Cupcake Birthday / Celebration cake idea!



  • You just spoon the batter into the cone and bake it in there. I was amazed too, but the cones didn't burn, they just came out exactly the same.

    You need the ones with flat bottoms though :D I filled them about 1 third full, the cakes rose to be flat with the top of the cone. I made an icing with some philly in it, so its nice and stiff and then piped it into ice-cream type swirls.

    Then I shoved a flake into the sponge a little and put some sprinkles on.

    I really mess with my boys heads, candles that look like cakes and cakes that look like ice-creams :D

    I am slightly obsessed with cupcakes, here is a link to my favourite cupcake blog, some really interesting recipes on there.....

    If you get time good fairy would you please post the recipe for the cupcakes they look soo nice i would love to make some, also that philly icing please.
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    I would like the recipe for the philly icing too please goodfairy... Im wanting to make some cupcakes with lots of icing piped into the top and covered in sprinkles... well thats if my coloured sugar works out!
  • we are having a cupcake wedding cake!

    Thats a great idea, my friend had one of these at her wedding, it looked amazing, and was the topic of conversation for most of the guest.
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  • We often do cup cakes here
    really like them especially as
    now you can get such pretty
    decorations to put on them

    I bought this it was 14.95
    its plastic and dishwasher proof
    and you can get them in lots
    of different colours.
    All the tiers stack inside
    inside each other so you can
    use it as a one,two or three
    tiered cake stand.The top tier
    holds around five large cup cakes,
    so you can get a fair few on it.

    Its also ideal for storing fruit
    the bottom tier perfect for





  • I also bouight this just before
    Christmas for a present for
    my sister in law,

    How cute is this just
    big enough to hold one
    cup cake.


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    That cup cake holder is adorable rosekitten my Mum would love something like that.
  • Oh I so need that wee cupcake holder! gorgeous! Do you remember where it's from rose?

    Ok lets talk recipes :D I can't stand the woman but she has some good recipes and I love her cupcake recipe... straightforward and yummy.

    I change the vanilla extract for almond though, you can't beat almond essence :)

    The cream cheese filling... so terrible fattening but a nice different and fresh topping for cupcakes.... I make it up as I go along but it always works fine :)

    1.Use a regular sized packet of Philly (other cream cheeses are available :D)

    2.Chuck in about 100g of room-temp butter or substitute.

    3.Whisk them up together then add about 2 cups of icing sugar.

    4. Pipe in swirls onto ice-cream cupcakes. Don't forget to add cute sprinkles!

    You might need to add more icing sugar, I am guessing measurements here, if you do a google search there are loads of recipes for cream cheese icing, I just like to experiment :)

    Come back and show us your creations lol about time we had a cupcake thread!
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  • That cup cake holder is adorable rosekitten my Mum would love something like that.

    That little cup cake holder is £10
    in Selfridges but I got mine on
    ebay £2.50 + £1.50 P&P
    They often turn up and there
    are sellers selling them on Amazon too
    but its much cheaper on ebay.Also there
    is a full size version too that looks really nice.

    The other one I also bought on abay
    but they are also in all the design type
    shops.Wish I had known at the
    time they did it in different colours.
    Its lovely in black and they also do it in
    a lovely soft pink.I like it because its something
    can put to good regular use instead of#it
    gathering dust in the cupboard.
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    Ive searched Ebay rosekitten and couldnt see any. I will keep checking tho.
    Ive seen come cute little spoons in Whittards too with little cups on the handles... perfect for Mums, Mothers Day Tea.
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    I am slightly obsessed with cupcakes, here is a link to my favourite cupcake blog, some really interesting recipes on there.....

    I absolutely adore this website and have followed it for some time, everything she makes looks perfect :T
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