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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • esmeresmer Forumite
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    Home-Made Pizza

    This recipe is for 4. So if you want just a little pizza just divide the recipe by 4.

    500g plain flour
    1 1/2 tsp sugar
    2 tsp dried yeast
    3/4 teaspoons salt
    300 mls water
    20mls olive oil

    Pizza Base
    Dissolve the dried yeast and sugar in a some of the lukewarm water and stir well. Leave for 20 minutes to dissolve.

    Sift the flour, add the olive oil and the salt to it, and then the yeast and the rest of the water. Mix with your hands.

    Knead well - this takes 10 to 15 minutes!
    here is a good video to show you how to knead

    Put the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with clingfilm and a teatowel, put it in a place that is not drafty, let the dough sit for 2 hours to prove. Knead again for a few minutes, roll out or squish into place with your fingers on a baking tray :)

    I made this last night and it was DELISH! I put on a homemade tomato sauce and onions with cheese and i ate it all...... :eek:
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  • esmeresmer Forumite
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    Can't remember who asked, but the cheese biscuits were the ones from the recipes at the front - but I'm going to be trialling lots of sweet recipes from now on, to find some good ones for then. Any ideas anyone?!

    Night all,
    PG x

    Cheese biscuits sound good. I made chocolate slabs, and chocolates,and chocolate spoons all at xmas. Easily adapted for birthdays. :)
    Saving 2.00 coins
    Grocerys set to 40.00 pw
    Being Thrifty
  • Right im going to have to declare my final for February at £44.88, £4.88 over budget but on the good side i dont think ive thrown anything in the bin food wise and despite running out of milk,bread,eggs,butter,pasta, fresh fruit and veg i do still have a few freezer meals i could make dinners out of. and the above still works out as £12 a week which im rather impressed by.

    Id like to pledge £65 for March's Budget please i think my £40 was just a little bit tight even for my situation.
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    Thanks to everyone who runs the grocery challenge!:j

    I have been missing and had a good think and I am amending my challenge. Annual is now £4200, February's total is £375.93. I am upping my monthly target to £350, as this seems much more managable for us. So can I have March as £350 please. I pledge to update daily, where I can, all grocery spends or NSD (for groceries). This may keep me on target better.

    NSD here today on food :j, but planning a visit to the farm shop tomorrow for meat. If that doesn't happen (best laid plans etc...) it should be a NSD.

    Good luck everyone! x
  • Well DH got paid early so March started yesterday for us and we've spent!!!:o

    61.26 spent at [email protected] and [email protected] - apart from F&V and other such daily things we should be ok for a few days. We also bought our ciggies from [email protected] in bulk so that we didn't have to go to a shop on a daily basis [and it was slightly cheaper than the shops] so hopefully we will get some NSD's here - well thats the thinking anyway!!!:)
    Filled up with petrol and took advantage of the 5p off offer from [email protected] so saved £2.30 but still spent over £56 - There needs to be alot more walking done by me cos I can't afford that every month:eek:

    Have Fleabayed a few items today and will do more tomorrow as its a free listing weekend - must check out what is in the garage, mind you, it would help if I could even get in there:o

    Also went out and bought DH some new clothes - CS's wouldn't accept what he was wearing today:rotfl: and got myself a new fleece and some lovely trousers - all clothing bought from an Edinburgh Wool Shop place that is located in our local Garden Centre - they had a sale on :j Also bought Mum a pot with Daffs and something else in it [flowers aren't my strong point] to cheer her up cos she was very down today [missing Dad]

    So definately not a NSD day here :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

    Have a good Sunday everyone - we're hoping for a dry day so we can all go out for a long walk

    Helen x
    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
  • it's usually shortcrust pastry for a pasty and that's plain flour, as far as I can remember!
    Don't think you would need any liquid, don't put any extra in mine when I make them. I cook frozen pasties for about 50 mins to an hour, so maybe check them after 35-40 minutes, depending how big they are?
    good luck with them, let us know how you get on!:)

    Well, I deviated from my original meal plan and made the pasties, and they were very nice indeed, and very simple.

    Cooked them for 35 mins @ 180c . They probably could have done with 40 but I was trying to watch Rugby, and Rugby is more important! lol

    I'm English, so I'm pleased with todays result, but having said that, I think I may well have been Welsh in a previous life. I prefer to watch Wales play and when their National Anthem plays, my TV gets cranked up to as loud as it will go for the duration, and it makes the hairs on the back of my arms and neck stand up. It is, without doubt the best National Anthem i in the world!. It's rousing and passionate, how a NA should be, not the dispassionate, dreary dirge that is God Save The Queen .......... kicks soap box into corner

    Right then, back to the GC. £2 spent today on 4L milk, so I'm now at £242.44 - leaving me £7.56 Should have a NSD tomorrow, not sure about Monday, so wont declare until then

    It was me who asked about the Cheese Biscuits PennyGrabber so thanks for that :)
    Weetab!x Brownies are lovely (recipe in the index) They're also pretty cheap to make if you use SM own brand, and value or smart price chocolate.

    Recipe I've been making for <cough> a lot of years now, handed down to me from my Mum passed on from a next door neighbour, called Chocolate Stuff because that's what the neighbour called it ;)

    225g Digestives, crushed
    85g Marge
    1 Tbs Granulated Sugar
    1 Tbs Golden Syrup
    1 Tbs Cocoa
    150g Milk Chocolate (Te$co Luxury is lovely for this)

    Crush biscuits until very fine breadcrumb consistency and place in a large bowl
    Melt marge, sugar, golden syrup and cocoa in a bowl over a pan of hot water until smooth.
    Add melted mixture to the biscuits and mix well
    Press firmly into a greased swiss roll tin
    Chill for 5-10 mins
    Melt chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water and quickly smooth over chilled biscuit mixture, swirling with a pallette knife to get a rippled effect
    Chill for 5-10mins
    Remove from fridge and cut into squares (while still in the tin) before chocolate has fully set to prevent chocolate cracking when removing from tin after it has been returned to fridge to fully set.
    Return to fridge to chill until fully set before removing from tin

    I mark into 9, and then halve the 9 sections giving me a total of 18 pieces.
    It sounds very simple, but it is so very good, and kids love it.

    You've probably already got this - but just in case

    55g Marge
    55g Golden Syrup
    110g Plain Chocolate (small children may prefer Milk)
    85g Cornflake$ (or Rice Kri$pies)
    30g Desiccated Coconut

    Put marge, syrup and chocolate into a bowl over a pan of hot water until melted

    Add cornflakes and coconut and mix well. Tip into fairy cake cases, filling as little or as much as you desire and chill
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    Thanks hippichicq ive been looking for that chocolate stuff recipie for years when i was at school (many years ago) we made it and it was called choc fridge cake then ,it sounds like its got many different names maybe thats why ive never found it we also made coconut ice and peppermint creams again because easy for little ones to help my recipies been misplaces will have to find new one before my granddaughters birthday she will be 7 in may and loves pink.

    cw18 may i ask where you got silicone cake/jelly mould it would be a nice change from square,round or rectangluar cakes and like you said will need to experiment with quantities for cake mix ,will have to get alittle each week marg has gone up so much recently and flour too i only use the value ones but its pushing up cost of home baking quite a bit used to do a lot when my lot were little even now in holidays i usually do at least one batch oh well maybe next weekend to test out new cake mould if i can get one near us
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  • huxleyhuxley Forumite
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    Hi looking for some info from your clever peeps :D I have been given a rolled stuffed pork joint its from a market so no packaging with cooking times :o has anybody got ideas of times and temperature please not something I have done before. Thank you
  • fedupandskintfedupandskint Forumite
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    I made some pizza dough last night in my BM and it was lovely! I've never used the dough function before for some reason, will be doing from now on - how easy? And how nice with a quick tom sauce base and chucked ontop some things out of the fridge.

    That make me realise how much the shops charge for now very much at all let alone if I get one delivered. I'll be trying really hard to make my own from now on
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    Thanks Hippeechiq for the chocolate crispies recipe, I made fairy cakes with DS (aged 2) yesterday and he loved it, so was planning to make something else next weekend with him. I have everything on the ingredient list except the chocolate, will add tesco value milk chocolate to my shopping list :T
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