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  • There are 2 questions in this thread - challenging bills from other professions such as accountants and challenging a bill that was paid about 4 months ago

    Its easily possible that the bill you paid 4 months ago could still be challenged. But, and theres always a but isn't there, it depends on the wording of the actual bill that was sent to you. Please understand this is an area of law itself, that can appear to be simple but often isn't.

    You should be aware that as I have said previously there are some very good firms out there, but there are also others which are run by people with no legal qualifications who you should stay well clear of. This is a specialist area of law.

    As for other professions I am afraid I only deal with solicitors bills so I can't assist. From personal experience though a complaint to the professional organisation (eg Institute of Accountants) can work to get reductions.

    Good luck

    Ian 8)
  • tobit
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    I really do warn everyone to be very, very careful when dealing with solicitors. I naturally trust people, and over the years have used solicitors for house conveyancing and making a Will - all hunky dory, and very pleased. Then my marriage fell apart, I was all in pieces, and I guess the solicitor I went to saw me coming - there was half a million in assets between myself and my husband, after all. She broke every promise eg 'It'll cost you two thousand max' and 'All over in six months'. She was very busy busy achieving nothing and let me run up the debt with her, but I realised that too late, and then, I couldn't change solicitor. The bill in reality was nearer twenty thousand pounds and there was nothing I could do about it, and I didn't know where to turn, or who to trust. I discovered too late that she knew just how close to the wind she could sail without getting into trouble with the Law Society - who are virtually powerless in any case. I have been told that I should take her to Court - but that would cost money I no longer have and use up energy I lost in the battle with her two to five years ago.

    So - if there's anyone out there who can wise people up about rogue solicitors - I'll hang out the flags for them. You are the real angels :-*
    Nice to save.
  • Hi,

    I have looked high and low for an address and contact numbers but cant find off the site :(

    Can anybody else see them.
    Tell it as it should be....
  • How much do these companies charge?? Anyone fancy writing up a list of good companies to use :-/

  • So - if there's anyone out there who can wise people up about rogue solicitors - I'll hang out the flags for them.  You are the real angels  :-*

    Charles Dickens did his best but more than a hundred years later the lawyers are still at it.
    ...............................I have put my clock back....... Kcolc ym
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    Seen on an old gravestone in a Presbytrian churchyard

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    Is there anything that audits estate agents?
  • Savvy_Sue
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    But estate agents don't charge you for work done, they charge a percentage of price gained if house sold. Some people get a bargain because estate agent has to work his cotton socks off to sell the property, others get ripped off because house practically sells itself. You don't know in advance which you'll be, but at least you know in advance the maximum you'll be paying. Which, if the fee was based on work done, you wouldn't.

    I'm not saying it's a good system, I'm saying that's the way it works! If it's not too late for you, I'm sure there are tips on getting the prices down on the House Buying, Selling and Property Prices board.
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  • alasota
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    Just a quicky - do they also audit Patent Lawyer charges - minse are astronomical!!?

    COme to think of it - I'll give them a ring now and find out! I'll get back to you all.

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