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Just wanted to let everyone know that my friend recently had a large solicitor bill and instead of simply paying it as most people do he sent it to a firm called Hateleys ( who audited the costs and reduced them fairly substantially. I always thought you had to just pay solicitors costs but apparently you have the right to question the reasonableness of them. Hateleys did all the work and simply updated my friend as was necessary and then informed him of the reduction that had been agreed with the solicitor - completeley pain free. If you've got solicitor bills its probably worth giving Hateleys a try - my friend was very happy with them and it's about time solicitors stopped getting so much money. Quite a good way to save some money I think


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    Good tip. I do agree Solcitors charge far too much. I have some serious issues with the way thsi country now treats people with regard to the law. It seems that you only get justice if you can afford it. Most people on low incomes can no longer turn to solictors for help in soem circumstances.

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    Do you know if this only applies to 'personal' bills, or if a company could submit their legal bill for review?
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  • Do you know if this only applies to England & Wales?
  • I've checked with Hateleys and it only applies to England and Wales as Scotland apparently has a fixed costs system. They can also look at almost any type of bill whether it is personal or business as long as it comes from a solicitor
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    Exellent tip thanks, i'm using a solicitor at the moment and the costs do seem to be creepin up, i will keep an eye on this one. ;D ;)
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  • Let me be frank - dealing with solicitors costs is my job.
    There are quite a number of firms throughout England and Wales which deal with the assessment of solicitors costs. I believe there are over 500 people in this field of law.

    Virtually all solicitors bills can be challenged. That includes bills delivered to companies as well as individuals.

    I do not mind answering legal questions (within reason)on this very specialist area. I originally qualified as a barrister and must warn people to be very careful to make sure they appoint a reputable firm to handle their solicitors invoices.

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  • Hopefully the solicitor wont charge additional interest while waiting for payment?
  • Great tip!

    We had to instruct a solicitor to draw up some terms and conditions for us and she did a really bad job. Well when I say that, what she did was not what we asked for and I think the problem lay in that she didn't listen to what we wanted even after we had to go over it twice. >:( ??? ??? ??? Qualifications do not it seems automatically mean common sense and listening skills are in abundance.

    Even when we explained that what she had produced didn't fit our needs the bill came for the full whack which we refused to pay. We argued and eventually a lesser amount was agreed but only after endless letters and emails.

    Wish I'd known about this company then! Would have made life much easier. If there's ever a next time.... :)
  • It will be interesting to know if any other invoices from "professional" bodies can be checked i.e. accountants and Architects?

    My mate's got an architect to draw up some plans for them, and what they came up with was unacceptable and had to be done again - but still will billed for the time they got it wrong!
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