June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    jackk wrote: »
    Please could someone possibly point me in the right direction for a thai green curry recipe :0)


    Jackie x

    This recipe is on our fortnightly menu plan - and is a big hit with all the family. It's a green thai with a twist as its baked in one pot in the oven - and takes about 5 min prep to do - so very quick and fuss free:


    Enjoy its is very scrummy! :D
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    Or a big favourite with us is new potato, bacon & broad bean salad with balsamic dressing.

    Just cook tatties & beans, fry chopped bacon and mix all together balsamic vinegar. We always use fresh beans, but sure frozen would work too and if you don't have/like balsamic you could substitute it for another dressing or even some creme fraiche or something probably.


    :T Just what I wanted something to do with broad beans and love the idea of broad bean burgers:j there never seems to be enough to do with them and we seem to have a glut in the garden this year, next it will be runner beans but we,ll save that for another time

    thanks linzmac will be nice with salad as well
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    By the way, I'm allicated £40 per fortnight for 3 adults, this is hard, especially with all the price increases lately:eek: But try really hard to manage, any Ideas guys:T xx

    Hi Herewegoagain, we are a household of 3 adults, one of whom is my 19 y-o son, and my budget is similar to yours, at £1000 for the full year. I see £40/fortnight as entirely do-able, especially if you are prepared to take advantage of bargains (I have stock piled on dry goods, tins and toiletries) when they are available, stick to buying basic products, home bake and set yourself the challenge of not wasting any food. If there are biscuit /cake fans in the household, home baking solves that problem. :) Good luck with your challenge, a tight budget doesn't mean an unhealthy diet and it isn't too late to plant some potatoes into tubs for homegrowns later in the year.
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    Hi Guys,

    Welcome all you newbies! i have found this thread very exciting and addictive in a wierd sort of way.(hangs head in shame!) Have sadly found myself getting up in the night to pop to the loo and just checked in to catch up on the thread (sad or what!). I am still trying to make out my next months meal plan and am still contemplating what the budget amount should be. I will make a decision tomorrow.

    Congrats to all those who were under or on their budgets and hugs to those who didnt quite make it. I have been out to buy uniforms today so have managed to get a buzz from that instead of other shopping. lol.

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    Hi All :hello:

    Gosh its taken me a couple of days to catch up on the thread :eek: and i have missed wishing MrsM all the best....My thoughts are with her & her family anyway and have lit a candle for them :grouphug:

    Anyway i have updated my sig and would like to declare £248.31 for june please as my new month starts tomorrow so i can happily say i am under budget on my first month woohoo!!!! And i would like to set July budget at £250 please angelnikki I know its a five week month but i'm sure i can do it now i have a few more tips and more NSD will be easier :D

    Had a good result yesterday, had to nip into co-op for a few bits and their strawberries are on offer at 1.99 down from 3.99 and their Elmea cream is on bogof :T also the Cadbury fingers were on bogof so couldn't resist....Bad, bad girl :o I had a 40p off coupon for cravendale omega 3 milk so bought whole milk and watered down as its expensive :D
    The HM bread is going VERY well and felinefantastic i bake at gas 4 for 10 mins & turn down to gas 3 for 25 mins and crust is perfect everytime :D

    Welcome to all the newbies, i only started this month and can confirm it is VERY addictive. I had never baked anything before joining the GC and now look at me :j

    Well must get on with the tea.....Take Care all :beer:
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    Mrs M we'll all thinking of you x

    Well another £9.94 in the Coop, still well under target so far and finish on Sunday. However DP 'needs' to go to Netto tomorrow for something, it's a good year or so since I last went there so will probably end up spending :o I have a small list of what I 'need' but will end up with more as usual. I still won't go over target as I am only taking what I have left, no cards etc.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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    After having 3 NSD (which is a first for me) I went to Asda today for milk, potatoes and pasta sauce and actually only got what I needed woo hoo another first for me. Probably helped that I only had the buggy with me which has a teeny tiny basket so couldnt fit too much in there anyways and cant carry shopping as well as push the double which is a good excuse.

    Spent £5.52 and when I get around to making a signature I will add it lol.

    Have also walked everywhere these past 3 days rather than using the car so saved more money by not using any petrol.
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  • hello all!!

    want to make these but dont have cocoa powder - just drinking chocolate... i guess i will need to use more drinking chocolate but less sugar... anyone tried this????

    patentgirl wrote: »
    Here it is Denise couldnt do link so I have cut and posted it from another thread it might be the same but they taste yummy!
    Post By jaxxy00

    How to make Weetabix Brownies

    Im not sure how they are normally made but my recipe comes from a lady who was doing the refreshments at a community centre jumble sale me and my sister went to one year. We had a cuppa and one of the brownies and they were really yummy so we asked were they got them from and the lady said shed made them and gave us the recipe. I wrote it on a scrappy bit of paper that i still have and use now.

    In a bowl put
    4 crushed weetabix
    4oz caster sugar
    4oz self raising flour
    2 tbsp cocoa powder
    pkt chocolate drops (i use a 25p 100g tescos own milk chocolate chopped up)

    mix this altogether

    then take 4oz of melted marg and stir this into the mixture along with an egg

    mix well and put in a baking tray and bake for 15 minutes at electric 180.

    I put this mix into a square tin which measures 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches. I suppose you could use anything a similar size it would just turn out a bit more or less deeper. I also line the tray with greaseproof paper to save any sticking. Once out the oven let it stand for about 5 minutes then turn out the tray and cut into squares.

    Enjoy!!! if you get chance before everyone else takes them.
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    Hi everyone,

    Just popped in to update signature, popped to MR T for some milk thats on offer and a few extra bits. Got some things for my mum as well so got roughly £20 to add to signature. Still under budget Just!!!.
    Not planning on going to shops til tuesday now. But I will declare on monday.

    Please put me down for £180 for July Angelnikki (running from 1st-31st)

    Thank you for looking after things while Mrs MC is away.

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    Just like to say a big thank you for the warm welcome and the tips on trying to cook!

    As I'm not a great cook I do look things up in recipe books but I never have any of the essential ingredients and they cost a small fortune to buy. What have other people done? How do you know which items are essentials and every household should have? To do this challenge I need to make sure I'm not over my head with the cooking - needs to be cheap, nutritious and suitable for a 18 month old baby.

    Am looking forward to it though. Although it's not July yet I did have my first no spend day today! :j
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