How far can YOU make £1 stretch?



  • tsharp
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    and the packets are smaller :mad:

    Nah, you just got bigger.
    "I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something."
  • jamtart6
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    regarding the space raiders - there is a facebook group protesting how they should still be only 10p haha! :)

    :ABeing Thrifty Gifty again this year:A

  • chappers
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    How far can YOU make £1 stretch?

    reminded me of the joke;Q: do you know how copper wire was invented ?

    A: two blokes fighting over a penny in Aberdeen.
  • jamtart6
    jamtart6 Posts: 8,302 Forumite
    im also gutted over the 2pence cola bottles :( (hopefully thats a southern thing?? *she says hopefully*)

    :ABeing Thrifty Gifty again this year:A

  • leoetal19 has a brilliant idea - let's have a competition. only 2 rules 1/spend your 1st £ at a charity shop. 2/sell your buy on ebay - winner is quickest to reach £100. :T
  • Went in to tescos last night and picked up a mincebeef pie for 27p -large size, prepared potato slices for 10p, mixed veg 10p and a can of baked beans for 17p and still change left over from a pound!!!!!
  • Bungarm2001
    Bungarm2001 Posts: 686 Forumite
    Best thing I ever bought for a pound was 5 boxes of slightly out of date strawberries in Tescos...made puree out of some of them and froze it; froze some of the whole ones and made smoothies from the rest. The frozen ones come out on cold rainy/frosty days and made into fruity sauces for steamed puds etc It really brought a sense of summer in!

    As for broken biscuits being zero calories...EVERYONE knows that! :):) What they don't tell you is ALL biscuits, cakes chocolate etc has zero calories when eaten standing up.... :):):)
  • ViHan
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    You know, reading this thread makes me think.

    Theres a fella who walks to school with me and the kids (he takes his daughter) and he is on benefits.
    Perhaps I should print this for him to teach him how far a pound can go. He is of the attitude that 'its only a pound'.. i.e. it dosen;t matter. You would have thought that being on benefits and having to hold onto his purse strings he would spend his money wisely, but from what he says its not the case.
    I see a few ideas for cheap, fairly nutritious meals on here, but he is the kind of bloke who buys branded rather than shops own/budget.
    Guess he wants to live like a king with a paupers money :rolleyes:
  • nimbo
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    Plus, they're low-calorie.

    Everybody knows that when biscuits get broken, all the calories spill out, so broken biscuits contain virtually no calories. :D

    it's similar to cream cakes if you eat them standing up, the calories that you are burning amount to higher amounts than you are taking in, and they actually help you loose weight (or at least do my mum says:rolleyes: ).

    if i had one puond left i'd buy 2 medium bars of cadburys, so at least i'd be broke with chocolate!!! (99p for 2x150 grams)

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  • Uniscots97
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    If you have a cadburys outlet near you they are 3 for £2.00

    This was the Cadbury outlet store just outside edinburgh. Guess since they are along from the Jaeger store they think they can charge more!
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