Tesco misprices thread - please only post misprices here

This thread is only for posting any misprices you find at Tescos.

Please don't use this thread for discussion of the policy or any other discussions as this will detract from the actual misprices which will get lost amongst the chatter; there is a dedicated thread here for any discussion. Any discussion posts will have to be deleted as the vBulletin tools don't allow moving of posts between threads, so it's best not to post in the wrong place ;)

For new readers:

For clarification SEL stands for Shelf Edge Label

the Tesco policy on signs instore is :-

"And if things don't add up ~ In the unlikely event you are charged a higher price than on the shelf or the product we will refund your money and you can keep the product"

Compare the price per kilo on the pack with the shelf edge label price per kilo and where there is a difference the lowest price must be charged.

Thanks to !!!!!! Dastardly for providing the following information from the DTI website which summarises consumer rights in relation to misleading price indications:

Q1. I was charged a different price for an item at the till to the one that was shown on the shelf, what are my rights?

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 makes it an offence for a trader to give a consumer misleading price indications. In the first instance speak to the trader about the differing prices, if you are not satisfied with the response, contact your local authority trading standards department who enforce the Act and who could bring a prosecution against the trader.



  • Posted last night on old thread, but in case you missed it...

    Tesco travel insurance is currently marked on shelf at 20% less than till price.

    I got some annual worldwide travel insurance free yesterday.

    You may still be lucky and be able to grab some for yourself too.
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  • Posted yesterday as well, but just incase you missed it, Jem cd maked 7.97, charged 8.97. Free cd always good
  • Today in Tesco Express, Chiswick High Road, London Thin beef steak was priced at £2.82 per Lb (I think or there abouts) on the shelf and £2.96 per pound on the pack and went through checkout at the higher price. I also spotted the lean mince beef was £2.00 on the shelf and £2.01 on the pack but didn't have the nerve to try that one... :o
  • Whole leg of lamb. Meat price per kg is higher than shelf price
  • Pilgrims choice mature cheese packet price £6.79/kg shelf price £6.49/kg (at deli counter not on the pre-packed shelf)
    Free cheese, thanks Mr T! :j
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    Posted yesterday as well, but just incase you missed it, Jem cd maked 7.97, charged 8.97. Free cd always good

    Jem CD now scanning at £7.97.
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  • Tesco's finest prepacked cheeses - £9.99/ kilo on pack & £9.95/ kilo on shelf

    Tesco's finest prepacked emmenthal - £8.99/kilo on pack - £8.65/ kilo on shelf

    Total refund from Tesco's Stockport - £16.52 :D
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  • As a warning, the large gammon which was priced at £8.48 on the label, and £7.97 on the shelf, even though it has £8.48 on the label, it may well scan at £7.97. It did at my local, so use the scanner often located in the clothing area.
  • I have just put an order through online and noticed the Tesco Finest 2 Beef Burgers Shiitake Mushrooms 340g were priced at 50p a pack. Havent had the delivery yet (ordered two packs) but I think this is definitely a misprice - hope that they dont notice....
  • At Penzance Tesco today healthy living mild cheddar packet price £1.18 SEL £1.08.

    Picked up 5 packets and given them away (can't stand mild cheese)
    Thanks Mr T :T
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