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Sneaky ways to save the pennies

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  • topgranny wrote: »
    Reading through this thread has set me wondering what else the same principle could be used for, not just for moneysaving but for helping us to eat less and therefore lose weight and be healthier. Obviously giving kids (and grown ups!) only 1 scoop of ice cream in a cone is much better for them than having two or three scoops in a bowl, as well as moneysaving.

    The only thing I can think of at the moment is making individual pies or quiches rather than one big one which "needs to be eaten up"! There must be lots of great ideas out there for eating less in this way.


    You are right, I've lost 3 stone in the last year, alot of it down to portion control (as well as not eating chocs/cakes etc in the evening). I generally followed the Rosemary Conley diet - which is quite heavy on understanding portion sizes.

    It surprised me that reducing portions to 'sensible' sizes did not leave me feeling hungry. There have been programmes on the tv recently that have said that you do not feel full until 20minutes after eating. That makes sense because my OH will not eat a pudding if he does not have it straight after tea, he says he isn't hungry anymore.

    I always weigh the frozen veg, rice and pasta now to avoid wastage. I should also do the same with potatoes 'cos we do tend to over estimate how many we need for mash so end up throwing some out at the end of the meal (or it lives in the fridge in the hope that we might use it for something).

    I do try to avoid over loading plates as that leads to over eating, I grew up in an age where we were encouraged to empty our plates.

    This approach certainly reduces spend and waistlines.

    FFM :)
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  • Congrats on the wt loss Funky!

    This only saves fractions of a penny, but it's quite green too. I save the plastic bags subscription mags/junk mail comes in.

    I don't put things in them that we'll be eating without cooking first (e.g. sarnies, but that's probably just my paranoia and they're actually clean enough) or anything too sloppy as the seams mean they aren't liquid proof - but they are good for putting the bread scraps in the freezer for bread pud or putting in a packet of biscuits/fancy sugars that's split and you can't fasten it easily.

    When they're done with you're quite happy to throw them away rather than wash and reuse.

    Edit: Also, when the cat's been sick or similar, you can use them as the 'clean up operation' disposal bag rather than using one you've paid for (and when a plastic carrier bag's too big).
  • angchrisangchris Forumite
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    I live in a new build mid terrace house, I noticed that if I turned my heating off I can pull heat from both sides and it even gets to 20 degrees (comfy). It's now set to 15 degress just to keep the chill off the house "just in case".

    i do this as well, i keep the heating off all the time and use the neighbours heat first :rotfl: i find that if i cook in my slowcooker it heats the downstairs through lovely :D i only ever turn the heating on after i have gone through the stages of wearing my thick walking socks,putting on a jumper, then if its still cold i sit watching tv with a blanket then my fleecy coat gloves and hat go on all before i turn the heating on and only then if im still perishing cold does it get flicked on. my oh moans like mad at me being a skinflint and that he` cold but he will insist on wandering around in tshirts in winter :rolleyes: he can however see the benefits as my gas direct debit has just been reduced to £3 a month yayyyy.
    we buy huge sacks in bulk of iams for our rottie from a firm that sells to breeders it works out much cheaper and i only have to buy every six months, he also gets the leftovers from our plate and then topped up with dog food, it saves me from putting any morsel in the bin.
    i buy pitt rock crystal deodourant its about £5 from asda, i cant remember when i bought it but it must be at least 18 months old now and i use it every day and theres still half of it left :eek: it is well worth the initial investment as it saves me buying a can of deodourant every fortnight.
    i have bought a load of cards in bulk off of fleabay for pence each, they cover every occasion and it saves me paying £1 plus a card in the shops.
    i make my own washing powder which is cheap as chips and use vinegar for conditioner. i only wash clothes when they are dirty saving me effort and money all around and always line dry.
    plastic bags all get reused as bin bags and all marg tubs are washed out and used to freeze batch cooking in.
    i hide the chocolate in the chest freezer so nobody can find it :rotfl: it lasts for ages then instead of ds eating a months worth in a week :mad:
    i always use my nectar points as soon as i get any to use towards shopping then transfer said amount into my savings account to earn interest.
    oh wont drink anything but nescafe or so he thinks ;) i also buy a cheapie and mix it up.
    i very rarely buy any cleaning products almost all things can be cleaned with hot soapy water and effort.
    i buy tescos value uht milk which is 44p a litre which is the cheapest milk anywhere, it lasts for months and i often pour it into a cravendale/milk container as oh wont use it otherwise as he says he doesn`t like it. if only he knew he`s been drinking it all along :rotfl: all full milk that i buy is watered down by 1/3rd.
    i use a drop of cheap bath foam/gel to clean the toilet, we have so much of it accumulated that i try and use it when i can, i have even started washing my hair in it (the shower gel!! not the toilet :rotfl:) and doing the dishes with it.
    i buy a name brand squash for the kids (ds brings home the neighbourhood for drinks:rolleyes: ) it then gets topped up with value squash.
    ds and oh share shaving foam/deodourants/gels saving having 2 on the go therefore keeping the money in my account earning interest.
    i keep bags frozen sweetcorn, mushrooms and peppers ready to make a pizza at a moments notice it saves fresh things going off in the fridge as i only need a little of each.
    i could carry on writing tips for hours but i wont bore you this`ll do for now:rotfl:
    proper prior planning prevents p!$$ poor performance! :p
    Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money
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  • Angchris

    Please don't stop, there's some great tips in there.

    FFM :)
    AMAZON SELLERS CLUB member 0077 come and join us :hello: make some space and get hold of some cash, we're on the ebay and other auctions, car boot and jumble sales board.
  • celyn90celyn90 Forumite
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    If we have nice green veg it gets mixed with frozen peas so it lasts longer
    I get washing up liquid in 5ltr containers and dilute it
    I mix washing powder with washing soda and don't use fabric softener
    Draft excluders, foil behind radiators, brick in the cistern,
    Toliteries when on offer, Bulk buy bog-offs that keep
    herbal tea, pulses, spices, noodles and other random stuff from asian and chinese delis (I currently have some wonderful jasmine tea from the chinese supermarket - 35p for 20 bags and is way better than any other I've had)
    Veg from the market, always go at the end of the day and often ask for the squishy bits too if I'm making pickles.
    OH notices if I doctor the milk though
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  • Angchris. Please do go on. I am far from bored. I am intrigued and learning all the time. Good to hear your tips.
  • meanmariemeanmarie Forumite
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    Yes please Angchris!

    I use the net bags which oranges, onions etc come in to scrub pots of stubborn bits and I hang one over the outside tap with soap bits in to wash hands after gardening..I also put soap bits in empty face cream jar and top up with hot water...soap softens and is used for washing hands

    I used to 'pop' the ball from roll on deodorants and fill the container with diluted paint when my children were young (obviously children's paint!!), replace ball and they loved to paint with the roller...saved having water around to clean brushes in, always got spilt here so extra cleaning up involved.

    Wonderful tips...keep them coming please

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  • sillyvixensillyvixen Forumite
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    i am another one who absorbs heat from both sides of my mid terrace. i used to take an interest in next doors shift patterns - but now she is on maternity leave and heating is on next door most of the time. i use a nylon scrubby thing for shower gel as a small bit will do all of me. i am always looking for offers on essentials (2for1 toothpaste and shampoo - i have so much i have stopped buying it for the next 6 months at least). i but reduced or offer quiche and cut it up into individual portions and freeze- great for packed lunch- local co-op allways have reduced quiche on a saturday evening! i exchanged a christmas cardi that was too big for two large casarole dishes (reduced) but only as they did not have the cardi in my size and had nothing else in the clothing range i wanted! i once bought a sarsens vinager to get the viniger pouring pot and have been refilling with value viniger ever since. i use white viniger as fabric conditioner (unless the load contains my 100% cashmere jumper (pressie) then i will use proper fabric conditioner. most of this years xmas shopping was done in in the january sale when things we 75% off - just need to but for imediate family. last years cards will be cut up and made into this years home made christmas cards - just need to make sure they go to different people!! there are loads of other things i do, i'm sure, i will post when i think of them!
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  • sadiedollsadiedoll Forumite
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    Such a great thread - feeling smug that I already do lots of these things!

    Buy all toiletries when on bogof...Wilkinsons very good for cheap moisturiser

    All sauces/spices from local Asian supermarket or healthfood shop which sells in bulk

    Buy big 4kg box of washing powder when on offer (normally £4 in Adsa) then use an espresso cup as a measure. Lasts at least 4 months.

    Buy the 5 in 1 dishwasher powder rather than tabs. I find it last a lot longer. Can also be stretched out with basics washing powder.
  • angchrisangchris Forumite
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    i just went to the kitchen for a drink and instead of flicking the kettle on and making a cuppa im sat here drinking the pear juice out of a tin of pear halves whilst reading this thread... how apt! :rotfl: will munch on the pears later :D
    proper prior planning prevents p!$$ poor performance! :p
    Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money
    quote from an american indian.
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