Will I quickly "grow out" of a new v small car?

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  • I think the Panda is a great car for the money and assuming you are buying new there are some great deals around.


    Also have a look on autotrader and ebay (classifieds) and you should be able to find a pre-reg a bit cheaper.

    I would also consider the 1.2 and do your own sums to decide whether it is worth paying the extra for the diesel.

    PS I have bought two, my OH has one and so does my eldest daughter both bought as Cat D write offs and cheap as chips. The added advantage for us is they have great ground clearance for our awful lane.

    I have just had a look at the C1 engine line up and they are a bit smaller so probably a bit less poke than the Panda ( I wil admit I really don't know too much about them)
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    i've always driven small cars and haven't grown out of them yet- great for one of two people. (or a mum and 3 kids in urban environ.)
    your choice sounds fine.

    the problem isn't about feeling squashed for space, with the good design there is around now, the problem is that a fully loaded small car will drive differently to one with one or two and little luggage.

    the brakes feel different (needs lots more stopping distance) and even the steering is different when it's full. Especially the smaller the engine size.
    but for the occassional full trip you can adjust (and don't forget tire pressures change when you drive loaded too).
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    the c1 is the cheapest out of the 3 Toyota Aygo clones.
    But will depreciate the most
  • If you go for one of the aygo/C1 types, you have the reliability of toyota running gear and electrics, dont hear much bad about toyo do you?

    Surprisingly, the little 3 cyl engine is quite powerful and surprisingly nice to drive.

    Do look at the spec very carefully though, as the base model has manual windows, and the winder handles are very flimsy and can easily break nails (only on a weekend though when i'm in alter ego mode!!), also it doesnt have central locking and you have to use the key to open the rear hatch every time, this may seem nitpicking, but could be a bind over time. It might be worth considering the higher spec model with leccy windows and central.
  • I know the C1, Peugeot are basically the same as the Aygo. The Aygo is a great car but it really has no boot - if no luggage or can use the back seat for luggage, then its a great buy. And will hold its price better than the other two.

    If intend to keep the car for a number of years, maybe better to go a tad larger, initial pay out more, but better for resale too later on? Or a larger diesel as Goldspanner suggested earlier?
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  • people have made lots of convincing arguments for the C1 clones and Fiat Panda. The Panda is only 5995 on some website which is a complete bargain. The only thing stopping me is the name - Panda - but I rarely talk to people about cars so i'll rarely have to admit to buying one. i fancy a £200 upgrade to the 5-speaker system with subwoofers :)

    the aygo/107/C1 is a great car but I'll rarely be doing city driving, it's all about getting out to the coast at 8am instead of discovering that most of the tube and train lines are shut or cost 35p a mile even at the weekends
  • Panda 1.3 multi-jet diesel is the one btw. think they are selling this engine to vauxhall plus others as it's by far the most economic diesel around
  • I say Panda out of the two because I think it is a better car. I don't think space is a big deal. Very rarely have I been driving a small car and felt uncomfortable but I'm average height.

    One thing about diesels is they say that you really need to be doing 15k miles a year plus to make it worth you while.

    I have had many small cars over the years and love them for nipping about in and even the long journeys. On the rare occasion of having to give people a lift in the back, doing them a favour ,the moans from them had me wanting to spent the extra cash on a 5 door rather than a 3 door so I could throw them out whilst moving.

    The phrase of "why wouldn't you spend your money getting a big car second hand rather than a small new car" was uttered on more than one occasion. This coming from a person who could not drive because they didn't need to because they knew other people who did. Be prepared for people to moan if they do get in the back.
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    zolablue25 wrote: »
    But will depreciate the most

    No it won't, sorry. Have a looksee.

    That's using the cheapest model of the 107, C1 and Aygo. The Pug loses more money than the Citroen. Those just show list prices though - Citroen dealers will throw a large chunk off the list price if you even bother to haggle at all.

    Having said that I'm a big fan of the Panda, and it's probably the one I'd go for.
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    Just buy an Omega V6 Elite or a decent spec Mondeo and bank 5k. Your wasting 6k on a car to do that kind of mileage especially on a small shopping trolley.
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