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Useful Student Threads

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Links that you may find useful:-

Students and tax:-

Threads that you may find useful:-

Its nearly time for Students to start University so here are some threads that you may find useful. If you need any advice you can still post in the Student Board or the MoneySaving Old Style Board.

What do I need to take with me?
List for University or What to take to Uni (Old Style Board thread)

Any Student Discounts?
See The Great Student Discount Hunt

Whats best, catered or self-catered halls?
Catered vs. Self-Catered

Need an idea for something to cook?
Take a look at Student Shopping and Eating or Old Style Recipie Index

Whoops, I've spilled something! How to I clean it?!

Just visit The Cleaning Recipie Index in the Old Style Board
Also see the Cleaning Section of the MEGA index for lists of what got spilled on and how to clean it

Where should I put my money? Who will offer me the best overdraft?
Read Martin's article Top Student Bank Accounts 2007/2008

FYI magazine by Alvin Hall
Financial tips for young people! And more.

Contents Insurance:
Threads on the Student's board
Threads on the Insurance board (lots)


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