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Sneaky ways to save the pennies

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  • an old tip from my mum! on a sunday after the traditional sunday roast! put the bones into some wter and boil for an hour or so! then add all the left over veg meat gravey etc! as the week goes o add all the leftover meat veg gravey from the meals my dad is dead fussy so always leave somthing and my mum always cooks too much! it makes awsome soup that changes everyday!
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    seraphina wrote: »
    Put soap/fairy liquid into a pump dispenser - this prevents MrS from using half a pint everytime he does the washing up!

    I take that even further: I use a pretty olive oil drizzler for the washing up liquid (Lidl's). Because the liquid is a little bit too thick for the drizzler, I water it down to get the right consistency. A bottle of w.up liquid lasts for ages that way, and the olive oil drizzler looks really good on the sink!
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  • Well I wrote a great big long list of things we do and I managed to delete it!

    *Always use one tea bag for two cups of tea
    *We do the squeeze loo roll thing too
    *Keep old toothbrushes for fiddly cleaning
    *Cut face wipes in half
    *Use a tablespoon of white vinegar as fabric conditioner
    * Put a teaspoon of borax and hotwater down sinks every few days - unblocks drains, keeps them clear and saves calling a plumber out!
    *Always use half the amount of washing powder that is stated on the box
    *Use old tin cans to make pretty tea light holders for the garden in the summer - look pretty and you don't mind if they get wrecked in the rain.
    *May be taking this a tad too far, but we buy man sized tissues, cut them in half and put them in a pretty box. We can make one box of tissues last over a year and I am allergic to just about everything! And no one knows.
    *Turn the oven off for the last five mins of cooking time.
    *Use old clothes (boil washed) for cloths
    *Always, always, always make stock from chicken bones etc
    *If you have left over lemon/lime, cut into little chunks, pop in an ice cube tray, fill with water and if you want lemon/lime in a gin and tonic etc it is very handy and saves buying a new lemon/lime for one drink.

    Might have a few more ideas, will come back.

    Oh I knew I would remember something:
    *If you have any wine left over at the bottom of the bottle (rare in this house) freeze it and pop it when a recipe calls for a splash of wine - saves opening a new bottle.
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    Me and Oh have been having a lean time of it at the moment....I've switched to a Polish-style sourdough bread from Tesco's which is more filling and lasts longer.
    Also (sshhh don't tell him) but because butter is so dear when we have toast and jam, say for breakfast, I spread the butter on the outside edges of the toast and spread the jam in the
    Looks proper but doesn't really taste any different!
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  • Some of the things I do
    Water down my milk
    Decant thin bleach into thick bleach bottles
    Add grated carrot, oats & lentils to bulk out mince
    Serve rubber chicken at least once a month
    Buy huge bottles of shower creme, usually 99p & pour it into the hand wash bottles I keep on each hand basin.

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  • My dad drills a small hole in the top of his washing up liquid top so it doesn't come out quickly and you don't use as much. He did one for me and was distraught when DH put out with the recycling! I don't wash up if i can help - that's what my dishwasher is for!
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    What great ideas, will have to try the loo roll one as we get through a loo roll a day here!


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    Serve rubber chicken at least once a month
    What's rubber chicken? :confused:
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    I was wondering that too!

    I use Daz laundry tablets for my "whites" and the cheapest washing powder I can get for my "coloureds".
  • Rubber chicken
    I buy a largish chicken & serve it roast on Sunday then I strip the meat of the bones & make stock with the carcase, this is then made into soup. I add ham & mushroom to 2 thirds of the chicken & mix it all with a thick white sauce & make a pie with some of the mix, I add extra milk to the rest of the chicken ham & mushroom mix & serve it with pasta. I then make risotto or special fried rice with the last few scraps of chicken. I sometimes freeze some of the meals, that way we don't eat chicken every day of the week. I often do the same with beef & make cottage pie, spag bol, beef in red wine & mulligatawny soup.

    Never let success go to your head, never let failure go to your heart.
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