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What do you hate the most ?

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What do you hate the most ?

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N9eavN9eav Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
I hate the sugar that falls everywhere in a new packet.

Having just opened a new packet of sugar and found that there is always a little of it trapped in the seal, it's almost always impossible to stop it going everywhere.

I expect there are loads of things that annoy us every day..... WHATS YOURS?
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  • nearlyrichnearlyrich Forumite
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    A new one for me because I have just got a new diesel car but my new pet hate is diesel pumps which have diesel all over the bit that you hold, what's that all about? How does it get there?

    I know what you mean about sugar, same with flour and rice I find, it goes all
    over the floor, especially when you pull a bit too hard and the packaging rips open more than you expected. I now open packets like this over the sink to minimise mess.
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  • calleywcalleyw Forumite
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    nearlyrich wrote:
    A new one for me because I have just got a new diesel car but my new pet hate is diesel pumps which have diesel all over the bit that you hold, what's that all about? How does it get there?

    I thought that was the reason why they provided gloves at each pump in case you don't want your hands stinky of petrol or diesel.


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  • mogginsmoggins Forumite
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    The Asda bags of rice, I have never managed to open one without spilling rice all over the floor :(
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  • beachbethbeachbeth Forumite
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    I hate food tins with a pull ring that is so firmly clasped to the tin that you need a knife to prise it up!
  • greenlogogreenlogo Forumite
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    I hate flour bags that won't open properly, no matter how carefully I try and then spill flour everywhere from then onwards. :mad:
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  • BWZN93BWZN93 Forumite
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    I think mine would be the 'tea dust' that is always stuck to the outside of a tea bag, no matter how hard you try and shake it off - and if you manage to shed some of it, its all over the floor or worktops, because it simply wont land in a sink or bin!

    I usually drink every drop of my tea because ive usually not paid attention to the cup through reading on here or something, and find it so annoying to drink them by mistake, but equally, I hate having a tea puddle in the bottom of my cup - as I have to go empty it before I make another (student house = kettle in bedroom = have to walk to kitchen (4 flights down) or bathroom (massive pile of laundry glaring at me) or drink it :eek: )

    I also drink a lot of tea (as ive got nothing better to do at the mo!) so I have no escape!

    Jo xx
  • squeakysqueaky Forumite
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    I hate farmers who wait until there's a strong and steady wind blowing towards the village before spreading several tons of VERY ripe pig manure on their fields. This particular ( I was going to say swine) person does it every year. On purpose, I'm sure!

    Poo stink!!!
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  • silverfoxdudesilverfoxdude Forumite
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    I hate going round the supermarket and the people are in a world of their own and block the ailes (god, I hate THAT word, I cant spell it!!) but you get my drift!!
  • jazzyjustlawjazzyjustlaw Forumite
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    I hate it when people take a lot of tired children around the supermarket. All it achieves is unahppy children, parents and other customers. I also hate it when children use little supermarket trolleys. They drive into you and if you ask me someone will make a claim for personal injury against a supermarket or one of the parents these days.
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  • larmy16larmy16 Forumite
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    I hate when you have finished vacuaming and you go to pull the electrical cord and it always seems to get trapped under the door frame, whereupon you have to walk back and untrap it.
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