How far can YOU make £1 stretch?



  • Queen.Bess
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    What a great thread! And so many fantastic ideas!

    I had Bob Hoskins on tv last night telling me about tesco value bacon being only 80p a pack, and the only difference between value and normal bacon is that the fat isn't trimmed off! So for £1 could you buy that and a loaf of value (or reduced at the end of the day) bread for 20p and have bacon butties for a week! Youcould then 'acquire' some sachets of tom ketchup from McD's or BK to spice them up a bit!!
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    I buy Paperbacks from Charity Shops at 3 for £1

    Once read they go on e-bay at 99p each plus P & P :D

    If I get a set of three, say for instance a 3 part serial, I sell the three for a fiver on e-bay
  • Batty_3
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    rog2 wrote: »
    Thanks for confirming that, Tig - I always knew that the scientists were wrong. :beer:

    And if you wash them down with diet Coke, it will cancell out any Calories you eat later that day :rotfl:
  • jojo2004
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    Plus, they're low-calorie.

    Everybody knows that when biscuits get broken, all the calories spill out, so broken biscuits contain virtually no calories. :D

    That's not the half of it. New research has shown that most foods are low-calorie - for example, heavy foods left on high shelves will lose calories due to gravity making them fall out (calories make you heavier, so they must weigh something, or for the physicists who might quibble: calories add to your mass, so must have mass of their own), and of course, under British law, which states that possession is nine-tenths of itself, food nicked from another's plate is calorie-free, as the calories are still legally in the possession of the legal owner of the food. :cool:
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  • going back to the broken biscuits, they def used to taste better than the whole ones as well
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    chappers wrote: »
    How far can YOU make £1 stretch?

    reminded me of the joke;Q: do you know how copper wire was invented ?

    A: two blokes fighting over a penny in Aberdeen.

    too early in the morning for me and clicked thanks instead of quote.
    Hope you're from Aberdeen with a joke like that?
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    going back to the broken biscuits, they def used to taste better than the whole ones as well

    Absolutely w_a - especially the custard creams. :rolleyes:
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    I bought some Olay Total Effects face wash in Home Bargains the other day for £1. It will apparently prolong my youthful glow.....not bad for a quid, eh? :rotfl:
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    :rotfl:I'd make a hoooooooge vat of daal and scoff it with value rice. It would keep you going for weeks.:rotfl:
  • Best thing I ever bought for a pound was 5 boxes of slightly out of date strawberries in Tescos...made puree out of some of them and froze it; froze some of the whole ones and made smoothies from the rest. The frozen ones come out on cold rainy/frosty days and made into fruity sauces for steamed puds etc It really brought a sense of summer in!

    As for broken biscuits being zero calories...EVERYONE knows that! :):) What they don't tell you is ALL biscuits, cakes chocolate etc has zero calories when eaten standing up.... :):):)

    How funny thats the best thing ive ever heard :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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