It doesn't take make me smile....

what little money-saving thing does it take to make you happy / smile to yourself?

i have had a great day today - got to spend a few hours on my own doing what i like doing best, perusing the shops and charity shops.

i went out looking for things that i do need, bargains and special offers.

visited home bargains, poundland and wilkinsons looking for the bathroom mousse we use - then in tescos i found it not only 5p cheaper! but on BOGOF! :D found myself having to kneel on the floor to get the last tins

then on paying i was able to use £5.00 of money-off coupons off the bill - 1/3 off!;)

whilst there i also picked up some 'new' value 6-packs of salt and vinegar crisps. one seemed to be heavier than the other and i couldn't find another similar. when i got home i weighed them:rolleyes: and one was much heavier - opened it up to find 9 packs in there! wahoo! 3 extra packs of value crisps!

thought i'd share it as my OH doesn't get as excited about these things as i do! is it me?

what little mse things make you smile and feel good?


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