Want to plant potatoes now. Help please!!!

Could I try to grow potatoes now or would that be very stupid??
Have had some potatoes sitting on the window sill and they've sprouted. I'm wondering if it's possible to plant them now? Could I be eating home-grown potatoes for my Christmas dinner? Help please!!


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    my dad got me some potatoes and i planted them on saturday, dont know what sort they are though am new to all this.
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    I would say you would get better advice at http://forum.downsizer.net - many of the people there are smallholders and are most probably more clued up about things like this than people here (in general). You don't, afaik, even have to sign up to post.

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    I can remember watching Gardeners World a couple of years back and Alan Titchmarsh planted some of his early potatoes in a big bucket or tub and said he would be eating new potatoes on Christmas Day!
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    I think the receptacle has to be in a frost free place.Put some mud/peat or compost in the bottom and the potatoes and cover up with more mud or whatever.As they show through,cover them up again and keep doing this till the greenery is near to the top.Then just delve down till you find your potatoes.
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    For a single tuber a ten inch pot is sufficient, two or three in an old plastic bin or sack. Don't forget to make sure it has adequate drainage.
    Plant tubers about four inches deep in the compost and pile more on when foliage appears. If you can, bring them undercover when the weather turns cool and, if you plant now, you should have new potatoes for your Christmas dinner. :j
    You will lose nothing, if you already have the tubers and some compost, so why not have a go!
  • Just remember you have to protect them from the frost or else you won't do well. Also make sure you protect from slugs, even in pots as they get everywhere and will destroy a crop.
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  • katskorner wrote:
    Just remember you have to protect them from the frost or else you won't do well. Also make sure you protect from slugs, even in pots as they get everywhere and will destroy a crop.

    For an organic slug repellent, scatter broken egg shell around the plant.

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    Thanks guys, will plant them out tomorrow. As has been said I've nothing to lose. I'll put them in a spare dustbin, and use what's in the compost bin to plant them in. May even find a few potatoes already grown in there, as I always put potato peelings in!!
    Already looking forward to Xmas dinner, but will have to remember to buy some potatoes........just in case!!
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    This sounds like a great idea. I'm sure of I have a look in the bottom of my vegetable drawer I will find a sprouting spud or two..... I think I'll give it a try as well.
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    I always plant mine in tyres, about three tyres high. Fill the first tyre with compost and plant spuds about four or five. then bung another tyre on top and half fill with compost. As the green leaves show through keep puttingmore compost on and then the next tyre and fill that one. When you get to the top the leaves will carry on growing. Just keep them watered. They need water to swell. They are usually ready when they flower and die off. Not all of mine have always flowered though. So when the stalks die, the spuds are ready. I get loads this way.
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