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Sneaky ways to save the pennies

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  • Once vegetable have reached the boil I put the lid on and turn the ring off. All the vegetables I cook this way (residual heat/ceramic hob) are great (wouldn't try it with something that needs 15 mins+ like spuds tho).
  • lilmisskitkatlilmisskitkat Forumite
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    I love threads like this :D

    We eat Heinz ketchup, beans and spaghetti, PG Tips, Kenco, real Weetabix, Coco Pops and Shreddies etc - at least OH thinks we do ;) :rotfl: I hide the SP tins at the back of the cupboard, refill the ketchup bottle and put the teabags, coffee and cereals straight into containers. Hes none the wiser lol

    I always give DD ice cream in a cone because it uses less, plus if shes been playing out she usually has a friend or two in tow - not that i mind because shes always getting stuff from their mams too.

    I cut my facial wipes in half, dont need a full one unless i've been on a night out (rare occurence these days!) and have done the 'full face' inc foundation etc. Never thought to cut brillos up, great idea! :)

    No doubt i think of more in a bit :rolleyes: Can't remember my own name half the time lol

    Kate xxx
  • Bambywamby wrote: »
    I put some value goods into brand labelled bags as O/H can be quite brand fussy.

    This is brilliant - so simple, yet I never thought of it. Might be a bit hard to do with Lynx body spray :rolleyes: but should be able to manage it with lots of other things.
    How long til pay day? :eek:
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  • I used my piggypoint vouchers to buy a kettle from john lewis (wouldn't have paid actual real money for this) and put my electric kettle away. I reckon I've saved loads on energy costs and the whistling kettle can't be ignored so there is no more putting the kettle on and forgetting about it.

    Bulk cooking to save energy.

    Bulk out stews/curries/ mince etc with lentils, grated veg and..porridge!

    When I do my budget at the start of each month, I 'overbudget'. For example if the tv licence is £11.61, I budget £15 and do this for each outgoing, when the bank statement comes I pocket the difference into my mortgage pig. It all adds up.

    1 teabag for 2 cups of tea. Cheapo teabags for the kids as they don't notice.

    Mix milk with made up powdered milk to spin it out.

    Sainsburys cornflakes are 29p per box and taste great!

    Serve water and bread at mealtimes to fill them up!

    Use leftovers eg I did too much rice last night so tomorrow I'll chop up an onion and put a tin of mixed beans with it and give it to hubby for lunch.

    If I think of any more I'll post...keep them coming guys this is a great thread!
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    My husband notices ANY changes :(

    Fortunately, as long as he likes it, he doesn't mind value stuff (he's not snobby)

    Unfortunately, he won't budge from Kellogs cereals or expensive coffee :(
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    This is brilliant - so simple, yet I never thought of it. Might be a bit hard to do with Lynx body spray :rolleyes: but should be able to manage it with lots of other things.

    Do you know i was JUST thinking about that!! Honestly, i was in the bedroom drying my hair and looking round (after posting on this thread about the things i swap round without him noticing lol) and thought "I wish there was a way to put Asda deoderant in his Lynx can" lol :D That and his hair gel are the only things he insists on a certain brand for so when they're on offer i stock up - i currently have 6 cans of Lynx in the drawer under the bed :D

    Then again i can't complain, i dont care about deoderant/shampoo/shower gel etc but i have to have my Olay moisturiser, its the best one i've tried for my skin.

    Kate xxx
  • angchrisangchris Forumite
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    i keep my heating turned off completely, it only gets turned on once in a blue moon when mr angchris is home and is moaning :rolleyes: , even when he`s turned it on about 1/2 hour later i wander around after him turning things off :rotfl: he should learn to put jumpers on and not wander around in winter in tshirts and wonder why he`s cold!
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    Squeeze a loo roll into an oval shape. It doesn't rollout so easily - and kids tend not to use yards at a time!
  • Save pump dispensers from handwash and refill with shampoo and conditioner that you keep in the shower. The amount that is dispensed with one or two pumps is plenty, and it stops you tipping out too much.

    I love the tip about squeezing the loo roll- I do this and it definitely does make it last longer.

    I dilute my orange juice (value, of course) half and half with value fizzy water (17p for two litres) and it makes a delicious drink that makes the OJ go further.

    Keep the ideas coming!

    :DYummy mummy, runner, baker and procrastinator :p
  • zombiecazzzombiecazz Forumite
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    i often use 1 teabag for 2 cups of tea.
    i hardly ever make burgers or meatballs , as I prefer to bulk out my mince with heaps of veg and beans.
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