The great 'Unsigned / up and coming bands free music' Hunt



  • suziemitch
    • Band/Artist's Name: Neon Sarccastic
    • Music Style: they say...drunken pop/punk....
    • What style of music/who is it similar to?: Bowling for soup meets blink182 meets Busted?
    • Website:
    actually these are really really good and might be performing at Glastonbudget this year!
  • bananahawk
    Band/Artist's Name: Heirloom
    Music Style: Indie / Alt. Country
    What style of music/who is it similar to?: Neil Young, Will Oldham
  • neilm80
    We7 have announced a deal with Sony BMG.

    Quote, "We are delighted to announce that Sony BMG, one of the UK's largest and most successful record companies, has signed with We7 to provide free streaming of its music to We7 users in the UK. From the end of April, We7's users will be able to stream music, on demand and for free with a short audio advert before each track, from the extensive Sony BMG catalogue. The label will also make available to stream on demand new releases from its current roster of artists including Bruce Springsteen, Westlife, Foo Fighters, Mark Ronson, Kasabian and Leona Lewis."

    There are loads of new and established artists available for free download.
  • Edna_Bucket_2
    Edna_Bucket_2 Posts: 2,629 Forumite
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    MSE_Martin wrote: »

    As many will know I'm not into music...

    We all know that mate, we saw you on the Oystar video!!!!:D
    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    No but seriously, here's one to check out:

    Artist's Name: Paul Dunton

    Music Style: Atmosheric Pop/Rock

    What style of music/who is it similar to?: Singer/songwriter - has had comparisons drawn with Damien Rice, Rufus Wainwright, Sufjan Stevens


    Just to add that apart from his own work PD does an awful lot of (usually unpaid) good efforts to showcase other new acts in Kent.
  • klane
    klane Posts: 272 Forumite
    Cool topic. I work for a record label so had fun checking out some of the bands mentioned here. :-)
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  • Band: The Drunkards Ball

    Music style: Blues/Classic Rock

    Similar to:Nothing really, a unique sound influenced by bands from Led Zeppelin and Dire straits to Tom Waites, The Beatles and The Kings Of Leon.


    Now touring the UK!
    See site for details.


    "With Muscular riffs, a soul infused sound and lyrics laden with playful razz, The Drunkards Ball are definitely worth checking out"
    [SIZE=+0]DV8 Magazine[/SIZE]

    "Their purposeful and polished sound mixed loud powerful chorus with more melodic, soulful verses, and crucially they had the tunes to make it work"
    [SIZE=+0]Antonio Fictitio[/SIZE]

  • DisneyLyn1
    Artist's name: Alan Neilson

    Music Style: Alternative Pop, Acoustic Punk

    Similar to: Elliott Smith, Billy Bragg, Bright Eyes


    Also available on iTunes :T
  • Smoovie
    Following on from Radiohead's brilliant idea to release their 'In Rainbows' album for free last autumn; which single handily turned the record industry on it's head and made people realise... Who needs a record label to release music anyway?

    The mighty Charlatans have followed suit and have just released their new long player for FREE via (See link)

    At Pure Groove records (An independent record shop in London) they are currently giving away a free download everyday for 3 weeks to coincide with the SxSw festival happening in Texas at the mo. but I think you might need to be registered on the mailing list for this one.

    [SIZE=+0]Generally I find the best way to hear about free downloads is to read music news websites to keep abreast of the 'goings on' in the music world. The ones I choose mainly are and (These are more dedicated to Indie/Rock 'n Roll music) Or you can join up to your favourite band or groups web/Myspace site to keep abreast of news and new music from them. So many bands are giving away tracks for free these days...[/SIZE]

    For example the Subways are going to release their new single ‘Girls And Boys’ for free on the 25 March (See link)

    Whatever your musical tastes are, make the most of the web, there is a great source of free music!

    Enjoy and keep it legal!
  • Leroy_Brown_2
    CrackSilence&TheWidowSyndrome 4-Piece balls-out rock band from SE London/NW Kent.
  • shagoir
    • Band/Artist's Name - NYLON SKY
    • Music Style: ROCK / RAP
    • What style of music/who is it similar to?: DESCRIBED IN A REVIEW AS SIMILAR TO LINKIN PARK / LIMP BIZKIT, BUT MORE MELODIC
    • Website:
    • NYLON SKY are a three piece band from Surrey. Although only 16 they are already winners of "Amphishock"in 2007, and have recently made it through to the regional finals of "Live and Unsigned", the UK's biggest talent contest for unsigned bands. They write and perform their own songs, some of which are on their myspace. Give these guys a listen, they really are doing something unique. You wont have heard anything like this before.
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