The Great 'cheap Numbers To Dial Home' Hunt.

Calling overseas from the UK is cheap (see CallChecker) but while abroad it costs a fortune to call home. Yet cheap dial numbers are springing up in other countries too - so I want to tap MoneySavers collective research power to list and find these numbers, from as many countries as possible.

Some starting hints:

1. Use Skype if you've an internet connection. You can call anyone else with a PC for free using internet telephony while you're abroad, providing of course you're both connected to the internet. This is the cheapest way to do it. See Free International Calls From Your PC.

2. Use a Calling Card: One of the cheapest systems is to use a calling card bought either there or before you go. There's a new card called the Buzz Card ( which is useful or there are search engines you can use (for those see Cheapest Way to call home) article

3. Using your mobile: Use a normal mobile and you'll pay a fortune. However there are ways to cut the cost of using your mobile whilst overseas. See Cheapest Way To Roam Article. However cheap dial numbers from normal phones should beat it.

What I'm Looking For

This is all about collecting direct dial numbers you can call when overseas, which put you through to a cheap provider to call home.

It's important to note this is the standard dial rate, so if you are dialling from a hotel phone, they normally add a fortune for doing so - thus a payphone is better.

allows you to call home from spain for E0.04/minute. From Italy there is
If you know of any more please put them here, just click reply.

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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  • Hello Everyone,

    In the above post Martin has mentioned the international calling card Buzzcard™. BuzzCard™ can be used in over 30 different countries enabling you to take BuzzCard™ around the globe and still call almost any worldwide destination using international freephone numbers!

    There are two different types of Buzzcard™, The Classic Buzzcard™ and the Virtual Buzzcard™. Designed to offer a convenient service both these types once bought can be topped up online at This means that you don't have to change your card number and pin number each time your card runs out of credit!

    If you’re in a hurry you can buy a virtual card. Delivered by email, a virtual card saves postage, helps the environment and gets you what you want quickly!

    Buzzcard™ would like to offer the community of MoneySavingExpert a discount of 15% on the card value ordered. To take advantage of this enter the code below (shown in red) when asked in the order process.

    mse15pdisc -- Sorry, this code has now expired. Please signup to our newsletter to recieve information of new offers! You can signup on the buzzcard homepage!!

    All information regarding Buzzcard™ can be found at the site. Or ask any questions here in the thread or as a Personal Message(PM) to me and i will answer as soon as i can.

    Kind Regards,

    Graham Martin
    Buzzcard™ Director

    I should note that i have recieved permission from Martin to post information about Buzzcard as well as offering the Discount Code.

    I have been advised that i cannot answer questions about buzzcard in this thread. If you have a question that you are unable to find an answer to on the site then please PM me and i will get back to you asap. Thanks.

    We have been asked lots recently about how the price is affected when calling from outside the UK so i thought i would point it out here that the cost displayed on the rates page on the website is the rate you pay regardless of the country you are calling from!!
  • Hi

    This is a long shot, but does anyone know the cheapest number to dial from The Falklands Islands to the United Kingdom.

    Thanks : :o

    from france to uk - all other destinations on website

    to uk fixed line 0811 65 11 11 + full int no - local rate
    to uk mobile 0891 650 650 + full int no - €0.225/min
  • Spart_2
    Spart_2 Posts: 21 Forumite
    Does anybody know what number, if any, is the cheapest to dial UK from Colombia. Long shot I know :-)
    Your home is at risk if you leave the windows open while out:naughty::naughty::naughty:
  • andy88_2
    andy88_2 Posts: 3,676
    Combo Breaker First Post
    It is about time Dialabroad was identified as spam here - one of the proprietors has been banned from MSE forums for this reason

    from France use Telesoldes or Telerabais, which are equivalent to 1899 and Telediscount

    from Germany, there are plenty of operators of cheap calls from landlines, detailed on billiger telefonieren as already mentioned

    for mobiles, use a Riiing simcard and a separate callback service to make calls from about 70 countries for around 7 or 8 pence per minute - I am hoping to get permission to name some callback companies, which can also be used with other local SIM cards - I am in Slovakia at the moment, and calls home cost about 17p/min via the T-mobile SK SIM or 7 or 8p per minute with Riiing

    Callback services can be used with just about any number in the world, and if used with a credit card post-paid account, the admin effort of keeping a calling card topped up is saved. In addition, there are no no surcharges thet many calling card operators or other companies apply to 0800 or equivalent numbers.

    Some mobile companies do have free calls to 0800 or equivalents though, and this can be cheaper than callback use. The difficulty in many cases is in finding companies which do not surcharge or have been blocked by networks. Perhaps we should also compile alist of foreign GSM networks with free 0800 calls and the operators which can an ćannot be used from each. Perhaps though this is venturing on to phone nerd territory...

    Falkland Is looks expensive - US 81c/min
    Colombia - US 13c/min

    Sign up with certain callback services that I have no connection with except as customer; either or both of these two
  • pjala
    pjala Posts: 420
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    Any ideas of mobile from Italy? This will be a mobile sim card PAYG, plus a dial up number?
  • tstodart
    tstodart Posts: 73
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    I have used the following for calling home from Japan

    It is a good value calling card and pretty easy to use.

    Best bet (if you are flying into Narita Airport) is to go to the Tourist Information - which if I remember is near departures rather than arrivals. They stock the card, which you get for free and then have to charge at a convenience store.
  • froma-z
    froma-z Posts: 29 Forumite
    Does anyone know of any cheap dial from Australia to UK, mobile to landline, or pref landline to landline.

    Many thanks
  • If you have a PC and want to make calls to any number in UK

    If you have registered with 1899 and installed their voip software. You can log in to that and make calls to UK ver cheaply .It doesn't matter from where you are logging in through internet. You get very cheap UK calls. is their website
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