Immoral Angel's Debt Diary - Part 16,342...

Hello again! And so is the start of the next chapter of my debt diary... god it's been going a while now... and had god knows how many parts to it.....
Will add the links to my old diaries in case you've got a few months spare with nothing to do and fancy a read :rotfl:.

Immoral Angels Debt Diary (Part 1)
IA's Does my bum look big in this Debt? diary (Part 2)
IA's Debt/life/little bit of everything diary (Part 3)

IA's Lose the Belly Bum and Debt in 2008 Challenge

A little about me for any newbies who might be reading now I've started a new diary...
My name is Sarah. I'm 22 and live in south staffs with my husband Ste who's 29. We have 2 children, Ashli, who's 3 on the 17th March, and Kaitlyn who's just turned one. :) Ste's just got a promotion so will soon be working in credit control and processing (or something like that anyway.. but you've got to love the irony..) and I'm a stay at home mum with a saturday job at Argos...
At the end of March I'm going to start my training to become a volunteer Adviser for the Citizens Advice Bureau. At the moment I'm looking for a job that is 16 hours a week so that we can get tax credit help to be able to afford the nursery fees so I can do my CAB volunteering.... complicated isn't it? :rotfl:
Will edit this and post up my SOA in a min...
I'm also doing the 'IA's lose the belly/bum/debt in 2008' challenge and you can see the current standings in my sig. I'm sick of being frumpy and having a baby belly and flabby bum so this is the year that it's going to be gone!
I play bass guitar in a band called ThisIsNotAnExit... we're hard rock style kind of like Alter Bridge, Pantera, Down that kind of thing. We're in the process of writing/recording our own material so should have something for you to listen to soon... our myspace is and we have a half done website (or .com, I forget lol!) :rotfl:
Anyway.. that's enough rambling for now... the job hunt continues... *sigh*...
Total 'Failed Business' Debt £29,043
Que sera, sera. <3


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