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The Knitters Thread

Following on from the recent thread about handknitting it is apparent that many of us OS'ers are also keen knitters. The idea of this thread is to give us a place to post comments/suggestions, to be able to chat about our current work in progress (WIP), share patterns/tips/tricks, and post pictures of our completed work (I'm nosy and love seeing piccies :D).

I'll get the ball rolling: I've now finished knitting the sweater that sparked the original post. Now I've remembered just how much I disliked making up the finished garment -definately the worst part of knitting. I've managed to pick up and knit around the neck and I've done the collar, but now I have to work out how to set in the sleeves - hmmmmmm. Any suggestions/tips would be gratefully received. I've never knitted a sweater with shaped armholes before - having stuck to straight seams - but having splurged on the yarn I really want the finished product to look nice.


  • Ishtar
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    Yes, I hate the sewing part - I'm not very good at it really and sometimes have to undo and start again. Mum's the same, she's always after someone to make up her jumpers!

    What I usually do to set the sleeves in is to fold in half to find the middle, then pin the fold to the shoulder seam. In my case there's always (quite) a bit of easing to do to make it fit :o so I pin the whole lot together before sewing.

    I've got loads on the go at the moment. Scarf for MIL xmas pressie, Thomas the Tank Engine jumper for DD, toy pirate for DD xmas pressie, and the innocent smoothie hats. I'm making some headway with all of them, but I'm a bit bored with the scarf's a patterned one with all sorts of things, bobbles, lacework, etc, etc, and I've only got about 90 rows to go. I almost can't bear to pick it up at the moment. (MIL had better be gratefu l:p).

    At least the smoothie hats take hardly any time...mum's doing some too and apparently she can make one from start to finish in 9 minutes...!!! Wish I could knit that fast.

  • MrsTinks
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    Having knitted a jumper ONCE never again lol - saying that then i am in possession of the pattern and cotton for a top that I intend to crochet... we'll see if I do any better with that lol!!!
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  • Peem
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    Just popped on to say thanks for starting this.

    I've just finished two hats for the kids over the weekend (well, I say finished. I rather rashly promised pompoms on the top. Still have those to do. I might try to show DS what to do and at least he can make his own.)

    Then it's on with my tank top for myself.

    Went to the wool shop last week and stocked up on wool for jumpers for DS and DD. Hopefully they'll be ready for christmas.
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  • Olliebeak
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    Working on baby stuff at the moment for DD - baby due 4th Nov but we're now taking bets...........:j .

    I didn't think that knitted baby things were still 'au fait' with today's bright young things until about a month ago I was told that I couldn't be looking forward to THIS one as I hadn't knitted/crocheted anything for it :o . That meant digging out the needles/hooks that had been lurking somewhere since moving here (STILL can't find the box of knitting patterns that stretches back to early 70's with my precious Paton's silver label patterns in it). Anyway she now has an assortment of cardis, matinee jackets, bonnets and a gorgeous shawl - and she has had the nerve to ask for dangly spirals on the back of the bonnets! I've got a pattern for a beautiful pram rug and went to make a start on it - oh dear it uses DK DOUBLED and a No.8 hook. My set of hooks only goes up to No.6 - so need to get to the wool shop QUICK! Don't think I've bought needles/hooks for about 30 years! - probably need a stiff drink before hearing the price :j .

    I don't mind sewing up anything that I've made but my Mother has often done things for my children/grandchildren and then passed them to me to make up for her - that drives me mad! I find that she knits quite tight and measures to the exact inch on the pattern - so no leeway at all in the sewing up!!

    Oh well - off to experiment with dangly spiral thingys - that long since I did them that I've quite forgotten how I worked them out. Think it was a long chain stitch with LOADS of crocheted 'cockleshells' along the length :o .

    If DD puts any of this lot in the tumbledryer - I'll spank her backside for her:mad: .
  • bertha
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    If you're a frustrated knitter and don't know what to knit, please consider knitting for your local premature baby unit.
    There are lots of ideas here
    including patterns for wraps for babies that sadly don't make it.

    Once knitted, it seems best to give the items directly to staff in the Labour Ward, not just leave them at the Maternity Unit reception.
  • chalky_75
    chalky_75 Posts: 2,491 Forumite
    Ishtar could you possibly post a picture of a smoothie hat- My DD is nagging me for a hat and I would love a speedy one Thanks
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  • Lillibet_2
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    great thread, thanks Littlebean:T

    Chalky, I think the Smoothie hats are mini ones to fit on top of a bottle of Innocent Smoothie which is a charity thing. Wouldn't fit a persons head!

    OK, I have 3 handbags, the knitting part is finished but I need to sort out the lining & sew in the handles then they are all set for Xmas pressies. I am in the middle of a 2 cornered hat (yes, it is a pattern of my own divising!) to match a scarf for my cousions Xmas pressie then I need to do another one in rib to match her partners scarf, unless lasts months prototype hat can be streached to fit an adults head (My 2YO was my reluctant model at the time). Then it's just a tank top for Spuds Xmas stocking and I am finsihed on the Xmas pressies & I can start on my big knitted patchwork blanket....yippee:j That will be at least next month before I get around to that though. Oh, and 2 other, completely different handbags for birthdays early in the new year to do, and my Mum wants me to do some knitted hair clips I have a pattern for, for her to sell at the Women's much knitting, so little time!:rolleyes::D
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  • Penelope_Penguin
    chalky_75 wrote: »
    Ishtar could you possibly post a picture of a smoothie hat- My DD is nagging me for a hat and I would love a speedy one Thanks

    Yep, Lillibet's right - here's some pics: Innocent.

    I'm finishing a red sweater (that I started last year :o ). I'm also teaching DD to knit - she's doing squares for a Charity Knit for the Co-op. I'll find details and post them.

    Lillibet - great to see you back. Can you post some pics of what you've done recently - really loved the last ones you showed us :T

    Penny. x
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  • meanmarie
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    Debating whether to take my current shawl for a I'm not sure how Ryanair view knitting needles....wonder if I have a size 8 circular one...they are much less dangerous

    See you all next week...this thread is wonderful!

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  • whatatwit
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    It's ages since I did any knitting, but having read about the Innocent Smoothie ones on the other knitting thread, I feel that those will ease me back into some knitting and use up some of the bits and bobs.

    Lillibet, please could you post a picture..or a link to the knitted bags..they sound really great.
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