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Will I quickly "grow out" of a new v small car?

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Fulham_MarkFulham_Mark Forumite
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sorry if this question is asked a lot...but it's my first car

I just need a car for weekends to get away for days and weekends. will never use it for "urban" stuff. There's just me and possibly a friend, very rarely there could be 3 people in it.

I can't assess 2nd hand cars or have time to trail round looking at them so a new Citreon C1 for about £6,000 seems perfect as it's so cheap to run. These really are tiny cars though.

Question is whether I'll regret not having a bit more space in a few which case a fiat panda diesel would be better but £900 more.

I don't need advise on car models, i've decided on those 2 as they do 110g/km CO2.

Anyone have any experience of doing the same? Regret not having the space or did you buy a larger car and no-one's ever sat in the back?

many thanks!!


  • anewmananewman Forumite
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    My car was saved from the scrap and is a biggish estate, the boot size has come in useful for the occasional thing like transporting a bed, but noones ever been sat in the back. ANd for me being 6'3" the space in the driver's seat is good.

    Suppose it mostly depends on you and how you use it. Have you tried sitting behind the wheel in one? How do you think you'd feel sitting behind there for 2-3 hours? Are you tall or do you have long legs?
  • 3 people going away for the weekend,i hope there are no girls as they will use all the little boot space that you have,even just for the weekend.hairdryer,staighteners,make up,20 pairs of shoes,20 different outfits,etc...:D permit granted!
  • Not to mention all the make up.... perfume.....

    Only Op can really know if he'll out grow it - I'd not buy a citroen personally, but if he has his heart set on it, so be it.

    Wouldn't a size up be better? Fiesta bit bigger or a Yaris - which would hold its price better even tho outlay be more and it's still a small car.
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  • anewmananewman Forumite
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    The Citroen C1 is the same car as the the Peugot 107 and Toyota Aygo
  • KeithKeith Forumite
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    I can't imagine doing long distances in a smaller car than our Ka, even that is annoying as it's designed for around town.

    Buy something larger, if it's for getting away on a weekend. It will be designed more for long distance and comfort than just popping to the shops.
  • a larger diesel engine maybe more economical than a small petrol engine on long motorway journeys if its fuel saving your after.
    but if its environment saving then i really dont know. permit granted!
  • Dan29Dan29 Forumite
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    Question is whether I'll regret not having a bit more space in a few which case a fiat panda diesel would be better but £900 more.

    Four of my colleagues have got Citroen C1s (or the Peugeot or Toyota equivalents) and they're all very happy with them. However I'd go for the Panda as it's got a proper bootlid rather than the small glass opening of the Citroen which means what you can put in the boot is limited by the size of the opening.
  • piggehpiggeh Forumite
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    TBH in a few years (2015 ;)) all cars will do under 125 so you'd have tax benefits for about 7 years (or less if you change your car every few years).

    I would look at getting a Kia or Hyundai where you have a 5/7 year warranty. It will be eaiser to budget for the road tax than unforeseen maintenance. A longer warranty will give you the peace of mind that it will still work when you go to use it. Both are quite cheap brands.
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  • thanks everyone

    I'm not set on a C1 it's just that when I have asked for advice on this most people just list a load of cars and don't really help me choose. the c1 is the cheapest out of the 3 Toyota Aygo clones. Most cars seem to be pretty reliable - the panda and Aygo clones stand out as cheap but v cheap and green.

    I'm only 5'9 so and I've driven 5hrs to snowdonia in hirecar corsas and micras withouth feeling squashed or uncomfortable.

    i'm beginning to think the larger car is better...will be doing 70miles to the coast. wish it wasn't called "Panda"....
  • wow the kia is very cheap but small side.... will consider it ...
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