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Recipe Collection Thread (recipe board)

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  • Think I might do this this week as well. Not low carb, which is what I'm supposed to be doing, but I want something warming in this cold weather.

    Soup is on the hob for lunch :) I used the leftovers from a chicken curry and added some cauliflower stalks and kale ribs, and water

    Lentil & Nut Loaf
    Priced at Asda January 2018 using mySupermarket
    100g red lentils, 500g/75p, 15p
    600 ml water
    Stock cube, pack of 10, 4p
    A carrot, about 120g, 50p/kg, 6p
    A large onion, 200g, 3 for 57p, 6p
    80g crunchy peanut butter, 65p/340g, 15p
    85g stuffing mix, 19p

    Serves at least 4

    Total cost £1.09, 27p each (4)
    Total nutrition 893 calories, 79g carbs, 43g fat, 35g protein
    Each serving (4) 223 calories, 20g carbs, 11g fat, 9g protein

    Put the lentils, stock cube and water in a saucepan and simmer the lentils for about 12 minutes. DO NOT DRAIN. Add the peanut butter and stuffing and mix it all very well.

    Meanwhile, finely chop the onion and carrot and fry them gently until very soft.

    Now combine the cooked vegetables with the cooked lentils and add half a teaspoon each of salt and pepper. Check the seasoning, but it should be alright.

    Pile it all into a loaf tin and bake at 180c for a good half an hour. Enjoy hot or cold, either is good. We had ours with sweet potato chips and coleslaw.
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    Doing this tomorrow

    200g finely chopped onions
    200g strong cheddar chopped into small cubes (can be grated instead)
    1.5 teaspoon dried yeast
    2 teaspoon salt
    2 teaspoon mustard (or 2teaspoon dried)
    350g strong plain flour
    10g butter
    200ml warm water.

    Soak finely chopped onion in a little olive oil and leave overnight.

    In the morning, drain onions and work the butter with some of the flour as if making pastry until flour/butter is blended then add rest of dry ingredients including rest of flour and mix together.

    Add everything else, including onions and water and mix - if you have a mixer use it to get a good mix.

    Knead for a few minutes - if it feels a bit sticky add a little more flour while kneading.

    Leave in a bowl for about an hour then turn out and knead again.

    Line slow cooker with greaseproof paper and put dough in and gently spread it out in the cooker and make the top slightly bowed - makes the end product have a flattish top if desired.

    Leave for 10 minutes then turn on slow cooker for 2 hours on highest setting.

    Bread should be cooked after 2 hours but will or should njot go brown - if you want a dark or brown crust put it under a hot grill until you get the desired colour - 3 to 5 minutes depending on preference.

    Makes a nice cheese and onion loaf.

    EDIT - should have said that am doing today in a bit of a rush. Normally after kneading and leaving in bowl it would be left overnight, not for just an hour - gives better flavour and texture to finished product.
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