The great 'Unsigned / up and coming bands free music' Hunt

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What's it about?

As many will know I'm not into music (I've never bought a music CD in my life). Yet I know for many un-signed and up-and-coming musicians it can be a struggle to get heard and for many an important way of getting the word out there is to showcase it on their websites. This means there's a huge, often un-tapped source of free music available online for music lovers to listen to, yet finding it is the key.

What to do

I thought I'd tap MoneySavers' knowledge to find the free new music available out there. If you know someone whose style you like, whether it's pop, rock, jazz or classical then let others know about them here.

Please try to use the following format:
  • Band/Artist's Name:
  • Music Style:
  • What style of music/who is it similar to?:
  • Website:
The MSE Factor

We'd also like to institute our own rating system. If you like a particular artist's music then please thank the poster; to give others an idea of how popular they are.

PS, a note to forum regulars. While normally we'd ask people not to post their own websites, in this instance if you or a friend has some tracks you think are worth listening to then that's fine.

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  • animalgirl
    animalgirl Posts: 30 Forumite
    OK I'll get this started!

    Band/Artist's Name: Susie Wilkins
    Music Style: Blues influenced singer/songwriter
    Who are they similar to?: I guess Janis Joplin, maybe a female Van Morrison (!) with some Jeff Buckley thrown in for good measure...

    Susie Wilkins is probably the best singer/songwriter I've ever seen (saw her at the Troubadour in London a few weeks ago). You can download 2 free tracks from her website..
    Support the struggling musos of the world! :T
  • SuperChap
    SuperChap Posts: 14 Forumite
    Firstly, I listened to the stuff by Susie Wilkins (Post #2) and I can confirm that it's great stuff. Go and check it out now! And when you have, check out this...
    • Band/Artist's Name: Penguin Party
    • Music Style: Pop/Indie/Classic Rock
    • What style of music/who is it similar to?: XTC, Squeeze, Crowded House
    • Website: where you can listen to a whole album's worth of songs for free, which is a great way to spend 32 and a bit minutes but no pence!
    Furthermore, this is a great forum for discovering new music so let's not waste time putting up links to established bands... put someone on who hasn't had the chance to be heard - they deserve it!

    Rock on!
  • Hi everyone,

    I came across this website where you can hear some great chillout music and there are links to other sites where you can hear more for free.
    • Band/Artist's Name: Jeff Woodall
    • Music Style: Chillout, electronic
    • What style of music/who is it similar to?: Sigur Ros, Moby, Boards of Canada
    • Website:
    This guy's written loads of music, about eight albums and has been given loads of rave reviews.

    Enjoy! :cool:
  • weegie.geek
    weegie.geek Posts: 3,432 Forumite
    Band/Artist's Name: The Ansion
    Music Style: [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] Alternative / Ambient / Electronica[/FONT]
    Who are they similar to?: The Album Leaf, Efterklang, Mogwai, dntel, Sigur Ros
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  • weegie.geek
    weegie.geek Posts: 3,432 Forumite
    Band/Artist's Name: Dana Walker
    Music Style: Metal/Hardcore
    Who are they similar to?: Hopesfall, Glassjaw, Poison The Well
    They say it's genetic, they say he can't help it, they say you can catch it - but sometimes you're born with it
  • dori2o
    dori2o Posts: 8,150
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    • Band/Artist's Name: Tony Auton Band
    • Music Style:[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] Folk Rock / Country / Rock[/FONT]
    • What style of music/who is it similar to?:
    • Website:
    Anyone in the Oldham/Shaw area check these guys out this Saturday at The Weavers Answer, Shaw.

    Listen to a few of the tracks on Myspace, very good, especially Thunderbird Wine.

    Tony is currently touring with Greg Griffin, the lead singer from Proud Mary.

    Check out his myspace page at Anyone who's into Dylan, etc will love it.
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    • Band/Artist's Name: Vib Gyor
    • Music Style:[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] Indie / Rock[/FONT]
    • What style of music/who is it similar to?: Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Elbow
    • Website:
  • tomwakefield
    tomwakefield Posts: 8,036 Forumite
    Band/Artist's Name: Six Hung Sprung
    Music Style: Ska/Punk/Rock
    Sounds like: Catch 22, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto
    Website: (for some reason it's down at the moment),
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  • xellieqx
    xellieqx Posts: 525
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    Forumite is a great place to listen to loads of bands. They have full tracks by nearly all :]
  • Hi all, these guys are my favourite, from Oxford.
    • Band Name: Raggasaurus
    • Music Style: Reggae/dub with north african vocals
    • What style of music/who is it similar to?:no-one else that I know of
    • Website:
    there's a few tracks for free which are well worth a listen if you like lively music and they're not the usual reggae sound, give it a go
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