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OS Daily Monday 24th Nov 2008

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  • Hi everyone!
    Still no sign of the little one. I just don't get it. It's my second baby, I thought they were supposed to be early, my first baby was five days early!! :confused:

    I spent the morning going through old VHS tapes that were piled up under the coffee table. We never watch them so I thought "Get rid of the clutter and bin them!". I have tried offering a load of old used VHS tapes on Freecycle but got no response at all so unless anyone knows of a charity or something that could use them, they will be binned. I can't believe how many old episodes of Neighbours and Home and Away I had on tape! Some are from the eighties!! I still have loads to get through but I managed to get rid of seven more of the tapes.

    I also went through the freezer today. DH was saying we were out of frozen veg and said he'd go and buy some more. I know he has a tendency of opening a new packet before finishing the old one and on rummaging through I found THREE opened bags of veg! I got a freezer bag and combined all three into that so now DH has no need to go and buy some more. I also found about three other things that had two opened bags so having combined those too, the freezer is looking a little tidier, and I got some clothes pegs back for my peg bag!! Did any of that make sense??? :rotfl:

    I have clothes on the airer that I need to put away and washing up to do so had better get on with that as my Mum will be bringing my nephew round for a visit later. She picked DD up from school and took her home to her house so the visiting cousin could see her for a while. They don't see each other very often. Infact, he didn't even know I was pregnant 'til other mums at my DD's school asked my Mum if I'd had the baby yet!! :eek: It's a long story but I don't have contact with his parents anymore!

    I feel a bit naughty cos I put the heating on this morning and completely forgot about it and suddenly I felt stifled with the heat. I then realised I'd left it on for hours! :eek: It's off now though.

    Hugs to everyone, especially Penpin. I was looking forward to reading more of your posts now you are out of hospital. Please come back. There are a lot more nice people on here than there are bullies. xxx

    Thanks for reading the ramblings of this hormonal woman who can't wait to just get back to normal!! :o
    I'm so sorry if you were enjoying this thread and mine is the last post!!

    I seem to have a nasty habit of killing threads!
  • twinktwink Forumite
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    Catznine sorry to hear about your dd being made redundant, its good she is at home though and doesnt have to worry about rent and the like

    just read your post Soapy, poor you all this waiting but it will all be worthwhile
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    Catznine - (((hugs))) to your DD.

    Sybil - don't be too hard on yourself, please. Sometimes you just have to let things go in the house.


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  • redrubyredruby Forumite
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    Soapy sounds to me like you might be nesting ;) , hopefully not long now :T
  • EsorEsor Forumite
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    Hugs to all who need or want them x

    Sorry to hear there's been some nastyness on here, not been reading long and I thought you were all such a nice bunch! It's horrible to get bullied, I think it's best to follow that comment about people who mind not mattering!

    I've been really lazy today, had the WM and DW on but that's about it... so now I am feeling guilty and fancied making a pie but then realised that I don't know how to make pastry. I had a search of this forum but I couldn't seem to find anything. Anyone want to offer me a nice easy recipe that I could get on with?

    Looking forward to this VAT cut, though the thought of all the people in shops going around and re-pricing things seems bizzare, just can't imagine it happening that quickly, still we'll see next week I suppose.

    Further hugs for everyone. It's freezing here, we've just had some nice loud hail stones too so wrap up one anyone who's got to head out!
  • I am just reheating some home made soup for tea, to have with bread from the breadmaker.

    I would never have had the confidence to do this before (or the frozen soup) so want to say thank you.

    Little bear is now stuffing his face with a banana!

    Looking back on today, I think I am with Scarlett - tomorrow is another day.

    Hugs to all

    Catznine - sorry to hear about your darling daughter. I do hope something turns up soon.
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  • Little bear is now stuffing his face with a banana!

    Wow, I wish my DD would eat as much as Little Bear! She has always been a picker. She came up to me yesterday and said she was hungry so I was thrilled and said "What would you like then?"
    She replied "Lemonade and sweeties please!" :eek: I don't think so!!!

    Oh and regarding the VAT cut, when they cut the mortgage rate by 1.5% recently the media said that banks would probably not pass on the full interest cut. I was thrilled the other day to receive a letter from my Building Society saying I was getting the full discount. :j Every little helps!!
    I'm so sorry if you were enjoying this thread and mine is the last post!!

    I seem to have a nasty habit of killing threads!
  • Well, I am quietly satisfied with myself today :D

    Didn't do the half of what I had hoped, but I did blow the cobwebs off the metallic triangle-shaped thing in the kitchen & have done two pairs of curtains and several blouses. Actually, that isn't an exaggeration (sp?) as DSis stayed over and needed to iron something, she asked me to get the ironing board out and there was a massive cobweb on the back of it :rotfl:

    The spiders here are very productive ;)

    I have also cleaned the cooker & oven and thoroughly cleaned the fridge, shelves, seals, the lot :D Hopefully a few pre Christmas *nasty* jobs are now averted.

    I hope you reconsider PP as I for one would miss you

    Edited to say - DD2 has just rung to say the MOD may contact me as she has had a lot of security forms to fill out for her new job. Apparently they have even asked about my previous names and addresses and partners :eek:

    I do hope I don't end up on the criminally boring register :rotfl:
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    morwenna wrote: »
    The spiders here are very productive ;)
    I thought it was just ours that build without planning permission.:rotfl:
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  • Esor - to make a basic pastry use half fat to flour, so 4oz of butter/stork/marg to 8oz of plain flour, mix so it looks like bread crumbs then add in v cold water a little at a time till it binds together and forms a ball. Pop in a bag or covered bowl and chill in the fridge for half an hour before rolling out and using.
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