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January 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • KCSunshine_2KCSunshine_2 Forumite
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    Sorry for the delay in posting. The children managed one day at school before it was then closed for three days - all best laid plans gone to pot :mad:. The snow is quite bad here in Oxfordshire - compounded by the roads not being swept and freezing temperatures - not safe to drive except in a 4x4.

    On the positive side I have had 7 NSD this month. I spent £4.67 on Monday in Mr S on BOGOF "balsam" tissues (3 weeks of heavy cold/sinus has utilized all our store - and my poor little nose deserves the best!); and to cheer us all up a selection box 89p for 6 full size choccy bars! :wink:

    We had completely ran out of eggs earlier in the week and DH ventured out, bless him, to a local farm shop and came back with 30 free range - a bargain at £3.50 :think:. Lunch today was generous omelettes all round - left over Christmas cured meats and veg - surprisingly good mix!

    Planning for some quiche and scotch egg making over the weekend (got 4 x 500g packs of whoopsied sausage meat in freezer). Does anyone know how long scotch eggs will keep in the fridge? or can I freeze them? they are DD favourite lunchbox item.

    Many thanks KCS.
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    I have become addicted to these forums, I only joined on the 1st and have signed up to numerous challenges and posted on many threads. I think its all down to fate as i was searching for some foot lotion which lead me to a forum which then lead me to challenges etc. Am enjoying everyones posts and its interesting to find out how everyone is doing. Keep going everyone
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    KCSunshine wrote: »
    ... Does anyone know how long scotch eggs will keep in the fridge? or can I freeze them? they are DD favourite lunchbox item.

    Many thanks KCS.

    Hard boiled eggs dont freeze unfortunately KC and I probably wouldn't keep the scotch eggs in the fridge for longer than 2 days but i do have a 'thing' about sausage meat tbh ;)

    Hi brodie, welcome to the GC. Helen will be along to add you to the front page list soon; good luck with your first challenge!
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • brokemedic - my best tip isn't ASDA specific and might change your shopping plans but I recommend You do your shop through the site and it will work out which of the 'Big Four' is cheapest for what you're buying and then makes suggestions to make it even cheaper. I've been using it for a few weeks and haven't had any problems.

    brodie1 - Welcome, welcome (from a comparative newbie). Hope you enjoy your breadmaking. I'm going to have a go at making pizza this weekend.

    skintbint - I think the erstwhile Martin :money: said that January is a 5-week month but it's the only one this year.

    welshkaz - Much praise to ASDA-man for bringing your shopping.

    daisy1973 - Congrats on the vouchers. Hope you have fun spending them!

    I'm counting yesterday as another NSD. I did the online shop (mysupermarket recommended Sainsbury) but it won't be delivered till Tuesday which is when I'll count it as that's when my card will be debited. I also had an disagreement with PC World on the subject of what constitutes good Customer Service. They're refunding me for the non-working keyboard I bought from them and I've ordered another (eBay - won't use PC World again for a while) but as it was cheaper than PC World and I made the original purchase at the end of last year I'm not counting it. Also, keyboards aren't groceries!

    See you all tomorrow.

    Laura (who has even more snow now than when she went to bed!)
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  • Did a shop yesterday, that was £101.71:eek: against my weekly budget of £87.50, but did get extra just in case the weather gets worse.... I didn't get loads, just things like extra tuna, extra cooking sauces etc and two lots of long life milk (for DS) as we've been struggling to get it at work (Mr S) due to the weather.

    Hope you are all keeping safe in the snow

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    Just adding on yesterday's spend in Asda of £12.22 for 3 loaves of bread, 3 x 4pints of milk, 2 tubs of Turkey, pork & cranberry pate reduced to 50p each :T, a pack of ham and a pack of thinly sliced chicken for sandwiches. I went with my parents to give them a hand and thought I'd get some more stuff for sandwiches while I was there. It's thrown me out a bit with the children all been at home as the school/college has been shut :rolleyes:

    2 loaves of the bread have almost gone now already :eek: I shall make flatbreads to go with tonights tea of soup.
  • Can also make fajita seasoning to add to veggies or quorn/chicken to put in the wraps:
    2 teasp chilli powder
    1 teasp salt
    1 teasp paprika
    ¾ teasp stock powder
    ¼ teasp cayenne pepper
    ¼ teasp cumin
    Large splash lime juice (from jilld on mark88marks 50p meal thread)

    a bit off topic but i found a fijita seasoning mix. this plus hm tortillas with basic flour (on here too) would made very much cheaper than the £1 or £1.40 packs that i bought (thinking i had a bargain.

    i agree wholehearted with helen, we learn and move on rather than fail..

    good luck today everyone, stay warm

    p x
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  • Hi,
    I found in CO OP they had fajita spice mix at 39p and tortollas 79p only bought the tortillas tho as make my own spice mix too. My main reason for CO OP was nouvelle toilet rolls 12 for £2.50 half price thats 24 I have now! My family are always asking how my toilet roll store i.s, they think I am obssesed, its such a saving tho. CO OP have loadson half price at moment, I cant believe its not butter, DR Pepper, Pepsi, GO aheads, cheese, quavers, wotsits, tuna, Jordans muesli to name a few.So if you have a CO OP its work a look. I also had a money off coupon of £3.00 if you spend £20.00 which I thought was unusal as supermarkets usually want you to spend more.
    Right my bread has risen so off to make somebreadsticks, and cinnamon dough balls.
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  • I expect another NSD today. Been invited to MIL's for an Indian take away tonight. Scrumpteous. I can manage with little else today.
    We live quite away from any of the big stores and only have a smallish fiveways here but i might do what you suggest BRODIE and have a look there to see what bargains they have. My cupboards and freezers are getting decidedly poor. Thanks for the tip.
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    Hi, can I join please ? I know it is a bit late. I would like to declare £40.

    What I am wanting to do is eat up from the freezer which it is crammed full of veggies from my sister's allotment and the cupboards which is also crammed full of tins, pulses and pasta and hopefully this will help me to stay focused.
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