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Jewellery making anyone??

in Crafting
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  • I've been making focal beads from Fimo, they are about 2 inches across max. I'm gonna make them up into pendants with silver chain and maybe make some matching beads. I've got a big craft fair coming up in June, so am going to have these and my candles.

    Birds nest

    Cherry blossom


    Summer Meadow

    I really would appreciate some constructive critism :D I can add instructions if anyone is interested? They are easy really and perfect to make in front of the TV :j
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  • Jo_FJo_F Forumite
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    Love the fimo beads, they really are lovely, I dabbled in it a few years ago, and my crowning achievment was getting people dressed in liquorice allsorts jewellery (it was all that I could make really)

    But those are lovely, teeny beads I can just about deal with, but I wouldn't have the patience for detail like that.
  • Wow Sarah these are lovely. Is the craft fair in Bristol??? I may go if it is!!!! You are so talented.
  • vicks276vicks276 Forumite
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    They are stunning I wouldn't have the patience to make those! You should consider selling them (unless you already do lol) i'd definitely buy them!
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  • Millie2008_2Millie2008_2 Forumite
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    Wow, they are stunning. Love the snowdrop one!!
  • I am looking for a pair of pliers to enable me to make better, smoother round loops when making earrings - I think I need round nosed pliers. Don't want to pay much at this stage and have seen a few on ebay. Anyone seen any on there that will fit the bill?? I have a few pairs of pliers but I think I could do with a different pair for the loops!!!! Thanks!!!!
  • Jo.GJo.G Forumite
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    Ok, I'm about to attempt to insert some photos. Tried last night at home but for some reason I wasnt allowed to post.
    th_BlackHeartclusterNecklace.jpgBlack Heart Cluster
    th_ChunkyBlackCharmBracelet.jpgBlack Charm Bracelet
    th_Jewellery073.jpgBag Charms
    th_Greentonalglassseedbeadwrapbracelet.jpgSeed Bead bracelet & Olive Drop

    Hope you like them, I think I may be inspired to start beading again!
    Comments welcome, good and bad!
  • Jo.GJo.G Forumite
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    By the way, love the Fimo pendants. I think I would struggle with ideas for designs tho!
  • Lovely pics Jo.G-are the seed bracelets easy to make?? I've not tried any beadwork that requires threads/wire, something for me to try a little later!!!!
  • Jo.GJo.G Forumite
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    The seed beads can be quite tricky. I did that one using the clear plastic stuff and made it really long with two strands. It can be worn as a necklace too, but I wanted the effect of lots of bracelets without having to make individual ones. The tricky bit is when you get to the end. You need the seed beads to come as far up to your fastener as you can, and you need to do the fastener without dropping the strand. I've done this many a time in the past and spent ages picking hundreds of seed beads out of my rug and down the side of the couch! I find the stretchy stuff for bracelets tricky too - I can never seem to tie the knot right. For most of my bracelets I use wire, it's the easiest for me.
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