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    • Valli
    • By Valli 6th Jan 19, 6:39 PM
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    Weekly Flylady Thread 7th January 2019
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    • 6th Jan 19, 6:39 PM
    Weekly Flylady Thread 7th January 2019 6th Jan 19 at 6:39 PM
    Welcome to the first full thread of 2019.
    It's been lovely to see some newbies already and I'm so pleased to see some familiar faces posting. The thread became very quiet last year which worried me...I, for one, have massively appreciated the support offered by poster here and I know I'm not the only one. Here's to a 2019 with joys and fun and, hopefully less clutter and dirt...

    What is FLYLADY? Well, it's our version of the US flylady idea - but we work on the principle that housework is not fun, it's boring, can be time-consuming, is often thankless but, unfortunately, necessary. It's here on Old Style to provide the support we all need and to make the whole task easier and quicker. We also accept that, sometimes, life just gets on top of us and we can't keep up, maybe because we're time-poor, not in the best of health and/or we have littlies who need us. We are definitely NOT control freaks aiming for perfection and utterly spotless show-homes.

    Welcome to the weekly Flylady Thread. You're more than welcome to join us in the everlasting battle against dust, grime and gibble. The aim of our thread is to make those onerous tasks less daunting, and to support each other - and to make time for the finer things in life!

    Please do remember we have to abide by MSE rules; each post should, ideally, include some mention of flying.

    Thank you Natty for last week's thread.

    Please follow the forum rules on this thread as Flylady has been here a LONG time and is a fabulous support and resource for lots of us. All posts should have some Flylady-related (ooh a compound adjective) content!

    The idea is that even if you are really busy you don't need to fall off the wagon!

    Every room comes back around next week so please don't stress about catching up

    These lists are only suggestions and not a must do list; you are more than welcome to post and follow your own lists.

    Also adding a declutter mission each day will help to gradually clear the clutter and make flying easier.

    A few of the basics before we start the week

    Hotspots are areas where if one thing gets put there, loads of other things follow!

    Daily routines are anything you need to do on a daily basis like washing, swish and swipe kitchen and bathroom, ironing, making beds, vacuuming high traffic areas, making meals etc.

    Night-time routines are all things which make getting ready in the morning easier, preparing clothes for the next day, making lunches, swish & swipes of the kitchen and tidying the living room before you go to bed plus personals like shower/brush teeth etc.

    Fling Boogie - stick on some loud music, grab a bin bag and whiz around the house finding items that can go out with the rubbish, recycling, for charity shop, basically anything that will stop it cluttering your home.

    Swish and swipe/S&S means have a quick wipe over an area such as a sink or toilet to prevent the build up of dirt. This is usually done on a daily basis

    HHE/HHC/HHI Half Hour exercise/challenge/ironing ... run around for 30 minutes to the Benny Hill music frantically cleaning exercising or ironing.. other music may be used if you prefer!
    WM ~ Washing machine
    TD ~ Tumble dryer
    SC ~ Slowcooker
    BM ~ Breadmaker
    DW ~ Dishwasher
    SOAADFA ~ Sit on 'bottom' and do 'nothing'
    WUDUPA ~ washed up, dried up, put away
    WUALTD ~ washed up and left to dry
    KH/XH/FW ~ Ex-husband and other not so polite versions
    DH/DD/DS/DW/DP ~ Dear husband/daughter/son/wife/partner/whatever
    OH/SO ~ Other half/significant other
    NN ~ nice neighbour
    Toxic (friend/mother/sister/whoever) ~ person in your life that seems to exist to make your life miserable
    AF ~ Aunt Flo 'time of the month'.. nothing to do with flying but it comes up often.
    ETA ~ Edited to add
    Gibble ~ miscellaneous crap that appears forever homeless
    Dot-to-dot ~ pick a small area (not a whole room) like a chair/coffee/table/shelf/worktop or wherever- thats your first 'dot' - totally clear it - clean it - and only put back what should be there - deal with what you have removed (not just move it somewhere else) then if you have time move on and do the same to another 'dot' -the idea is just like a dot to dot puzzle, you aim to join up all the dots and have a tidy room. The trick is to keep each dot tidy until you get them all joined up! All credit to AnW's Mum for this one
    RoD ~ Room of Doom, the one room that feels like it is a permanent pit and cannot be used to its potential!
    MAD half hour
    - Mad is the abbreviation for Make A Difference.
    The idea is that you have a Forth bridge (ie never-ending - or just huge) task but that you work on it in half-hour bursts. This way you know you ARE stooping, and that you won't get it finished but you will make a difference - so it might be clearing out - the garage or shed, or clothes sorting, or weeding - you get the picture - but rather than keep going until you've lost the will to live you do half an hour...but, eventually those half hours will get the job done!

    Mr S/A/T/M/L/Al - supermarkets Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi. You get the picture!!

    Click here to read Toots wonderful welcome guide

    ok Here goes this Week...
    Manic Monday - Kitchen Kapers

    Level 1

    Clear sides and wipe down
    Replace what lives there, wiping kettle/toaster etc as you go
    Empty bin and wipe it out
    Wipe sill, sockets, door handles, drawer and cupboard handles and switches
    Clear and clean sink and accessories - wash drainers

    Level 2

    Wipe down all cupboard and drawer fronts, and along the top/bottom and inside
    Clean hob
    Sort fridge and wipe seals; wash salad boxes etc
    Wipe table/change cloth
    Dust dining area/room

    Level 3

    Pick a messy cupboard or drawer and clean it out
    Clean oven and hob
    Sweep/mop/vacuum floor

    MAD half hour - if you haven't written your Toots list, write it; if you have written it then look it over and see if you can break down a big job into steps or even cross something off.
    S&S bathroom.
    New month - make sure you have birthday etc cards ready - and stamps - then you are prepared for inclement weather!

    Tuesday Toils - reclaim your sitting room/lounge

    Level 1

    Open the window w-i-d-e even if only for five minutes
    Empty the bin
    Give the sofas and seats the once over - leather wipe or a just-damp cloth to move any marks
    Lift and swap cushions and seat pads - vacuum underneath before replacing any; don't forget crevices and backs
    Rinse and squeeze out the cloth and wipe sockets, switches and door handles
    Ensure electricals are clean - and wipe those remote controllers, too

    Level 2

    Make sure coffee tables etc are cleared and cleaned before replacing stuff neatly
    Wipe any coasters
    Dust all surfaces - don'[t forget the skirting boards
    Give light fittings a dust, too
    Check ceilings, covings etc for cobwebs - especially if you had a real tree or other living decorations

    Level 3

    Vacuum the floor moving as much furniture as possible
    Polish the windows
    Plump up cushions
    Make sure that nothing is in here which doesn't live here
    Wipe windows

    MAD half hour - clean out a neglected drawer
    S&S in the kitchen and bathroom
    Join in an HHC - or call one!

    Wishy Washy Wednesday Bathroom Blitz

    Level 1

    Shine the sink
    Clean the loo inside and out - scrub that rim
    Wipe the light pull
    Wash out grimy, gungy toothbrush holders - and is it time to change toothbrushes?

    Level 2

    Clear the bath and clean it completely
    Clear the shower cubicle/screen
    Waggle a fine bottle brush down the plughole and pull back up to remove trapped hair etc

    Level 3

    Empty bins
    Wash the windows
    Scrub the floor
    Replace the towels - and put the old ones in the WM for a HOT wash
    Wash out the toothbrush holder
    Polish all taps with a fluffy cloth
    Put a slug of bleach down all plugholes and overflows


    S&S kitchen
    MAD half hour

    Thursday Thrills - your bedroom should be a relaxing clutter-free space

    Level one

    Open the window
    Strip the bed
    Fling the sheets etc in the washbasket
    Go and get your breakfast/kids off to school etc

    Level 2

    Close the window (like you haven't already)
    Dust the headboard or vacuum as appropriate
    remake the bed
    Clear the floordrobe/chairdrobe or any other clutter
    (see - looks better already)
    Dust all horizontal surfaces - vertical too, if you have time
    Polish any mirrors

    Level Three

    Clean the windows
    Vacuum the floor
    Make sure bedside cabinets are clear of clutter
    Use a damp cloth to wipe those lotions and potions
    Make sure you're not using stuff that's been open a long time - products do oxidise/deteriorate over time and in light/heat.


    HHI - don't let it build up (we will gloss over my little heap then) - could do as part of a HHC
    S&S bathroom
    S&S kitchen
    Make some me-time plans - meet up with a friend or get yourself primped and polished

    Friday - Kids Room or Guest room

    Level 1

    Open the windows WIDE
    Strip beds

    after a suitable time (eat your breakfast)

    Make the bed

    Level 2

    Dust every single surface - get the kids to sort out what's on them
    Clean the windows
    Check all lighting is functional especially the bedside lamp

    Level 3

    Vacuum thoroughly
    Sort out a drawer or a cupboard


    S&S kitchen
    S&S bathroom
    make sure the people you love know you love them.
    Last edited by Valli; 10-01-2019 at 9:26 PM.
    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson
    Janice 1964-2016

    Thank you Honey Bear
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    • Valli
    • By Valli 12th Jan 19, 9:53 AM
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    When my sister died I could have used the 'recommended' florist but I went locally and chose my own arrangement and took it with me. Was 50.

    Still pricy.

    Locally families tend to specify family flowers (and close family) only; but my family North and South do tend to go for more... must be because I'm near Yorkshire where people tend to be a bit canny with their brass lol.

    Just catching up. Went to se Kiss Me Kate last night. Was

    2 x WM done

    Thread caught up with. Coffee in bed slurped. Lie in being enjoyed. Going to read.
    Last edited by Valli; 12-01-2019 at 10:02 AM.
    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson
    Janice 1964-2016

    Thank you Honey Bear
    • Fayolle
    • By Fayolle 12th Jan 19, 12:33 PM
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    Afternoon all.
    Sorry for not posting yesterday. Im not sure what happened, although there was definitely very little flying involved.
    This morning I have run the wm x1, emptied the dw, sorted out clean washing but avoided the ironing pile, and sat with DH to force him to complete his tax return and submit it. He had the numbers, he is just an expert procrastinator. I will get him to do it earlier next tax year when I do mine but it is an uphill struggle.

    I have put some beef in the sc for tonight to cook while I am taking DD to the stables.
    The big job for the weekend is to start clearing the back bedroom RoD. As opposed to the small bedroom RoD. I have no idea where the stuff is going to go, hopefully some will end up being use to somebody else outside of our 4 walls.
    Kaz - when my dad died, we did posies of daffodils. They were totally appropriate.
    • funfairprincess
    • By funfairprincess 12th Jan 19, 3:20 PM
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    Hi all x

    I've been trying my best to fly but it's not going as well as I want.
    Yesterday 0
    3 x WM
    2 x TD
    Winterdyke empty and fill
    LR tidied up
    Curtains and cushions sprayed with freshener
    DD mattress sprayed too
    My bed made
    DD decluttered to aunties for an overnight

    Off for a wee half hour nap before work.
    I'm not a muggle...I'm just magically challenged
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    • Pollybear
    • By Pollybear 12th Jan 19, 3:26 PM
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    Afternoon. I've stripped and remade a bed (including turning the mattress) and done one load of washing. No point doing more until that dries, there's always tomorrow. I dusted and polished and vacuumed upstairs.

    I've dead headed the hydrangea which always takes longer than I expect and produced a full black sack of heads. That's half filled the green bin. I got the grass cut out there a couple of days ago so it looks pretty tidy now.
    • notimetospare
    • By notimetospare 12th Jan 19, 3:39 PM
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    Happy weekend everyone,

    So sorry to hear your news Kazwookie and Dancemum xx

    Thanks for the tips re: shower screen Fayolle and Yorkshirelass, will definitely be giving them a go 👍

    Well, every room in my house is now (drumroll..) TIDY 👍
    Not much actual cleaning involved, but everything is now in its place, so next time round it should be much easier to clean. Did notice some carp appearing again on the worktops but stern instructions given to shift it or it will end up in the bin😜

    Just sorting Tesco delivery for Wednesday, then a cuppa ☕️ And then ironing. OH at work till 8pm so a late tea today, SlimmingWorld friendly of course 😘

    See you soon x
    • Narc0lepsy
    • By Narc0lepsy 12th Jan 19, 3:48 PM
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    Bit peeved today; why do I never learn that to use new recipes when it is for 'an occasion' i.e. not just the two of us, is a bad idea? Yesterday I made lemon shortbread using partly quinoa flour; I didn't much like the taste of them although thankfully the other 4 people de-decorating the church after Christmas seemed to either like them or be polite (well one chap had 2). I also made a lemon polenta cake using whole lemons (you can tell what Christmas ingredients I am using up) and it looks like a brick. I've just iced/drizzled it and will let it soak in, then I think I'm going to have to slice it and see what it is like as there is just enough time for me to make something else before we go round to a friend. I've made lemon polenta cake before and it's been fine; however this was a different recipe..........
    I've also just finished a flower arrangement for the friend, having instructed Mr N to get tiny iris from Tesc0 as I wanted to do a fairly natural arrangement. He said they wouldn't be open for several days (the iris not Tesc0!) so got spray carnations instead, which is what I usually get. So I've ended up using the woodland/wild bits from the garden I'd already planned (rosemary, clematis, winter honeysuckle, 2 different colours of catkins)......with red-edged white mini carnations. Oh well.

    - took down and put away all church decorations.
    - did a load of pruning in our garden
    - fiddled with the above-mentioned cake and arrangement
    -now doing a bit of a report.
    Hope everyone else's weekend goes a bit more smoothly.
    Remember...a layer of dust protects the wood beneath it.
    • wishingthemortgaheaway
    • By wishingthemortgaheaway 12th Jan 19, 5:27 PM
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    Happy weekend to all (although I appreciate some of you may have work to attend. )

    Plumber coming between 8 & 8:30
    Meal plan amending and shopping list writing
    Go food shopping
    Pack for going away

    Tidy office (put all the tax return paperwork away)hubby still working on it all apparently
    Clear out car,
    Make sure house is ready for me going away for a week.
    Originally posted by wishingthemortgaheaway

    Still a few bits to do/finish, but hubby has taken the hallway floor up, which is sad Because the hallway was a 'finished' room. But still, looks
    Like after the treatment is done we will get new flooring in both the hall way and dining room.

    Out for a Christmas do tonight which I'm looking forward too.
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    • Honey Bear
    • By Honey Bear 12th Jan 19, 5:43 PM
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    Honey Bear
    You know when you decide to be good and not buy any wine, then sit down and really wish you had a glass
    Originally posted by atypicalblonde
    Congratulations on being good, though!

    Yesterday's Listy:

    Flying: Deal with laundry.
    House: Deal with last year's toolkits.
    Self: Nails, although the hooves could still do with a bit of nailpolish. Might do that this evening because I like the smell of nailpolish.
    Food: Make curried parsnip soup.
    Admin: Write all outstanding letters to clear that file.

    We are out this evening, so I'm going to have to be all done by 5.15pm. It should be do-able.

    It wasn't, and that's what I needed to know. The toolkits will have to wait until Monday because I was seriously out of time by the time I went out at 5.30 pm. I will deal with this Time Management issue even if it takes me all year to learn to be more realistic about what I can cram into a day. I'm chuffed as nuts I wrote all of the letters - one had been outstanding for two years; 13 got posted this morning. I've also realised that if I can't cram something in and then roll it over to catch up over the weekend, I never feel I've had a day off, given that I've definitely got to turn one room around tomorrow, so today is the only day I have to focus on stuff I want to do, rather than should do.

    And I've worked out that there is another area I need to work on to clear a backlog:
    Reading: Read one outstanding newspaper a day, and one outstanding book a month. I've got a teensy bit of catching up to do.

    If anyone still as Christmas cards lying around and would like to recycle them via me, I can upcycle them, and send them some back, all ready for Christmas 2019 and it won't cost you a penny, other than postage. (To make it cheaper to send them, I'm only interested in the fronts, the picture bit, so you can rip the back bit off.) PM me if you'd like my address and if you want some back, include your own address.

    Speaking of funeral flowers, we used this company for my mother's cremation because she loved spring flowers and I've always been happy with them.
    Last edited by Honey Bear; 12-01-2019 at 5:47 PM.
    Keeping it AF
    • Valli
    • By Valli 12th Jan 19, 8:17 PM
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    I found out yesterday that, ideally, I need 'feely bags' for Monday. Smallish drawstring bags. For children to feel an object without seeing it, So, while talking to the teacher whose class it's for, I seriously considered offering to sew some. But it's been a while since I actually had the machine out. So I kept schtum but today I have been into my (small, thankfully) fabric stash, and found some blue fabric and some curtain lining fabric. Anyway, upshot is I sewed 6. Found two pairs of fancy (trainer) shoelaces and a couple of lengths of cord so made ties too at no additional cost. Also experimented with zig zag stitch for fraying prevention on some seams. Really enjoyed the crafting.
    Changed my bed too. And dried washing outside (dry enough to iron) and got that ironed.
    Been to the new co-op. Stir fry veg (10p) - two bought and egg noodles (20p) served with YS chicken from the freezer. Stir fry for 4 people at under 50p a portion.
    Today has been a very good day.
    Last edited by Valli; 12-01-2019 at 8:32 PM.
    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson
    Janice 1964-2016

    Thank you Honey Bear
    • ionafan
    • By ionafan 12th Jan 19, 11:27 PM
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    Today has been a very good day.
    Originally posted by Valli
    That's great, Valli.

    I too have had a good day:
    - I managed a bit of tidying in the RoD this morning
    - I went by bus to the horse piddle for an ophthalmology appointment: in November the optician had noticed a small haemorrhage on the back of my eye, but today there is no sign of it and the consultant doesn't want to see me for another 9 months, and then only for a field test
    - I had a nice chat with a neighbour on the bus home
    - Meanwhile DH had taken himself off to the wargames shop, so he was happy
    - I took Rosie for a run in the woods (well, a walk for me!) which were not at all muddy
    - I cooked a very edible tea of roasted chicken legs, roasted Mediterranean vegetables and proper crunchy jacket potatoes (not the usual soft microwaved spuds )
    - This evening I have prepared some posters and invitations for a special service, as well as a load of paperwork for a meeting on Monday

    Tomorrow I might actually get a rest!
    • MadamMim2013
    • By MadamMim2013 13th Jan 19, 12:26 AM
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    Sounds like a good day for you both Valli & Ionafan

    I too have had a productive day in many ways, met up with a friend and her son for a well needed catch up, cleared out some clutter, done the dailies.
    Secured a new (to me) bed for my son & a bookcase, both of which will be delivered to me by the sellers
    Sorted through paperwork, updated lists and made plans for the last room in the house to have the carpet replaced. Determined to get organised so that the holiday I have booked in a couple of weeks time is just that, a holiday for exploring and doing fun stuff!
    "There's a little witch in all of us"
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    • atypicalblonde
    • By atypicalblonde 13th Jan 19, 8:57 AM
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    Morning ladies,

    I hope you're all having a lovely lay in! It's been blowing a hooley here all night and is set to do so for the rest of the day. I'll take the dog out for a walk shortly. There will no doubt be a small amount of washing to do; lots of freezer surprise bits and pieces to eat up as I am really really trying to save money.

    Anyone up for a spending challenge this week? I plan to take 10 out today and make it last until Friday x
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    • Jazee
    • By Jazee 13th Jan 19, 9:03 AM
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    Morning everyone. Hope you're all ok. Still no dogs here so I've had a lie in.

    This week has been minimal flying since Tuesday but HSL got a proper clean and the dailies are sort of being kept on top off.

    Yesterday was a day out with DH. I have a new wedding ring and we had lunch at The Ivy in York. Today is going to be a crafting day then out for the evening for takeaway and board games.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Spend less now, work less later.
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    • roundtuit
    • By roundtuit 13th Jan 19, 9:22 AM
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    I get knocked down, but I get up again - anthem for Roundtuit

    Called to see Dad on way home from work on Friday - a regular thing now: the weekend starts here cuppa coffee His brother is really not well and all he wants to do is come home for a beer.

    9.30 pm Dad phones me at home. My uncle died. A week from diagnosis to RIP. Dad is upset, but doesn't want to me to go round, he's going to bed.

    So, Saturday morning - I wake up with BD sat on me telling me there is too much day to face. Takes a lot of spoons just to make myself get out of bed - but once I'm out I'm ok. All plans are out of the window though as I get washed and dressed and go round to Dad's - and have my morning cuppa tea with him, then a coffee later. There are tears - it's so soon after Mum's death and it's brought that all back. But there is laughter too as I explain how you can eat Weetabix from a mug when you have no clean dishes left. He doesn't know if I'm serious or joking..... I'm serious

    By the time I get back home all thought of flying has umm 'flown' and. anyway, I'm meeting L for lunch - my treat for her birthday last week. I call at Mr C00p on the way home from lunch to buy pizza for tea (2 for 5) for DS and GF - they are this end again this weekend: GF prefers it here (Obviously having floor is not the be-all and end-all of life! ) cba to do a thing then - except wait for Casualty to start. I did declutter some magazines - does that count

    And here we are: Sunday morning and I really MUST do something or next week will be horrendous. At the very least I need clean underwear So I got up at 7.30 and I've .. had a cuppa tea....caught up with fb.....played a few games of Freecell (I've moved up to Hard and I can still do it ) and basically done bu$$er all.

    So I'm here seeking something? Inspiration? Mojo? a stick to throw for BD who is whispering that I am not worthy of the name of flylady and how very dare I post on this thread!

    Do one BD! I'm going to load WM with underwear and set it swishing, then toast followed by get dressed.

    It's a plan!

    Hugs, condolences, get well soons, and I love yous being sent out in to the ether.

    • hex2
    • By hex2 13th Jan 19, 9:32 AM
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    Apologies, haven't been about much this week. Work went very busy again and the house got ignored all week. I did a deep clean on the bathroom yesterday, and accidentally on myself as I can't have rinsed thebath properly so what should have been a nice soak in rose bath oil turned into a quick dip in lemon cif.

    Pollybear, my OH also keeps cooking equipment in the wardrobe so you are not alone.

    Hugs, tea and sympathy to those in need.
    'If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need' Marcus Tullius Cicero
    • Valli
    • By Valli 13th Jan 19, 9:44 AM
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    Morning all

    WM x 3. DW x 2 and TD x 1

    Have a good day all.
    "I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness" Emily Dickinson
    Janice 1964-2016

    Thank you Honey Bear
    • Honey Bear
    • By Honey Bear 13th Jan 19, 10:03 AM
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    Honey Bear
    Wondering if counselling for hoarding helps as I met a counsellor yesterday.
    Originally posted by lil_me

    Lil Me, I've just finished The Life of Stuff by Susannah Walker which is the most intelligent memoir I've read about it. Susannah Walker's mother was a hoarder later in life and when she died Susannah had to clear out the house. What makes her particularly well qualified to write about the process is that she was the TV producer responsible for The Life Laundry, the first UK TV programme about dealing with the issue and she's done a huge amount of research into the subject over the years.

    It doesn't set out to tell anyone who to deal with 'stuff,' it's more about examining they 'why' of hoarding, and how we deal with that. It's a hardback I bought at a local literary festival after I heard Susannah speak about that episode in her life, and dealing with her mother's death was part of the reason I wanted to read the whole book, because I was so conflicted about that issue as well. And my mother had a tendency to hoard, too.

    I finished it the day before yesterday and I don't need to keep it. If you'd like it PM me and I'll send it to you. You may or may not find it helpful; I certainly did.

    If you don't want yet another item cluttering up your house because you don't have time to read it, just let me know. I won't be offended and someone else might find it helpful.
    Last edited by Honey Bear; 13-01-2019 at 10:12 AM.
    Keeping it AF
    • roundtuit
    • By roundtuit 13th Jan 19, 10:21 AM
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    Mount Ever-washmore has been sorted in to loads and WM x 1 is swishing. I've made my bed and opened the windows a tad in my bedroom and the bathroom to let in some (very) fresh air

    I've got a bowl of pots soaking and I've recycled cardboard, plastic bottles, milk carton, cans and magazines - so I have a draining board to work with.

    It may be my warped sense of humour but I did chuckle at your unexpected lemon dip hex2 xx

    Right next I'll WP and then LTD while I check what's dry on the airer and do a laundry shuffle ready for WM to finish.

    • kazwookie
    • By kazwookie 13th Jan 19, 10:50 AM
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    Roundtuit, sorry for your loss.

    Life just keeps throwing curved balls at us.....

    Salad is made
    Kitchen has had a sort, bins done
    Going to 'do' cupboard under the stairs when OH gets back, must of it is his stuff in there and it is going in the bin, unless he sorts it. I will be supervisor to make sure it gets done
    Sun, Sea
    Slinky is back on!
    • funfairprincess
    • By funfairprincess 13th Jan 19, 11:19 AM
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    Morning all x

    Roundtuit sorry for your loss xx

    Not a bad shift last night. Was working with a new girl, turns out she's my nephew's best friend, small world! I'm a bit like a burst baw today though and my list is huge. So washing machine is on I've got coffee and then I'm going to get started.

    HHC starting at 11.30 if anyone wants to join in?
    I'm not a muggle...I'm just magically challenged
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