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Sneaky ways to save the pennies

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  • cwp500cwp500 Forumite
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    Food money saving; buy soya mince in packets from Sainsburys.

    It looks horrible like lumpy fish food but if you rehydrate it with a couple of stock cubes, some dried herbs and hot water and let it stand for a couple of hours, the mixture stirs in really well with any kind of mince to provide a bulking agent for curries, shepherds pies, bologneses etc.

    Try it, its cheap and contains no fat so good for diets too.
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  • cwp500cwp500 Forumite
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    Bleach; always buy the cheapest stuff and use it sparingly.

    The thick, treacly stuff is expensive but no more effective.
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  • cwp500cwp500 Forumite
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    fridge smells?

    use cheap bicarbonate of soda in an egg cup at the bottom of the fridge.

    change every couple of weeks. the bicarb can be flushed down the sink with hot water to keep it smelling fresh.
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  • Uniscots97Uniscots97 Forumite
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    Cheap weed killer:

    I used to spend a fortune on weed killers for our patio. Now if theres a little water left in kettle after boiling it, it gets poured over the slabs or the driveway (neighbours must think I'm nuts). The water you've cooked potatoes in work equally as well (and you're only going to pour it down the drain).

    Aqueous cream gets used in my house instead of:- hand wash (I have eczema), face wash, shaving gel and daily moisturiser. my OH recently tried it instead of shaving gel (as he'd run out) and said he gets a better shave with it. You don't need a lot and a 500ml tub (about 2 quid) lasts about 4 months in my house with daily use. Should also say its very kind to sensitive skin and unscented so can be used by men too.
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  • My daughter always comes out of school without her cardigans/pe kit etc and when told to bring them out the next day they have 'magically' disappeared. At the end of term if lost property isn't claimed its put out on a table for parents to help themselves, so i stock up on jumpers, cardi's, t shirts etc.

    I also borrow my friends 10% discount card for Morrisons and do my shopping when she's at work

    Rub essential oil onto the radiator, saves on air fresheners and lasts ages
  • jakjak Forumite
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    I always make sure I buy the value mince- not the reduced fat as the full fat stuff sticks together better. I get 500g for £1 and cut into 2, then I use 1 portion for our meal and bulk out with loads of veg. I also always add a tin of pulses, usually butter beans which taste lovely. (Will be buying pulses dried from the next shop and batch cooking and freezing)I decant shower gel into hadwash bottles- got loads of posh stuff for christmas.
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  • consultant31consultant31 Forumite
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    I already use lots of these tips, but there are loads of new ones I'll be trying - thanks.

    One I haven't seen on here is my DHs favourite of cutting the toothpaste tube in half when it's thoroughly squeezed out. The paste stuck to the inside of the tube will last him at least another 3 or 4 days.

    Ditto with tubes or bottles of hand/body lotion - cut in half and scrape out with a mixing bowl scraper (Jar Busters, brilliant for this job and just under £3 a pair from Lakeland).

    Keep the ideas coming please :D
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  • *If you have left over lemon/lime, cut into little chunks, pop in an ice cube tray, fill with water and if you want lemon/lime in a gin and tonic etc it is very handy and saves buying a new lemon/lime for one drink.

    Fantastic idea :beer:

    My tips would be:

    - Don't buy expensive face cloths for removing make-up - get sheets of muslin from e-bay and cut each one up into 4. That was a 12 sheet pack will make 48 fantastic face cloths which you can use and also give to friends perhaps in a beauty hamper. 12 muslin sheets cost around £3.99 plus postage on e-bay.

    - Buy longlife milk - we get 4 litres (4 packs, 1 litre each) from ASDA for £2. Last ages and we don't notice any difference, plus it stops those lethal 'oh, I will just go grab some milk, oh whooops just spent £23' trips)

    - Always meal plan - have a wipe clean board at home and write up 1, 2 or 4 weeks at a glance. Then you know what you need to buy and don't overspend - plus it prevents the 'oh what shall we have tonight, oh it's too much hassle to decide, let's get Chinese' moments.

    - Get spices from your local Greek/Turkish/Chinese shop as they are soooOOOooo much cheaper than the supermarket. Also, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and much more in big bottles.

    - Do online orders - we do them every 8 weeks or so for the bulky stuff - makes the weekly shop lighter and less time spent in the evil supermarket.... being tempted!

    - Leftover wine? On the rare occasion I have any, we freeze it in ice cubes and then use in spag bol, lasagne, etc etc.

    Will add more when I think of them...
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  • PrudentPrudent Forumite
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    Some fantastic tips on here. I had never though of simply watering full fat milk down. :rotfl: :rotfl:

    I always cut up old t shirts and never buy cleaning cloths.

    I always steam off any unfranked stamps and use them to enter competitions.

    I ask my family and friends to give me stamps instead of pressies. Last year I got £20 of stamps from a wh smith gift card my brother gave me for my birthday. I won a hot air balloon flight and a fish tank with the stamps. A much better pressie for the money ;) Even my dd always puts a book of stamps in my birthday card. Its actually my birthday today, so I am looking at my new stash of stamps in anticipation :D
  • MellikaMellika Forumite
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    Rub essential oil onto the radiator, saves on air fresheners and lasts ages
    I've heard this one before but... WHERE on the radiator? :confused:
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