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    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 26th Jan 14, 3:19 PM
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    Cheery Daff
    Cheery's buttling diary: tea in one hand, plant pot in the other, running shoes on
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    • 26th Jan 14, 3:19 PM
    Cheery's buttling diary: tea in one hand, plant pot in the other, running shoes on 26th Jan 14 at 3:19 PM
    <sneaks in hoping nobody will notice>

    Hi all

    Goodness me, it's been ever such a long time since I've been here! It seems I disappeared without a trace almost two whole years ago, and then life got in the way, and you know what it's like when you've been gone for so long, it's quite hard to come back...

    In fact, it's been so long since I went that maybe nobody even remembers I was here in the first place If you feel the need to delve into my history the latest (not-very-up-to-date) version is here, and the one before that is here.

    Anyway, I'm back again now and if I disappear again I promise I shall leave a note explaining myself

    I've decided to come back for two reasons:

    (1) I'm not in debt, but I'm also not-quite-as-much-in-control-as-I'd-like I've FINALLY combined finances with Mr Daffs (after 8 years) and there's lots of messing around related to that to be done

    (2) I've just spent a cheery couple of hours reading back through my old diaries (how very sad ) and remembering JUST HOW CHEERFUL it was in the old days of hanging round here

    I confess I'm a tiny bit daunted about coming back - one of the reasons I vanished was because I was spending FAR too much time on the internet and I'm wary of doing that again... But for now I've decided there's plenty of other things to worry about without bothering my little head about that one

    Ooh, I should probably explain the 'buttling' in my title It's a word I invented (although I suspect other people have invented it before me). It's kind of what butlers do, you see - they buttle - make tea and open doors and tidy up, and generally buttle around getting on with little things

    And while I don't intend to put on a suit and act like Jeeves any time soon (although actually come to think of it, he was a valet, not a butler), i LOVE using the word and spend much of every day buttling around doing all kinds of cheerful activities

    Suppose I'd best do something like talking about money now...
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    • EssexHebridean
    • By EssexHebridean 27th Feb 18, 12:30 PM
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    Ouchy - yes, no NCB will rather increase things.

    Hopefully I'm not saying anything I shouldn't when I say that I'm very glad that you got in OK and weren't hit by any of the horrendous weather we're being threatened with on the way. (I know you're not confirmed that i here yourself yet, but bearing in mind your wobbly internet problems...!) Hopefully you now have your all weather tyres as well in case the aformentioned evil weather does decide to arrive.

    Hopefully you've also managed to get proper confirmation on that life insurance now too - and you're right, I'd have assumed email confirmation as well!
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    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 27th Feb 18, 10:24 PM
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    Cheery Daff
    Hmm, that's a good point actually - I'd already forgotten about the life insurance! Will add to list for tomorrow!

    Nope - ridiculously the guy coming to fit the all weather tyres broke down in the snow and had to be rescued looks like we'll be taking our chances.

    Yes we are in and finally starting to get warm internet is indeed patchy but we have a phone line now

    More soon
    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 2nd Mar 18, 8:40 PM
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    Cheery Daff
    Evening MSE chums

    We are settling nicely not much option really as we've been snowed in since Tuesday afternoon had to cancel work and everything oh dear!

    Lots of financial goings-on...

    Water here is 13 a month rather than 48 in old house suspect this will be more than offset by having to empty the septic tank periodically (when?! Must read up before it becomes necessary...)

    Had to top up gas/electric at old house by 97 as we'd used up our surplus.

    Seems there was already quarter of a tank of gas here when we'd been told it was 'nearly empty' - that's about 200 worth

    Car insurance has been driving me potty today Rang existing one to change address and switch to commuting occasionally (but storing off road) - got a refund of 56

    However they don't do a multi car policy, and they also don't do insurance for people with no claims, which sadly I hav, as I've only ever been a named driver so far despite having driven for over 12 years.

    Spent nearly 3 hours !!!!ing about this afternoon getting quotes ranging from 710 (if I have a black box fitted into the car, which I'm not willing to do), right up to 2700 (from M&S, whose praises I was singing in relation to house insurance last week )

    After much frustration, many dropped internet connections, much going round in circles etc, I finally have a policy for 777 - which is 200 more than we paid for the bloody car

    Let's hope I don't crash the damn thing and it'll reduce next year!!

    What else? Checked with bank and life insurance people have set up a direct debit so i assume we'll get confirmation in the post - when the postie can get through the snow

    Had one new home card waiting the day we arrived but was a bit sad not to get any more - until I realised we don't actually have a letterbox and there was a small pile of them pushed through the dog flap into the porch, which we hadn't been using however that was Tuesday, and we've been snowed in ever since and had no visits from postie or anyone else!

    Did venture forth to local shop today 2 miles each way, which with snow and biting howling wind took a good hour each way cafe was shut so we ended up having a cuppa in the pub Met a neighbour who gave us a lift the rest of the way home and introduced us to our nearest neighbour who is nearly 90 Good that he's got folk dropping in on him regularly, we didn't stay today as he wasn't expecting us but i'll drop our phone number round soon in case he wants anything (didn't look like the type who would use it though )

    Phew! Car insurance proper took it out of me today, I'm sure it would have been easier with a properly functioning internet connection but we don't get broadband til next Thursday apparently so wafty phone internet it is til then!

    On the plus side, being snowed in has meant we've had several no spend ays

    Really must get a new budget set up in YNAB tomorrow, not recorded anything since a few days before we moved
    • redofromstart
    • By redofromstart 2nd Mar 18, 8:48 PM
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    So pleased you are in, the cards in the porch made me laugh.
    • Greying Pilgrim
    • By Greying Pilgrim 3rd Mar 18, 6:44 AM
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    Greying Pilgrim
    Lovely to hear from you Cheery, that you are safe, well and settling into your new-community life with aplomb

    Ouch! to the motor insurance. Yes, I hope you can rapidly build up ncd too - ouchy!

    I'm pulling up a chair, and very much looking forward to more episodes of Cheery's 'Country conversations, cakes, coffees, cuttings and (general) cheeryness'

    Greying X
    'Larger than the World's chaos, is it's miracles...' - Katherine Rundell, Author.

    'I am not in the pursuit of happiness, only in the discovery of joy' - Joyce Grenfell
    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 3rd Mar 18, 10:36 AM
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    Cheery Daff
    Thank you lovely people

    I have finally got round to setting up a new YNAB budget Tried to do it before we left the old place, but got all confused. As much as I'd like it to include EVERYTHING we've spent on the new house so far, I really haven't kept track these last few days So I've just done a fresh start from NOW - what's in the bank right now - and I'll track everything from here.

    It'll need a little adjustment over the next couple of days as I've paid for a couple of things that haven't gone out yet, but we're getting there

    Time for a celebratory cup of tea I think

    Ooh, that reminds me, I was going to start a shiny new mortgage free diary! But not right now - I've been online for several hours this morning already trying to sort out various things so it's about time I went and did something else I think!
    • Pippilongstocking
    • By Pippilongstocking 3rd Mar 18, 11:52 AM
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    Happy new life, snow, cards, cars and all.

    Been keeping an eye via fb and looks very chirpy indeed!

    Both hounds send their best my lovely xxx
    Total debt 26/4/18 <1925 we were getting there.
    Total debt as of 28/4/19 7867.38
    minus 112.06 = 7755.32
    Sleeves up folks.
    • lionheartedgirl
    • By lionheartedgirl 3rd Mar 18, 11:59 AM
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    Lots of love to you and Mr Cheery in your spiffy new pad. It has been a long time coming but I'm so glad it has come through!

    You've probably already tried but there are some insurers that will count claim free years as a named driver.

    Another thing might be worth trying is to ring your old insurer and ask if they can give you any no claims years - this worked for me when I split up from my hubby and had the same issue as he had always been driver no 1 on the policy. My insurers gave me 2 years I think (out of a possible 7) and it made a huge difference as you can imagine. I don't know if they do things like that any more and I also totally appreciate you're sick to the back teeth of insurers and phone calls now!!

    I'm so relieved for you both! XXX
    Never sit in the comfy chair - Jake Humphrey
    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 5th Mar 18, 10:19 AM
    • 8,959 Posts
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    Cheery Daff
    Hello lovely people

    LHG - sadly my own insurer wouldn't even consider me on a separate policy, let alone give me no claims years to take somewhere else Fiends Never mind - I have paid up, and at least we got a small refund from the other insurers for moving out to the sticks

    Cancelled old house insurance today too - I would have kept it, but they could only cover 2 weeks between exchange and completion so I set up a new policy. As it turned out, we had less than 2 weeks between exchange and completion so I could have kept it.. but we've got the new one now, so I've cancelled the old one and got 100 refund as it only started in the middle of January

    We are finally able to leave the house Main road was clear yesterday so we nipped to the local village, and then on to the nearby town.

    Today Mr Cheery was planning to venture to the other town for a loo seat (ours has the teensiest crack in, which keeps, er, pinching one's posterior ) And we are due a parcel delivery (between 10.11 and 11.11 ) AND a friend has just rung to say they're going to pop out for a visit this afternoon

    AND I'm meant to be back working today Internet seems to load MSE fine, but not work emails
    • Karmacat
    • By Karmacat 5th Mar 18, 11:01 AM
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    The internet knows you, Cheery!

    Fancy it taking such a long time to get out easily - I hope you're going to keep a good storecupboard at the new house? Sounds a bit fierce out there, as well as very lovely. And quite busy, with Mr Cheery being there, a delivery, and a friend visit have a great day!
    Downsized and paid off mortgage 2010
    Retired August 2016
    Paid off French mortgage September 2018
    New kitchen fully installed June 2019
    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 5th Mar 18, 12:55 PM
    • 8,959 Posts
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    Cheery Daff
    Yes, a storecupboard is a definite must KC! I'm impressed we managed so well this week actually - especially as we didn't realise how long we were going to be snowed in for

    Not impressed with John the delivery man - delivered our parcel within the window (at 11.02) - but for some baffling reason delivered it to the local post office, which is over 2 miles away!! No idea if he attempted to get up here but the little lane still has snow on, or whether he just realised he wouldn't make it within the window and dropped it off there instead. Oh well, we've got to go past there tomorrow so we'll collect it then - it's the broadband router and the internet isn't being turned on til Thursday anyway so no bother.

    Right, off to do a little bit of hoovering before pals arrive for lunch
    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 6th Mar 18, 9:01 AM
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    Cheery Daff
    Well we had a lovely lunch with our cheery pals And they brought all kinds of goodies with them too, most jolly

    Also did a day's work, which came as a bit of a shock to the system after a week off, in which my life has been turned upside down (in a good way)

    Today I am waiting for the tyres people to arrive (for the third time) - I asked for the first appointment 'first thing in the morning' and they said the first one they had was 8.45. Just had a call (at 8.45) saying the bloke was 1 hr 15 minutes away... I suppose I did originally pay for a 2 hour window, so as long as they're here by 10.45 they're within that... I'll eat my hat if he's here by 10am though!

    Tried to reconcile YNAB, and got all confused I think when I put the cleared starting amount into my new budget the other day, there were still some things to go out, and I got all confused So I've started again from now (there's nothing to go out now that hasn't already gone out) so hopefully it'll all be clear now

    Nowt else to report I don't think. First trip back to the big city for a work meeting this afternoon
    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 10th Mar 18, 6:56 PM
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    Cheery Daff
    Just popping in to report a bit more admin

    * received new driving licences in the post so cut old ones up and posted back (along with V5 to change address for old car)
    * Paid 4.72 which we apparently owe to the lpg people who topped us up a tiny bit too much
    * paid 500 to the solicitor, who seemingly got his completion statement calculations wrong Hopefully that's the end of it!

    Been out for a cheery breakfast with Mr Cheery to one of our local cafes - we now have a loyalty card and they stamped us for last time too cos we'd forgotten Only 3 more drinks and we get a free one! They do PANCAKES for breakfast which I am most excited about

    Friends came over for lunch, so while we were waiting Mr Cheery did a bit of sorting in the garage, and I did some surveying of the land (er, wandering about looking at the scenery ) and starting filling in a couple of potholes - extremely slowly as I don't have a wheelbarrow so I'm just going back and forth with a spade

    Had a nice wander about with pals but it had started raining by then, and we had a three year old with us who was in danger of wholesale disappearing into some of the puddles in the field so we came back in and spent the rest of the afternoon looking out of the windows

    Now I've got a shepherds pie in the oven, the radio on, the wood burner merrily burning away, and I'm making a cake to take round to the local farmer to introduce ourselves properly tomorrow.

    So cheery in lovely new house It was quite a palaver but well worth it

    First mortgage payment went out yesterday My first mortgage payment ever Planning to start a MFW diary to start the process of getting rid of it, although as there is approximately 214,500 left it might take a while
    • Greying Pilgrim
    • By Greying Pilgrim 10th Mar 18, 8:36 PM
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    Greying Pilgrim
    Lovely to see you back posting Cheery

    Thanks for the cheery update about the house

    Greying X
    'Larger than the World's chaos, is it's miracles...' - Katherine Rundell, Author.

    'I am not in the pursuit of happiness, only in the discovery of joy' - Joyce Grenfell
    • rtandon27
    • By rtandon27 10th Mar 18, 10:24 PM
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    Glad to hear of the first of your adventures in your new house!

    Don't forget to leave us directions when you move to the MFW board!!!
    3 YEARS DEBT FREE!!! (24 OCT 2016)
    (With heartfelt thanks to those who have gone before us
    & their indubitable generosity.)
    Working hard to keep all the balls in the air and juggle the budget!
    • Tescodealqueen
    • By Tescodealqueen 11th Mar 18, 7:12 AM
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    Lovely update glad to hear you are settling in. Pancakes sound lovely. I think you will find a wheelbarrow useful though with the spade your daily step count will be great
    • Cheery Daff
    • By Cheery Daff 11th Mar 18, 8:10 AM
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    Cheery Daff
    My step count got up to 10,000 the other day INSIDE THE HOUSE!

    Anyway - I have started a new diary!

    Come join me over at Cheery's Country Living Adventure
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