The Great 'cheap Numbers To Dial Home' Hunt.



  • andy88_2
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    pjala wrote:
    Any ideas of mobile from Italy? This will be a mobile sim card PAYG, plus a dial up number?
    use Wind, and their Dialoga International calling card

    search this forum for my previous posts about these
  • andy88_2
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    froma-z wrote:
    Does anyone know of any cheap dial from Australia to UK, mobile to landline, or pref landline to landline.

    Many thanks

    has absolutely loads of them, and has the benefit of not being promoted by self-interest, which is not supposed to be allowed here
  • andy88_2
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    Can Mr Martin tell us how many mobile companies allow free calls to his company 0800 or equivalent numbers

    edit - my intent was that this question was about access from mobile companies abroad, eg with their local SIM card (Mr Martin's reply was mostly about UK companies charges for 0800 numbers).

    I have had my brother in Germany try several 0800 numbers, and tried some myself, from Vodafone Germany. Several US calling card providers are rebrands and resellers, and have common access numbers, which are blocked. If Buzzcard is not "regional besetzt" then I think it will be very good value.
  • andy88_2
    andy88_2 Posts: 3,676 Forumite
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    suppose someone asked for info about calling card operators to use from USA to UK - would it be possible to see other replies amongst the Buzzcard adverts

    if Mr Martin intends to look at this thread for new replies every few minutes, I would suspect the answer can be easily predicted
  • rjdjcd
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    Try Masterbell. They have lots of cards and include rates, charging unit and service charges where applicable.
  • froma-z
    froma-z Posts: 29 Forumite
    I will get hubby to look at your suggested site as well (as I am not very good with these sort of things). Many thanks for your help.
  • chris_k
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    Does anyone know what the cheapest way is phoning home from Thailand and Sri Lanka? Has anyone had any experience of buying a PAYG SIM card in Thailand recently. I understand that they are registering all new and existing SIMs as part of an anti-terror law - therefore I am unsure if foreigners are allowed to buy them.
  • Edinburghlass_2
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    All information regarding Buzzcard™ can be found at the site. Or ask any questions here in the thread or as a Personal Message(PM) to me and i will answer as soon as i can.

    Kind Regards,

    Graham Martin
    Buzzcard™ Director

    I should note that i have recieved permission from Martin to post information about Buzzcard as well as offering the Discount Code.

    It would appear we are not being allowed to ask any questions regarding Buzzcard here on this thread as the posts are being deleted :confused:
  • MSE_Martin
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    Hi edilass. The buzzcard threads were deleted as i'd given permission for one post on the thread and not a repeated series and i didnt want spamming. Then i deleted the comments relating to the additional posts as they didnt make sense without them!

    Plus this is a thread to collect the info about overseas direct dial numbers not to discuss buzzcard :)
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    andy88 wrote:

    has absolutely loads of them, and has the benefit of not being promoted by self-interest, which is not supposed to be allowed here

    As Andy88 says, aussie calling cards aren't scarce! If you're actually out in a big Australian city, there are heaps of them at newsagent stands as well, so you don't necessarily have to buy one before you go. You'll be spoilt for choice! :)

    My info is a little old but most calling cards will have access numbers in major cities that will allow you to call it at a local call (it's usually a small one-off charge for the call). You can then dial through at the advertised rate. If you're a little outside a major city, the call may not qualify as a local call so you may have to pay a per-second rate for the call to the access number itself (choose the closest city).

    There are some calling cards with freephone access, but these will usually show a rate that's incorporated a surcharge into them anyway, so it's up to you. :)

    Just as a sidenote to keep this on-topic, I'm not aware of any dialthrough numbers in Australia but it has been a while since I was last there! ;)


    Just did a bit of digging around and found this interesting article. It talks about VoIP, but has a section on calling cards too.

    It also gives a link to a site which is like a Callchecker for Australian Calling Cards. Looks handy.
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