of a wormskin rug!!!
    • DirectDebacle
    • By DirectDebacle 4th Apr 08, 2:28 AM
    • 2,027 Posts
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    Gas Sculpting By NPOWER
    Hi all. This is my first post but I have been following this thread with much interest as I have been with npower since the mid 90's and have a record of every KWh of gas they have ever billed me for, on which dates, the high low split, the works. The way I see it is this. Sculpting or Seasonally Adjusted rates are separate from and not to be confused with the 4572 KWh high rate allowance per annum. To lump them together is confusing and npower do this for precisely that reason. In theory there is no reason why sculpting will affect the majority of gas customers as almost all will use up the allocation in a year. As long as you are not charged for more than those set units in a year it doesn't really matter in monetary terms how they apply it. Of course spreading it evenly over the year would be sensible which was the case as far as I can make out up until 1st april 2007. Remember this is the maximum amount of units they can charge you per annum at the high rate. They don't have to charge this amount if they don't want to

    Now dealing with the 'tariff' year. As far as I know a year is a year, 12 months, 365 days or whatever. Usually Jan 1st to Dec 31st. Or a financial year 6th april to 5th April. Fairly simple. Seems an npower 'tariff' year is as long or short as the piece of string they decide to cut it from. Wrong. A year is a year.
    Lets say their allocation of annual block units started 1/4/07. That block would have to be used by 31/3/08. A price rise (or fall) doesn't alter the block allowance or the period it falls in and neither does the sculpting. The price rise or fall merely alters the price applied to the block and the 'sculpting adjusts what proportion of the block is applied at various times of the block allowance year. As you will have guessed the key word here is year and how it is defined. Nearly all of the citizens of the U.K. know what a year is but very few know what an npower 'year' is. In fact even npower don't know that until they have adjusted the sculpting formula and then they know they start a new year. Nonsensical isn't it and all meant to confuse you and not realise how much over the top you are paying.
    Lets say the block allowance started 1/4/07 and was allocated at 381 per month until 1/11/08. Thats 2667 KWh at the high tariff leaving a balance of 1905 KWh for the rest of the year. On 1/11/07 npower change the percentages at which the allowance is assigned to the remaining months. They should have only applied these revised percentages to the remaining 1905 units of the block allowance. They have no right to start a new block of allocation units. This block is industry wide and set by the regulator for a year not whatever npower decide to call a year.
    It gets worse. Check your bills. My high rate units for 1/04/07 - 1/11/07 came to just a tad over 3500 KWh. That left npower 1072 KWh at the high rate for the rest of the year to 31/03/07. Lucky for them that a year is only 7months in npowerland and they could start a new count. Lucky for me that they didn't spot I only got charged 3500 KWh for their last 'year' and not the 4572 they are allowed in a 'year'. You might like to wonder why they didn't start another 'year' on 5th January 08. Wasn't there a price change then? Maybe they have but haven't told anyone yet. I am now disputing every npower bill I receive. As there is insufficient information on the bill in order to accurately calculate it and the information is not readiily available it is virtually impossible for anyone to check their bill for accuracy. So I immediately dispute mine and won't pay until they provide the necessary information to enable me to check it. Check your bills for the way it has been added up paying attention to the cu. ft conversion to KWh. you can do this with the info provided on the bill. Mine tend to be over what I make them, but maybe my calculator is set to the wrong length off year lol. Have fun.
  • c0113tt3
    In reply to directdebacle, from what I understand of your comments, you state that we would not pay more than 4572 kwh tier 1, I believe you may have misunderstood, you do pay more than 4572 tier 1 kwh. This is not tied in with tariff years, nor is it tied it with price rises or times of price rises.

    What it is tied in with, is when they turn off, switch on, change or ammend the gas sculpting system to apparently assist them in migration of billing systems. This is what effects how many tier 1 kwh units you pay which should be a max of 4572. If the gas sculpt system was left alone for 12 months, it would work out to be 4572 kwh tier 1, but because it is not left alone you are continuously at the mercy of npower , messing around with the gas sculpt system to assist in billing migration, which does make you pay more tier 1 kwh than 4572, even if you counted a year from april to march or from jan to dec. It was last ammended / switched on in dec 07, so if they left it alone till the end of nov 08 inclusive, you should only pay 4572 kwh tier 1, but if they change it, ammend it, switch on or off in the meantime to assist in billing migration, then that would effect how many tier 1 kwh you would pay which is over the 4572 kwh. So for instance, lets say they switched it off in may 2008, you would have paid the current gas sculpt from dec 07 to april 08, then from may 2008 the number of tier 1 kwh paid is RESET, and from that point would pay 1/12th per month (standard division of 4572 kwh tier 1 = 8.3%) then from july 08 they switched back on the current gas scuplt figures of roughly 1% of tier 1 (each month through summer), immediatley you have over paid because in june you should have only paid 1% of the 4572 but have paid 8.3%. This is how it works out that you over pay and that this is what happened throughout 2007 with switching on / off, and over the 4572 tier 1 kwh. This is all at a whim of when they want to assist their billing migration. So if you then calculate from dec 07 to nov 08 inclusive, based upon them switching it on / off etc.. you over pay the 4572 tier 1 kwh, but in fact it was reset to 0 from may 2008, and then reset again in july. So you would need to take 12 months from july 2008 to june 2009 which should result in a max of 4527 kwh tier 1, but again what is to stop them stopping / restarting it again to assist in billing migration time and time again !!! and better still none of us would even know until a time came when we recieved / inspected the quarter bills, because they do not inform you of when they start / stop or change it.

    Basically, anyone who stays with npower until they sort the mess out / migration with billing systems is open to possible overpayment of tier 1 kwh. I suppose eventually it would be sorted out, but until then... Also, npower have not informed customers of this on marketing information, in fact they say you pay a max of 4527 tier 1 !! but yet openly admit when questioned that we have overpaid due to the migration of billing systems / gas sculpt. They also have other problems too if you read the other npower thread, such as when new price rises come into effect and how the billing system estimates useage upto and after the price rise (from my experience), misleading averages advertised for price rises (from my experience), informing customers late of price rises (from my experience) etc.... How could I ever trust this migration of billing system / gas sculpt system for them to leave it alone for the next 12 months?? and didnt inform me during 2007 what was happening....
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    • Rumman
    • By Rumman 4th Apr 08, 7:15 AM
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    Good post c0113tt3. I think i'll put of switching to npower who come up the cheapest for me now.
    • colonelhall
    • By colonelhall 4th Apr 08, 7:15 AM
    • 66 Posts
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    Direct Debacle,

    I don't know how your allocation of units during that period was only 3500. I would have thought that everybody would have been allocated the same. From the end of April to the beginning of November, I was charged 4,100 units.

    However, if the period you are looking at starts 1/4/07, then check the units from 1/11/07 to 1/4/08. Under their system, you should be charged a further 3200 units.

    The percentage of 4572 per month is 19.3 per month during this period. which is 77.2%.

    In spite of what some are saying, my information is that sculpting existed up to 1/5/07 and then again from 1/11/07.
  • c0113tt3

    There will be 2 versions of gas sculpt for / from consumers, of what has been happening over the last 12 to 15 months, and possibly over the next 12 months. This would be due to 2 different / configured billing systems, just to make it more complex lol

    I suppose it should be easy for anyone to identify when a gas sculp existed in 2007, I cant say ive gone that far into detail myself, but i had over paid by over a 1000 kwh tier 1 myself. Anything I would assume that is more or less than 8.3% per month or 25% per quarter of the 4572 would inform you that a sculp has existed.

    But the main point to be made is that it has been (gas sculpt / migration of billing system) going on during 2007, it has caused to pay over the 4572, they still have 2 billing systems and yet to migrate consumers, so what is there to stop them stopping / starting the current gas sculpt to assist them in 2008, and they are not forthcoming with the truth of the facts, or inform us.
    Last edited by c0113tt3; 04-04-2008 at 8:06 AM.
    • Cardew
    • By Cardew 4th Apr 08, 9:13 AM
    • 27,997 Posts
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    I think this subject is in danger of getting over-analysed!

    The bottom line is that you should pay for no more than 4,572 primary units in any 12 month period.

    By changing the basis of the sculpting(they call it seasonally adjusted weighting) NPower are getting their customers to pay for far more than the 4,572.

    The explanation given to 'Nearly' by Npower is the most plausible. In effect they suspended 'sculpting' during the summer last year. So during a period where customers should have been paying for very few primary units, they were paying at the pro-rata rate of 381 units per month.(i.e. 8.3% or one twelfth of 4,572)

    The above is what appears to have happened to 'DirectDebacle'.

    Apart from the fact that they have overcharged all their customers, if they are allowed to get away with this scam, what is to stop them doing the same again this coming summer. It is a cast iron bet they won't suspend sculpting in the winter!!!

    So Npower customers - your move next!
    • JohnG
    • By JohnG 4th Apr 08, 9:54 AM
    • 468 Posts
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    I'm still trying to work out how we got such a high final bill (They said it was something to do with underestimates from previous billing but can't see how when they were fairly up to date with plenty of readings supplied by us).

    Anyway, looking at this sculpting business, when I add up the units we were charged at the higher rate from 23/3/07 to 26/03/08 it comes to 6270 so suggests we have been over charged?

    Just in case, if I look at 21/12/06 to 17/12/07 it comes to 5729 so alot depends on where the offcial year starts and ends (If there is an official year period?). What is also very unclear is how they split the quarterly figures as they seem to differ from quarter to quarter - there seems seems to be no pattern to follow or am I just too thick?
    I can imagine there are a lot of unhappy NPower customers out there but because the billing is so all over the place that they don't bother to look into it as it's so difficult to relate to and to question them directly about it.
  • c0113tt3
    Just had a call from energywatch in regard to all of this.

    They are very aware of all the details that is happening, literally thousands of customers are complaining of it, and energywatch are continuously moving forward to deal with the matter as they feel it is an unfair practice. They admit though it may take several months and the best part of 2008 to push for a decision / resolution to it.

    They also confirmed, a reply from npower, when energy watch initially questioned them, that npower feel it is an acceptable practice, which energywatch do not agree with !!

    As for a right to claim back the overpayments, they could not comment, until a resolution / decision had been made, but people could go through small claims court etc..
    Last edited by c0113tt3; 04-04-2008 at 2:37 PM.
    • DirectDebacle
    • By DirectDebacle 4th Apr 08, 10:35 PM
    • 2,027 Posts
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    Gas Sculpting By Npower.
    Hi, Thanks for the responses and comments. The point I was making seems to have been missed. Npower are telling you they have put the year back to zero and are charging another 4572 units from the zero date. Currently this is effective from 1/11/07. The reason for this is that they altered the % rate per month that they applied to the 4572. Seems to be one of several reasons they give. As I said it is 4572 for a year and a year is a year. Everybody needs to find out when their 'block year' starts. It may well be different for everybody. For myself I am treating my year as starting 1st April - 31st March. It was 1st April 2003 that npower changed from the old Standing Charge system to the two tier system. I was with them then and they have never notified me of anything different.

    From 1st April 2007 to 31st March this year I have been charged over 6500 KWh at the high rate. The mathematics are inescapable. I am not interested in their waffle about migrating bills, sculpting percentages or price rises. These are all red herrings so don't follow them. I am requesting immediate refund of the overpayments and if they don't repay them then I will have no qualms about taking them to the small claims court. I am quite happy to let a court decide how long a year is. Think of it this way.The council tax is set in April and in May a new council gets elected. The new council decide on a higher council tax and that the council tax year now starts in June for the next year and what youv'e already paid in April and May doesn't count. I don't suppose there would be too many happy households and the Govt would soon step in. Ofgen will take a little longer.
    • DirectDebacle
    • By DirectDebacle 4th Apr 08, 10:43 PM
    • 2,027 Posts
    • 2,177 Thanks
    Hi, Yes from 1/11/07-31/03/08 have been billed over 3600 KWh at the high rate. Not on.
  • Terrylw1
    Just so you know, they completed their system migrations last year. Their gas migration was going on from summer.

    They do not have 2 billing systems now, they have 1 for residential customers.

    Also, you might want to question why they have moved electricity customers into the current system with tier 1/2 and this did not occur on them.

    So, it either comes down to a) a moronic decision to attempt to scam gas customers but not electric or b) the system restarted your tier 1 from the date your MPRN moved systems.

    Like I said, my money is on b) because when they moved all their elec customers, it reset their DD's to standard payments which the customer had agreed to change.

    I could go on about other areas like that. Their bill estimation does something similiar. Why? The current system, the issues never existed in the previous system.

    Await a public response from Energywatch.

    Like I said, why reset Tier 1 on gas and not elec?

    Also, if they an get away with this whenever, why point to system migration which ended last year?
    Last edited by Terrylw1; 07-04-2008 at 12:00 AM.
    It's better to live 1 year as a tiger than a lifetime as a worm...but then, whoever heard of a wormskin rug!!!
  • Terrylw1
    Hi, Thanks for the responses and comments. The point I was making seems to have been missed. Npower are telling you they have put the year back to zero and are charging another 4572 units from the zero date. Currently this is effective from 1/11/07. The reason for this is that they altered the % rate per month that they applied to the 4572. Seems to be one of several reasons they give. As I said it is 4572 for a year and a year is a year. Everybody needs to find out when their 'block year' starts. It may well be different for everybody.
    Originally posted by DirectDebacle
    It's as easy as you's 4 quarters from your start date with them. The exception is general a part quarter bill at the start of your billing with them as sometimes utilities move forward to use the first full quarter onwards.

    The fact remains, they migrated their gas system in mid 2007...then all this comes out.

    Since Npower have already admitted that migrations have had the same effect on DD payments, it's very likely to be poor project management with a mix of lack of caring about customers.

    I've worked on plenty of data migrations and these issues do occur but you get around them by apportioning on either side...not restarting.

    Ofgem will spank them if thats all it is because they cut costs on their migration and stiffer their customers in the process.
    Last edited by Terrylw1; 04-04-2008 at 11:36 PM.
    It's better to live 1 year as a tiger than a lifetime as a worm...but then, whoever heard of a wormskin rug!!!
  • c0113tt3

    You can make your request to be refunded from npower, but I can assure you, you will not get it !! Even if you take it as far as an executive complaint the answer will be the same, no !!. What you will get is the explanation and a final response letter, that puts the complaint into deadlock. This is what they are doing with everyone who complains / asks for refund. So its either wait for energywatch, will be a long wait, or try at a small claims court...
    • Possetjohn
    • By Possetjohn 5th Apr 08, 6:49 AM
    • 133 Posts
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    Hello all,

    Read this thread with interest, as I brought this up in a previous thread some months ago.

    Out of interest I also complained to npower and energywatch and after some time and repeated contacts received a cheque from npower for 40 as a compensation for the "my perception" of the overcharging of primary rate units.

    My view is npower acted in a very amoral way here and have managed to collect a lot of extra money from customers who never check their bills. I hope energywatch does persue them and make them compensate all affected customers but I suspect it will never happen except for those who complain loudly and often!
    I was lucky since I was so annoyed I switched (fortunately!) to southern electric's price fix 2008 just in time to grab the lower prices until this November. So far Southern Electric have been excellent to deal with
    Interestingly 2 days ago I had a customer service guy from npower phoning me up asking why I left them!! I was slightly surprised but gave him a brief precis of the reasons. He apologised and promised to put a note on my file to prevent anyone else calling me.

    Probably get another call next week then!
  • c0113tt3
    You must have been quick off the mark and lucky PossetJohn, It is energywatch who confirmed to me that they are giving out final responses and putting the complaints into deadlock with the gas sculpt / over paying of tier 1 kwh. Npower confirmed to me that they couldnt refund because they would be admitting liability (which they believe they have not done anything wrong) and would have to refund everyone.. With it being publicised to some brief extent of detail on Watchdog, you now have thousands of people complaining, hence this given response from them now. Its good to know someone got some justice
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