Who'd you put on a £100 note?

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Poll started 27 September 2005. If the Bank of England were to issue £100 notes, which of the following would you pick to have their face on the back-side of the Queen?

Alan Sugar
Andrew Flintoff
Bob Geldof
CS Lewis
Charles Babbage
David Beckham
Donald Campbell
Douglas Bader
Ellen McArthur
Freddy Mercury
George Harrison
Gordon Brown
Gordon Ramsey
Hugh Grant
JK Rowling
JRR Tolkien
Jamie Oliver
John Lennon
John Smith
Jonny Wilkinson
Judi Dench
Ken Livingstone
Laurence Olivier
Logie Baird
Margaret Thatcher
Neil Kinnock
Patrick Stewart
Paul McCartney
Paula Radcliffe
Princess Diana
Richard Branson
Ringo Starr
Simon Cowell
Sir John Mills
Stephen Hawkin
Stephen Lawrence
Tim Berners-Lee
Tony Blair
Winston Churchill

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