The great 'Unsigned / up and coming bands free music' Hunt



  • Singer/ Songwriter only 15 years old. As yet unsigned.
  • Band/Artist's Name: Outbox
    Music Style: Pop/rock/acoustic
    What style of music/who is it similar to?: Commercial, but very credible. Hints of One Republic, Stereophonics, Del Amitri and more!
    Website: or

    Recently supported Wet Wet Wet, have a new single out a week on Monday!
    26/09/2017 - Started comping again. Wins so far: 1!
    11/10/17 - Capture Kill Release on DVD
    • Band/Artist's Name: Addictive philosophy
    • Music Style: Ska influenced, punk-indie rock.
    • What style of music/who is it similar to?: Influenced by Maddness but has a stye totally of their own.
    Tonight they are competing in a battle of the bands in the Surface 08 unsigned bands competition at the Rainbow Bar on Digberth High Street Birmingham.
  • blu-tack
    blu-tack Posts: 21 Forumite
    Fab up and coming band. Based in Norwich but have just come back from a UK tour. They released a single last week that can be downloaded through itunes. I have to admit I have a vested interest in them as my brother is the bassist!! And very good he is too :D
    Very soulful music!

    Band/Artist's Name: Lot 55
    Music Style: Pop/rock/indie
    What style of music/who is it similar to: Del Amitri, Crowded House, Jimmy Eat World
    • Band/Artist's Name: THE BUTTERFLY EXPERIMENT
    • What style of music/who is it similar to?: NEW CLASSIC ROCK
    • Website: butterfly experiment 1by1.gif
    • please check them out, they are amazing.... talented songwriters and musicians, all their mixing and recordings were done in the bedroom !!!!
    • this is what you call raw talent!!!! wow!!!!!
  • greenface
    greenface Posts: 4,871 Forumite
    Mortgage-free Glee!
    state warning good unsigned group hard working well reviewed
    on my space if anyone knows how to get them :beer:
    :cool: hard as nails on the internet . wimp in the real world :cool:
  • Hi,

    If your into downtempo electronica - ambient music, you'll like this band. I stumbled across there myspace page via a friend.. haven't stopped listening.
    there is also a link to a page that has more of their tunes!

    Band/Artist's Name: My Electronic Things
    Music Style: Ambient, electronica, downtempo, IDM
    What style of music/who is it similar to?: Boards of Canada, Arovane, Orbital

    Looks like theres an album out, but you can check them all out for free on these sites...

    Have fun.:rotfl:
  • CJay_2
    CJay_2 Posts: 9 Forumite
    Hi, this is one of my favourite live London bands.

    Something a bit different to your average - it's a group of about 10 live drummers all playing together, along with samples, rappers, electronica, etc. The live show is full of energy.

    Band/Artist's Name: B-loco
    Music Style: urban/world/hip-hop/electronica
    What style of music/who is it similar to?: Err, Stomp meets Dizzee Rascal... meets Brazilian samba.
    Website: (click on 'footage' tab)

    They are also nominated for an indy music award - you can vote at
  • Thanks to all posters, there's some really good music referenced here.

    Band/Artist's Name: Uniting The Elements

    Music Style: 'defies simplistic categorisation' - it's a wide church! Everyone I know who's heard them either likes or loves their style.

    What style of music/who is it similar to?: They are totally original - go take a listen and slot it in to a niche if you want.


    They have samples that can be listened to on both sites.

    They are difficult to categorise, so maybe a precis of what's special about Uniting The Elements will help; but there's no substitute for having a listen though!

    Uniting The Elements are unusual for a number of reasons - partly their
    music, which is entirely original and, bizarrely, it seems to cut across a
    very wide span of audience profiles (if anything this aspect is the one that will primarily attract a label if they go for one); but mainly it's their
    attitude to work and their prodigious capacity for it that distinguish
    them from the majority of musicians - especially the hosts of musical idlers and wannabees.

    They have a commitment to live gigs, and to awesome performance - they really do deliver real high energy stuff. Live they are virtually par-less ... giving a novel, stunning, breathless and captivating performance; added to which they're fronted by the vocal talent and drop-dead 'visual appeal' of the sylph like singer Dawn.

    As time of writing (12th March) it seems Uniting The Elements have already got 117 gigs booked for 2008, including several key festivals - again - including, for the more Rock oriented, The International Custom Bike Show (April 25th - 27th), that seminal biker bash - The FarmYard Party (June 21st) - and virtually every venue for the Isle of Mann TT (May 23rd to June 11th); and even some weird stuff, like the Camera Beerfest (Aug 15th).

    They did well over 100 gigs last year, and 250 (yes 250) the year before!

    Last year they received best audience ratings in the US radio test market.

    UNITING THE ELEMENTS are Dawn - Singer, Sarah (Violet) - Drummer, and Ola - Guitar. 2/3 German and 1/3 English. Currently living out of their
    tour-bus in the UK.

    Poster is not a member or an employee of the band!
    • Band/Artist's Name: Muarena Helena
    • Music Style: lo fi, rock, indescribable – have a listen!
    • What style of music/who is it similar to?: have been likened to Arcade Fire, Mogwai, Sonic Youth, Sparks, Blonde Redhead
    • Website:
    Download tracks from the website or myspace page, or get in touch to swap something with the band (flick books, art, your own CD/tape Mix tapes...) and they’ll send you a CD!
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