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    What I believe is if you have a serious issue and you want to get the justice and it is out of your reach to get it solved as you do not have
    much knowledge about the laws, you should consult a Solicitor and get out of the issue. Understanding the laws is not a simple task and it is actually out of reach for any individual who is not from this field.

    Talking about the charges, Solicitors generally charge according to the case and also there are many who are "pay them fee if you win the case". But, paying the amount and get the issue solved is much better than getting hassled from the issue.

    thanks johnandy for your post. The problem can be that the solicitor is just not aware of how much information there is available on the internet these days. For example the probate office regulations are well described and I wish I had followed them instead of feeling emotional about the actual probate form. He should have asked me how much I had done already. I had given him my accountants contact details as well. Also I asked how much it would cost to do just the probate form for me said he would not give me an estimate until he had seen the paperwork. Now I have told him it is too expensive for me I am annoyed he has already run up the cost of contacting the land registry for duplicate docs when I told him we just visited the land reg offices signed the papers, paid the fee so had the two houses between us as we had anticipated IHT and also sent out 38 letters so is demanding £3,143 for his work time and expects me to be pleased he is not charging me for the duplication of letters I had already sent. He also said I was not emotional!!!!!! He should have taken my word for it. He also wants a "lein" i.e. £1000 before I can get my papers back. Is this fair?
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    I am still mad about being given first a bill for over £3,000 and then when I questioned it asked to pay a lien of £1000 to get my papers back!!!! I had only asked for a quote as to how much it would cost and the wretched greedy man said he could not tell me or even give a best guess until he had seen my papers for a simple probate form. Unbeknown to me he then started work sending off duplications of work I had already done, upset my children sending them the wrong forms, wrote to banks about my finances, even ones that had been closed in 2005 and all because he went ahead and did things while I was waiting for an estimate of cost. His first letter to me contained and "Agreement of engagement" and a note that he had already done 13 hrs work at £201 p h. It said to contact him if I had any questions so when I rang and said I would do the form myself he told me I was a fool, exploded that "there is plenty of money in the pot" !!!! I had not signed any agreement and I want my £1,000 back! He even had the nerve to tell me I was not emotional, what did he expect - me to blub all over him, I hope he one day finds out how it feels to loose a wife after 36 years of happy marriage.
  • Hi everybody I am new.

    I would like to ask a important question.

    My brother is a qualified Plumbing and heating engineer. He worked for a maintenance firm for 7 years. since the double dip recession the company had to get rid of somebody. He was the only pakistani working for the company too. His Solicitor has said that it is:

    UNFAIR DISMISSAL AND RACIALLY ABUSIVE and is going to fight the case.

    He told me that he doesn't have to pay any money and the company will have to pay from their own pocket. He also told me that he should receive £100,000 and the company will take out 30% out of that!

    It sounds too much to me, How much compensation is he looking at?

    thank you :)
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    the link to hatelys is defunct..anyone have a working link please?
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