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Apple Sauce

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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ZziggiZziggi Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Hello everyone :wave:

I am looking for an apple sauce recipe. A friend of mine told me that it has to be a special recipe as some recipes for apple sauce are not suitable for being kept. With my glut of windfall apples I was hoping to make some apple sauce to put in jars to give away at the end of the year.

Can anyone help please?


  • Hi zzigi, :hello: i found this recipe for sauce, don't know what it's like cos i've never made it though. Anyway you can freeze it for 9 months.

    1lb cooking apples,peeled, cored and sliced.
    Finely grated rind of 1 lemon.
    2 tblsp lemon juice
    2 tblsp sugar or to taste.
    2 tblsp water.
    1oz butter, cut into small pieces.

    Place apples in a large pan with the lemon rind and juice,sugar and water.bring to boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 20 mins or until apples or soft. Either rub apples through a sieve or puree in a blender or food processer. beat in the butter. serve hot with pork or cold as a dessert .can freeze for up to 9 months. defrost at room temp for 4 hours.
  • jembiejembie Forumite
    936 posts
    I have always made my own Apple sauce because it is much cheaper and tastes a lot better cos I don't put any sugar or salt in it.

    I used to boil the apples up with a little water and then mash it up with a fork. Now I have my blender though I have started doing it in there as it is much less time consuming. However I have found that it goes brown almost instantly. I put a little Lemon juice in but that didn't help.

    So do you know why it is going brown? Does it mean I still have to stew it first to stop the brown-ness?
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  • I would say yes because I noticed the same. But I make my apple sauce in the microwave and it doesn't take long. Why not stew it first in the microwave and then finish it off in the blender (actually, might do that myself next time)?
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  • jembiejembie Forumite
    936 posts
    It is weird that it has to be heated first but as you say it is only a couple of minutes in the microwave anyway :)
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    Never get tired of watching you, someday you will break through.....
  • amyandoliamyandoli Forumite
    470 posts
    I do mine in the microwave too. 1 bramley, diced, in cereal bowl, plate on top, cover with boiling water and microwave on high 4 minutes. drain, blend. I add sweetener and sometimes a pinch of nutmeg as dh likes it.
  • hollyhhollyh Forumite
    5.5K posts

    My oh came home the other day with 3 big pieces of pork (reduced )

    There's one in the slow cooker today and i want some apple sauce to go with it. As i don't really cook pork very often we haven't got any.

    Does any one have a recipe for apple sauce please?
  • wokkieswokkies Forumite
    8.4K posts
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    we usually just put the apple sliced in a jug in the microwave or in a pan with a little bit of water and cook them till soft then mash them up or blend, then you've got yummy apple sauce, hope that made sense:o
    to be updated:;)
  • hollyhhollyh Forumite
    5.5K posts
    Thanks wokkies that sounds nice and easy which i like.
  • NickiNicki Forumite
    8.2K posts
    This is a really nice one, which I've just made:

    Fry 1 small onion in a tbsp butter until soft but not coloured. Add 1 bramley cooking apple and 1 coxes eating apple, plus 2 tbsp water or cider. Put lid on and cook for about 10 mins until fluffy. Sprinkle with nutmeg and beat with wooden spoon until smooth.

    Its a lovely grown up, slightly savoury flavour. I find the straight ones (and the ones from a jar) to be too sweet for meat - more filling for apple pies than condiment!
  • linda-annlinda-ann Forumite
    2.1K posts
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    My son brought a big carrier bag of apples home from the tree in his friends
    garden.If I make apple sauce and freeze it will it be ok when defrosted .I am worried that it might be too thin and runny after it defrosts:confused:
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