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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • SpiggleSpiggle Forumite
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    has anyone seen a cheaper place to buy Senseo coffee pods?

    we spend at least £7 a month on these, but wouldnt be without our machine as it gets used multiple times per day.

    best we have found is A*da 20 mug size pods at £3.62


    Hi prettypaula,

    I just had a look on Am*z*n and the best I could see there was a four x 18 pods set for £14.65 but didn't look at the postage costs. A G**gle search turned up loads of links. Have you tried B*g Br*nds 4 L*ss? It might be worth a look.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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  • have any of you had a look for lynx in home bargains or pound shops?

    im sure ive seen it, also wilkinsons might be worth a go, everythings cheaper in wilkos!

    i know they have lynx in savers - not sure how much tho. and i think ive seen it in home bargains.
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  • thanks spigs, think i resigned to it being one area we probably cant cut down! oh well! we dont drink alcohol so one vice is ok i suppose :D
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  • martafdz wrote: »

    how long does it last after boiled? how much vinegar do I put? any vinegar? I have balsamic vinegar or rice vinegar only! :( I have never tasted the beetroot roasted but now it is a bit late since my roast only needs 15 more minutes and it is done. Could I get the recipe anyway? Pleaze? :D I am boiling the beetroots, the water has gone directly pink since one of them a bit peeled. What do I do when soft? Cut in chunks and put in vinegar? Is that how they do beetroot salad?

    Chocolate Beetroot Cake:- 30g Cocoa Powder, 115g Plain Flour, 1 and half tsp Baking Powder, Pinch of Salt, 170g Caster Sugar, 240ml Oil, 1tsp Vanilla Essence, 3 Beaten eggs, 125g Grated Beetroot, 90g Dark Chocolate Chopped. Mix all the ingredients together, pour into an 8" Cake tin and bake at 180 degrees for 30 mins or until skewer comes out clean.
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  • TrinnyTrinny Forumite
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    Hi Zippy - thanks for starting Feb's GC so early

    Can i aim for £70 this month - Single adult with hungry cat ATM and still trying to work out what my target should be as used to couple spend of £150 pm.

    Tried for £120 last month and ended up declaring £73 ish so trying to go for £70 in Feb.

    Best Wishes all

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  • looielooie Forumite
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    Hi, can you put me down for my usual £100 for February please ?

    I've had a good start to the year I just hope it continues :D
  • MothershipMothership Forumite
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    I used my last two M+S Vouchers

    1 for my GC spent £20.60 got £34.24 worth of goods.
    2 Steak pies @ £1 ea
    2 BBQ chicken wings £2.49 ea
    2 Rump Steaks @ £5 ea (For Freezer 1 cut into strips for stir fry's)
    1 Haddock Gratin @ £6.49
    1 Pot And Leek bake £2.49
    1 Bottle Cotes Gasgoin £5.49

    Cooking tonight LAMB CHOPS from the Freezer. Really looking forward to the month of FEB, all ready stocked up raring to go.

    2nd Purse
    Used 1 of the above mentioned vouchers Got £42.01 worth of goods for £21.00.
    Red Pepper £1.67+ Cucumber £1.25 2 for £2
    Reduced Xmas pudding 50p PP £1
    3 Chocolate Deserts £2.99
    2 BBQ Chicken wings @ £2.49 ea
    Fish and chips £6.99
    Garlic Mushrooms £1.99
    New Zealand lamb Shoulder (cooked for Freezer)
    2 Packs Chicken with ginger and lime (cooked in oven with lamb for freezer).
    1 Bottle Cotes Gasgoin £5.49


    To avoid clogging up the board any 2nd Purse purchases will be listed like above. And I will reply personally to any questions by PM.
    I think if you are posting on the GC to put any remarks etc about the 2nd purse will be ok.

    It would be good if we list what we buy as that way the others on GC or 2nd purse, who may have missed a bargain might benefit.
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    2nd Purse ££100
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  • Hi can you please put me down for £300 for the mth of feb - its for 2 adults, 4 little ones and a dog and includes all food, baby milk, toiletries, cleaning bits dog food etc.....
    Wanted to only spend £250 in Jan as was a tight mth but didnt do great and the mth isnt really over just yet!! Ohwell. Feb will be better :)
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  • salskisalski Forumite
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    Hiya all! This month please can I be put down for £280! Last month we came in around and about on budget, so this month I want to stick to the same. I also will have my baby this month! :) Hospital food is free! Hehe
    Good luck all x
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    skyvicky123skyvicky123 Forumite
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    Hi all,

    Bloody Costco has blown my good spending control this week! I haven't been really bad as have bought lots of cheap items I can stockpile and still think I will be on target for the month just that it my head I am working with a weekly budget which luckily starts again on Tuesday.

    I bought:

    Toilet rolls x 48 = 16.50 ( = 1.38 per 4 pack which saves loads compared to T*sco brand)
    Costco's own laundry detergent - 400 washes!! £14.65
    Bag of chocs (not technically an essential and certainly won't be stockpiling these (be surprised if they survive the night!) £2.94
    Aquafresh toothpaste 12 x 100ml £7.19 = 0.59 per tube
    Pancetta £3.95
    F/range eggs x 18 £2.89
    Rotisserie chicken £2.00
    800g tub Ovaltine £3.39
    Tray 12 cans chopped toms £2.99

    All costs include VAT where applicable

    All things I will use, but none which were on my list! I only went in for puppy food, and they didn't have it!

    Also DD has chickenpox (don't worry I didn't drag her out to Costco, she stayed at home with OH!!) so have spent a small fortune on various "miracle treatments (none of which seem to make the slightest difference!

    So all in all I have spent a whopping £130.75 this week rather than the £100 I had planned, but due to staying in I allocated the eating out budget to the Costco stockpiling incident so actually I am under by £9.25!

    Now technically I could get away with only buying basics like fruit and milk next week but is that likely...???!! I will see what I can manage.
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