The Great 'cheap Numbers To Dial Home' Hunt.



  • bennyvdb
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    Hi there.
    This site: let's you search the cheapest card available from your city.

    I thought it might benefit you.

    This is Australia! Does it work from the U.K.?
    Benny. :confused:
    Bennys from sunny Manchester
  • BexTech
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    bennyvdb wrote:
    This is Australia! Does it work from the U.K.?
    Benny. :confused:

    Which is the point of this thread.

    This thread is to find cheap call providers outside the UK for when you are in those countries to dial back to the UK.
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  • Buzzcard ( must be the best value for calls to the UK from abroad, more than 22 hours for 15 euros. I also use it to the USA and Australia. All my Brit mates in the Canary Islands use it. Not only great value; when there was a technical problem with the service (not Buzzcard's fault), the treatment I received from their Customer Relations and Technical Departments was unbelievable. If all companies treated their customers as courteously and as efficiently as Buzzcard do, life would be a lot more pleasant.
  • Ria
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    Canary Brit
    I spend a lot of time in Fuerteventura and was interested in your comments re Buzzcard. I call home from a payphone & have just looked at Buzz website and it says that they charge 9.5p per minute from a payphone. Am I missing something here as surely this negates any saving on the cost of the call. Any advice on calling UK cheaply from the Canary islands would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • rjdjcd
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    I was caught out with Buzzcard. My £5 gave me 11min 48 sec from a French payphone. When I returned to the Uk I discovered that buzzcard has altered its web site and it now shows the huge cost of using a payphone from France. Pity this option was not on the site earlier.
  • 2ax
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    It was discussed on a thread on the Phones Board about Buzzcard, in which the proprietor pointed out that his suppliers' rates are outside his control, and asked people to keep their card accounts with his company while he attempted to negotiate with alternative suppliers.

    Try Alpha Telecom next time. My account has always been charged exactly the advertised tariff, which would have been 16 pence per minute in that case, or 13p/min from a German mobile. I am sure that there are cheaper ones though; just needs more research.

    Or it is probably better to get a local phone card in the country. Even with possible language issues, the tariffs should be less ambiguous.

    From callbox use from France, this one looks interesting. It is also usable in other countries, but the rates are then higher than in France itself.

    UK landline from French landline, €0.049/min, from callbox €0.109/min, + €0.010 connect fee.

    But people with with their own phone line can do better with cheap calls providers.

    nb - for Board Guide - I am not connected to the company. Most of their pages have these partner IDs on, even when linked on their own site. The _uk# suffix is merely about the display language.
  • Hi Martin

    Not sure if you want to publicise this more widely but could be useful for anyone travelling to or living in Spain.

    I've just got back from Spain and the 5 euro amenda vouchers scheme has recently been re-launched.

    All you need is an amena sim card, an unlocked mobile and the 5 euro amena voucher.

    You can then use the convenience of your mobile for international calls and I was told the voucher will give you 150 minutes. If anyone knows different please post. I used my voucher several times and still had over 2,50 euros remaining.

    It works like many of the international call voucher but on a mobile phone.

    1. Phone the access number 273
    2. Enter 2 for the English option
    3. Enter the PIN number on the voucher followed by the # key
    4. You will then be told how much of your 5 euros is remaining
    5. Enter you international number e.g. 0044 for the UK followed by the number (excluding the first 0) and again press the # key
    6. The number will ring and you will be connected

    I found a local english shop in Villamartin, Costa Blanca who sold me the voucher and could explain the process. The voucher has an expiry date - mine says 05/07

    Check you can get the amena voucher locally before purchasing an amena sim. I had already purchased an amena sim a couple of years ago when this scheme was previously available.

    Hope this helps someone out there.


    PS Amena seems to default to the Orange network when switched on in this country.
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  • Just returned from NZ and Oz, was spending a fortune using my UK mobile, then someone told me of a card called Global Gossip, you buy card from many outlets, and top up as you go along, you are given pin no and a tel no on the card. First you dial the tel no on the card, prompted to give a pin no and then dial the number in the UK - it saved me a fortune, could be on to a landline for 15 mins and be 50p or thereabouts, not sure of exact cost but it was a real saver. Used an Australian friend's mobile, phoned no on the card, used the pin and phoned back to UK, only cost them price of a local call. Another way is to get your mobile phone activated for use abroad, buy a sim card in OZ, NZ then buy this card for even cheaper calls. Hope all this helped.
  • from germany to european landline
    =1,9 Cent per minute

    ...another possibility is dcalling (
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