The great 'Unsigned / up and coming bands free music' Hunt



  • check out Caroline England her music is beautiful and the lyrics are really clever and heartwarming.

    You can also listen to her on MySpace

    I've copied and posted some quotes from her website...

    "A compelling stage presence, with a haunting voice...intimate, personal lyrics which move the heart and sear the soul...a flame-haired dynamo with a voice to send shivers down the spine...the North West's best kept secret"

    - Carol Davis writes for The Daily Mail

    "Caroline puts the GGGRRR in Eng-er-land"

    - Liza Booth Radio 1

    "With Caroline's songs you don't know which way it's going to take you- but you do know it'll be somewhere beautiful"

    - Nick Ravenscroft BBC News 24

    "The most outstanding and promising songwriter in the area"

    - BBC Radio Merseyside

    "You can't help but thrill to the purity of her voice; some of her songs are dreamily atmopsheric, the grittily painful lyrics of others have a bittersweet twist"

    - Louise Tickle freelance journalist

    Discovering Caroline England can leave discerning music fans with a dilemma. Along comes a supreme feeling of smugness when you discover such a prolific singer songwriter with a voice unlike any other. Compared to Norah Jones crossed with Alanis Morisette, this year is a promising time for Caroline as she plays gigs up and down the country promoting her newly released EP Comforting Words. Do you keep your precious secret to yourself or share her with your friends? Go on, giving feels good, and they will undoubtedly love you for it. Liverpool celebrates Capital of Culture in 2008 and Caroline has been chosen by the BBC as "One to Watch" an accolade she is determined to justify. The EP is out now on iTunes and from the link below and her debut album is released in June.
  • Band Name: Thinking For Tuesday
    Music Style: Rock
    What style of music/who is it similar to?: All original stuff but if you had to describe it it would be "melodic rock with heavy leanings"

    These guys are awesome live, really talented musicians and not totally up their own A@&es which makes a pleasant change! They also have all their music fully downloadable for free, they do it for the love of music. Have a listen and see what you think!
  • Anastacia
    Anastacia Posts: 470 Forumite
    Band Name: Three Times Over
    Music Style: Rock

    What style of music/who is it similar to?: All original songs but just excellent. Rocky ballads to some quite heavy stuff.

    They are quite big around the Southampton Area playing at the Joiners, Talking Heads and all the usual venues.
    ....another happy bug.........sorry,blogger embracing the simple life
  • 2gr82btrue
    2gr82btrue Posts: 13 Forumite
    Band Name: FROM ABOVE"
    Music Style:'from above' would bring creditable melodic pop with an urban twist into a 5 piece harmony girl group.
    Similar to: Own original songs. Check em out.
    • Band/Artist's Name: The Rylics
    • Music Style: Rock
    • What style of music/who is it similar to?: Muse etc.
    • Website:
    This Band are absolutely brilliant, a 3 piece all under the age of 16, you must check them out. They are from Brighton and are currently doing gigs around the city also supporting signed artists. They are not signed but really deserve to be, the songs stick in your head for hours.
    :T :beer: :j :rotfl:
  • kate83
    kate83 Posts: 290 Forumite
    Band Name: The Jakpot
    Music Style: 'bouncy' Indie Pop/rock that you can dance to!
    What style of music/who is it similar to?: The Jam, Blur, Arctic Monkeys

    Some of best tracks are Fickle, Cleethorpes, Cheap and 4 Gold Stars if you scroll down on the lastFM page to top tracks theres a quite a few you can listen to.

    Great live band, seen them 3times now, not had any gigs for a while though as they've just had to replace a member
  • dmasih
    dmasih Posts: 6 Forumite
    Hi is called 'Mowglee' and definitely worth checking out!
    A 4 piece, (guitar, bass, keyboards and drums) of four Asian guys their music is not what you would expect!! Indie-rock sound. Songs with strong lyrics and good vocals and great musical ability from these guys. Gig throughout the UK and last year did a week in California and took part in a music festival in France. If you check them out leave a post both here and on their website! Think you can download some of their music from the site.:j
    Website is:
  • Hey. Check out these guys called OrtzRoka. They seem to please everyone, including my mum!
    Band Name: OrtzRoka
    Music Style: Electronic/Indie
    What style of music/who is it similar to?: All original songs: Kraftwerk, Daft Punk

    You can even download a full high quality track right here, for free!
  • doltage
    doltage Posts: 236 Forumite
    Band/Artist's Name: God Talking Soul
    Music Style: Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll (to [strike]steal[/strike] coin a phrase)
    What style of music/who is it similar to?: Hard to say, influences range from Stone Roses/Pearl Jam/Jeff Buckley etc.

    Northern Ireland's coming down with talented unsigned acts, maybe everywhere is but not everybody gets the luck they deserve
  • impy78
    impy78 Posts: 3,157 Forumite
    Band Name: Crane Brothers
    Music Style: Ska Pop
    What style of music/who is it similar to?: Dexy's Midnight Runners

    They rock!!!
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